Is walk good during pregnancy? - Sanghamitra


hi I'm Sanghamitra I'm a physiotherapist

having four years of experience in

economics and preventive health


walking is the best exercise during

pregnancy and best and safe way of doing

exercises walking during pregnancy even

in the first trimester when a doctor

tells thought to do anything if it's not

a risky pregnancy walk is the best way

just to maintain your weight to avoid

lot of this gastritis your acidity

walking is the best week after that

walking in it it has it plays a

different role in the different time

mister like in a second trimester there

are many people who have the risk of

getting just as null diabetes or

diabetes which is induced due to the

pregnancy so what if you walk after you

mean each meal if you walk at least a 10

to 15 minutes it helps you to use the

free glucose in your blood and also

helps you to prevent or lower your sugar

level so they also help you to prevent

your gestational diabetes and finally in

the final days are when you are just

approaching for your DD for the big day

of your life you need to walk as much as

possible and the end or the last month

of the trimester or the third trimester

there is your ninth one you're advised

to walk at least a 45 minutes 30 to 45

minutes and a brisk walk where you need

to sweat what does it help it helps to

actually descend the baby down or when

your hip moves along it has the baby to

push down to the birth canal so it also

accelerates the labor we also tells that

initial phases of labour it is very good

to walk because it also helps to reduce

the pain during your labor pain it helps

you to manage the labor pain and also it

helps the to accelerate the labor fast

and also the delivering of the baby

becomes as easier