Preparing for baby | Washing baby clothes| 37 weeks pregnant

hey guys welcome back to my channel so

today is June 27th which will make me 37

weeks today so baby girls due July 18th

so 21 more days to go but as I told you

my previous video my doctor said she

might come a little early so either way

I got to get prepared and start washing

her clothes so I'm going to start

watching all her baby clothes from the

baby shower I got to remove the text

first but I do that and then I got a bit

of clothes that I got from a friend of

while back so it's not really organized

the only thing I put all the smaller

sizes on top that she'll be using right

away like the newborn is over three

months so I'm just going to pull those

out add that to the pile and then wash

her mattress cover and like the Boppy

pillow cover stuff like that so I

thought I'd take you guys along speed

style and I'll show you the laundry

detergent I use as well so let me get

started and removing the texture












okay so I got all the tags off these

items and then I've got the Bobby pillow

cover off that I got up to get the other

ones have two of them and that was a

pain taking off those tags this was like

the little plastic ties oh my goodness

there's like so many on one garment so

got that one and then here I'm going to

pull out like a newborn and go to three

months a lot of it's like more for

colder weather like these sweatshirts

and stuff which I'm probably not going

to need right now so I'm just going to

wash what

monie because it's really really warm so

we won't need that right away so I'm

just going to pull out what any need and

then store the rest








I'm going to be using one of these mesh

space to put like the socks and the

mittens and the hat just so they don't

get lost so are we using this and such

from the Dollar Tree

and then I'll be using this all

detergent its Reaper fumes clear died

I've never tried this before with my

other kids I used before the drift but I

wanted to try something else that is

better in price and this one was only

like $12 on sale at Sam's Club so I

thought I'd give this one a shot for a

baby girl and we'll see how this works

out but I heard good things about all in

like I said it's for your perfumes and

clear of dyes so it should be fine