What is the right way to walk during pregnancy? - Sanghamitra


hi I am Sanghamitra I'm a

physiotherapist having four years of

experience in economics and preventive


of how to walk or how to what we should

avoid if you're pregnant first of all if

you are walking try to avoid walking in

slopey area or a hilly area or like

curve we should always try to walk in it

stretch in a plain surface the reason is

when you walk in a stroke area as such

you go back okay you tend to move this

way so what happens is again your center

of ELLs you know the center of gravity

is shifted it isn't high load for your

back okay so you should be avoid walking

in a slow key area to avoid back pain

even in a hilly area the tendency you

are your co G as your center of gravity

moves front when you are walking in a

slow P area tendency to fall will be

more so you should be avoid walking in a

slow piayer try to walk in a plain

surface that would be much better