How To Properly Walk A Husky!

hey everybody welcome to another episode

of 60 formula I hope you are doing well

to day in this episode we're gonna be

hanging out with the pepperoni pizzas we

hope you are having a good wonderful

Thursday it is really really cold

outside where we live

so the husk aroni pizzas are just living

it up but gonna be going for a walk

today teaching you how to properly walk

your Siberian Husky oh maybe you just

got one and you're super duper eager to

take them for a walk but you don't know

the proper protocol you don't know what

you're supposed to do when you're going

to go on one of your very first walks

with your Siberian Husky let's go over

that to day let's go on a walk and teach

you guys exactly what you need to take

your best friend and one of the best

walksler ever gonna hurt in their entire

life so come with us will you on another

episode of 60 formula where we find out

how to take your husky on a walk

are you ready girl good girl can I get a

high five good girl

let's go better boom decoe Gila should

we show him yeah we should show me think

we should show him all right let's show

him this is the brand new live-streaming

room we got this whole area over here

it's all set up this is where we make

some music this is where we record

everything so we're getting everything

set up for your enjoyment kind of up in

that production quality if you know what

I mean we're going to have a regular

schedule on that live stream so we're

mega excited to bring it your way

miss heel is like yep this is where I

come and I get my place stuff now we

wanted to show you this real quick cuz

it is super exciting to us we went ahead

we built this whole thing it's a

brand-new little filming zone for the

Huskies enough of that stuff alright now

when we're talking walks there's a few

things you're gonna have to bring with

you you can't just take your dog all

willy-nilly outside until you've done

that proper off leash training which we

do have a video on and we'll link it


below once you learn how to effectively

communicate with your Siberian Husky off

leash training and having an off-leash

husky is completely a possibility but

that's a topic for another day today we

are talking about what you should be

taken with you if you're just going on a

regular walk numero-uno is going to be a

leash right you need a leash in order to

take your dog with you wherever you're

going so a lot of people recommend when

it comes to Huskies a regular standard

lead however I recommend getting one of

these retractable leads now the

retractable leads do take practice they

can be dangerous because the cords can

be very very skinny but you need to be

able to pay attention to what's going on

in order to use one of these if you

can't pay attention and use your brain

on a regular basis throw this out the

window and go and get yourself a regular

lead that only is one distance the

difference between that lead and this

lead this lead is varying in distances

which means that your husky can go

farther distances sometimes and closer

distances sometimes generally that

teaches them to pull now if you want to

get rid of that pooling go ahead and get

yourself a 1 a length leash but I'm just

letting you know a lot of people hate on

the flexi leashes a lot of people hate

on them but you can lock almost every

single one and that turns it into

exactly what a regular leash that

doesn't give varying distances does so

what's the difference I don't know you

tell me Billie this is my favorite kind

of leash and I definitely recommend you

grab one 36 feet is probably the best

when it comes to an adult Siberian Husky

but if you got yourself a pepperoni

pizza just do 16 feet it's really really

short your puppy doesn't need to be

going very far from you anyways now when

it comes to taking your dog on a walk

you're gonna need the next accessory

which is going to be a collar now I have

two different types of collars here one

of them is a harness and one of them is

just a regular old leather neck collar

which is for who and who should be using

what well this is probably best for a

puppy the neck collar is probably the

best because puppies tend to chew on

things and harnesses are definitely

something that they will be able to chew


sells out of puppy teeth are some of the

sharpest things ever I definitely

recommend doing the neck color first

something they can't reach with their

teeth another reason why I recommend

this collar for puppies is because

puppies aren't gonna be pulling yeah

they're not gonna be doing a whole bunch

of pulling because they are puppies

you're only gonna be letting them go for

about a 5 to 10 minute walk around your

block just around the corner if anything

so a net collar is the perfect choice

for you now when your husky gets older

when they're getting to be around a year

old and you want them to start pulling

you on a skateboard or pull you on a

sled a harness is definitely the way to

go and the reason is because the harness

allows your husky to be pulled by the

shoulders see if you look at this thing

the clip for the harness actually goes

right here which is not near the neck

you don't want them to be pulling from

their neck this can cause damage to the

throat and that is no bueno my throat so

be sure before you take your Siberian

Husky on a walk before you make that big

leap to the outside world you decide

whether or not you're gonna be using a

harness or a collar and definitely make

sure you got yourself the right kind of

leash all right so you're like I got all

these things my friend what do I do now

what is the next step well no one in

their right mind takes their set bury

and husky puppy out on a walk without

some delicious delectable treats just in

case your husky gets off the leash or

goes out of your control or maybe you

want to do some training outside walks

are the best time to do outside training

where there's all sorts of distractions

so treats are basically the number one

thing you want to make sure you either a

keep in your pocket or be bring in a

little pack with you don't worry your

dog oh is gonna smell them and he's

gonna know hey there's some delectable

goodness coming along for the ride

alright so you got your treats you got

your harness you got your collar you've

got your leash what else could you

possibly need well you're gonna need

poopy bags

you're gonna need bags just in case your

dog uses the bathroom outside you don't

want to leave a turd sitting in your

neighbor's yard it's not good etiquette

be sure you grab your

a bag and what kind of bag do we use we

use Ranger Rob's pet poopy bags now

Ranger Rob's they are awesome these bags

not only have handles on them in our eco

friendly but good lordy Morning Glory

they smell so good

they're so lemony fresh that even

Britney Spears is like my goodness can I

have a little bit of that bag you sure

can my friend just don't eat it it's not

for consumption

so now I'd say you're pretty much ready

to go you got your poopy bag you got

your least you got your color you got

your harness and you got your treats

grab your Siberian Husky and get ready

to go out the dough

are you ready lady are you ready all

right let's go but a little bit of it a

little bit this way

ooh Gila sees geese hope you guys see

that she sees those gates here I'm

trying close up on it for you she wants

to get those geese so when you're

walking your dog inevitably they're

going to poo and this is when you're

going to have to pick it up so if you

guys don't have any poo bags make sure

you try out Ranger Rob's poo bags I'll

link them down in the description below

and here we go fantastic Thank You Gila

I love picking up your pit whoo she's

like ooh they're geese over there ooh

YUM ooh the poo smells lemony he was

being a good girl she's sitting so we're

gonna go ahead and let her break good so

while you do have one of these leashes

it's a good idea to keep it on a short

lead don't let it retract or go too far

don't let it go varying distances as

you're walking just let it chill that's

the best advice I can give you when

you're walking your dog now if your dog

is pulling excessively I have a video

about this I'll link it down below you

guys can check it out now you guys can

see these geese are distracting hila so

bad she's freaking out right now so I'm

gonna wait for her to calm down and then

we can proceed sit good girl stay good


look at all those geese over there stay

we're gonna go around those geese okay

all right break there they go off into

the distance dog twitter checking a dog

twitter now this is the best time to

teach your dog tricks when they are

distracted because usually when you

teach things to your dog inside in your

house it's not the same thing as when

you're teaching them outside there's so

many distractions outside so it is a

good idea to regularly teach them things

like sit and come and stay wow they are

outdoors sit good girl good girl would

treat one treat yeah good girl

don't forget to reward your puppy roni

pizza you ready there you go

yes good girl who's good girl hey I

didn't release come here sit sit

good girl thank you Miss thank you this

good girl this good girl

you ready Rick look at her look do so

much for Dawg Twitter she's like I need

to talk to Sara what are you even doing

dog oh let's see trick opportunity trick

opportunity up good girl that's a good


he's sitting good girl

that's a good girl good girl focus good


right let's go and we're off

now a lot of people are gonna say oh

you're husky isn't well-behaved or

trained because she's constantly pulling

you on the leash well guess what

that's what Husker bronies do they pull

every once in a while and you're gonna

have to get used to it especially if you

want them to pull you on a sled or a

skateboard I encourage my Huskies to

pull but at the same time I try to

encourage them to have a healthy and

slow walk you got to find the right

balance for you what's Johnny doing is

Johnny uploading a pic on Twitter what's

the dog Twitter look like leave your DMS

do it down below boom perfect oh it's

chilly oh it's chilly but it's not snow

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really love for there to be snow right

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look at that Husky bootie just moving

and grooving what's in there oh my hand

is for ease into the camera all right I

think we'll do one more come sit and

stay come sit

good girl

stay stay it's good princess good girl

aren't you you good at walks aren't you

speak sit speak I'm uh good point sis

speak up speak good girl

look drop it sometimes you just gotta

give your dog a minute to know what you

won't sit Thank You princess you bow

ready let's go break all right that

about does it for our walk we'll see you

guys in the pepperoni room

come on freaky let's go all right so

that's gonna be it from us tonight guys

we really hope you enjoyed this video on

how to walk your Siberian Husky I hope

this video really helped you guys figure

out what you need maybe if you're a

first-time husky walker or a first-time

dog walker hopefully this video was

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