How to know when to start watering your Cacti & Succulent Plants after their Winter rest


hi guys it's Lynn here hope you had an

amazing day now it's a very quick video

because I'm actually it's nearly spring

it's the 19th of March today and I'm

going to start off by giving my cat five

succulents that have had pretty much a

dry longer winter here in Ireland their

first watering of the year now I'm going

to be meaning some of the very large

cacti like this is a trike Asterius here

for another few weeks

before I start giving them a good water

and some of the very tall ones here

because they're sort of very well full

of water and no need to worry about them

just yet and to be moving a lot leading

to the greenhouse and if I give them a

good water about two or three weeks

before I move them they're going to be

twice as heavy so I'm going to be

leaving these for us going to be doing

today it's watered a lot of the small

ones for the very first time as you can

see here specially some of these and a

good idea to know when it's time to

start watering is rather than if you've

been oh it's spring now go to start

watering it to always see for signs of

shriveling as you can see these are my

very very tiny canvas errors here and

they're just starting to one show signs

of she believes that could be first

watering for them

the appeared cacti have been keeping

lightly watered throughout the winter

and letting them totally dry out in

between as you can see here signs of

flower buds which is wonderful and

that's when you know it's time also in

the screen to start watering your cat

sight and sustenance again when they

show signs of even new growth signs of

shriveling all sides of birds which as

you can see here Maya poor Texas flag

early for weeks I've got Birds which is

really exciting and a lot of all flowers

come in on the euphorbias as well dear

beaters and flower buds

forming under my patchy vitam so that's

a good sign you've got flower buds

forming and new growth then time to get

water it and

obviously now it's nearly spring two

days to go guys on the 21st I'm really

excited that it's going to be spring

soon this is the time I'm always being

asked when do I start towards to my

cacti succulents and I always say use

years as a rule from spring onwards

sorts of Middlemarch but really you need

to go by how your plants are actually

looking if they shrivel enough during

the winter before that you can give them

bitter water as long as you'd be very

very careful and obviously just because

it's now I'm nearly spring you don't

automatically start watering if you've

got plants sort of sitting there still

looking pretty dormant and especially if

they're large and in big pots I'm going

to leave you some of these bigger ones

to water maybe the next two to three

weeks I'm going to show you what I'm

going to do to start these up as you

thinking in my mammal area spin a

steamer here except flower buds on as

well so good trying to start walking

I've been watching as you know I made a

video yesterday on my graph topo talib

beautiful flowers there if you haven't

seen it check the MIDI up above guide

and that's obviously I've been keeping

that well water because that came into

flat into flower but a couple of weeks

ago and obviously my by philosopy laughs

that's been beautifully flying as well

which is wonderful so give my little

water but I was sure ever say do all I

do to start them up for the first water

of the earth and I'll just show you here

I use what a neat little plant sprays

hahaha they're great you can control the

watering and also I use the watering can

on the bigger plants as these but I

won't be doing these whatever few weeks

yet but other say I'm going to be just

starting these and I'll give to get them

up I don't get too crazy I do give them

a good water but I don't go mad just

enough to soak the soil and not also

displace you've got the camera on the

right place here where we carried away

just enough to save the soils but not

too wet now what you Park often find is

that when it's your first time watering

these plants the soak the water can go

straight at the bottom of the pot which

is one of the reasons I love to use

proper soil-based loan based compost

rather than Pete base with the cacti but

some other teas whichever you prefer the

soil I like to use I like to make my own

and links up above to video made on how

I make my own cactus and succulent

compost so check that out guys it's far

more economical and you know what going

into it as I say a good a good water but

without going to Mars and obviously we

let the completely dry out again totally

dry for another week or two before

starting to water and be still early

days blower birds also on these so

that's good to see

so some of my succulents I will sort to

keep water still throughout the the wind

hook the sun's coming out happy days and

that's really it's so good to let you

know guys that this is the time of year

that it's good to start and watering

your pack time you succulent again and

keep an eye on them because don't get

water for the safety leaf they don't

need it's still early days still sort of

late late winter such very early spring

so but just to keep people where we keep

lookout for signs of flower buds and new

growth and here you go and I'm going to

be doing an update on my collection

because I've got lots going on my

Saguaro seedlings are doing well I'll do

a separate video on them in the in the

next couple days to stay tuned and I'm

going to do an update video soon I don't

want to send you love to look heats

happiness and tons and tons of cactus

power as always from Island and until

the next video guys bye