How To Wax Eyebrows - Salon Perfect - Step by Step Guide - DIY


hi I'm Katie mouse owner of all eyes on

new beauty salon and beauty lecturer

today I'm going to run through how to do

a eyebrow wax I'm going to be using cool

wax or some people may know it as warm

wax and this cool wax is normally heated

to approximately 43 degrees it's

important when you do an eyebrow wax to

always test the wax on yourself first

for health and safety reasons and the

following things you're going to need

for your eyebrow wax include your wax

pot with your cool wax in I'm going to

be using a tea tree based one as I feel

it's a bit more gentle on the skin pre

wax cleanser afterwards cleanser hand

sanitizer tweezers and scissors in case

you need to do any last-minute tweezing

at the end of your wax plenty of cotton

wool gloves you should always wear when

you're waxing a client for health and

safety reasons again and your wax trips

when doing an eyebrow wax have you

stripped ready before you do before your

client arrives and to get your white

stripped ready you need to cut these up

into little strips about a centimeter




okay so those are your strips ready for

your eyebrow panty available before you

start so you don't run out wash your

clients with you so when your client

arrives if you've not seen this client

before or your client having a total

reshape then you need to measure the

eyebrow and give the client some

education on to how she needs to improve

her eyebrow so first of all use an

orange wood stick place the orange wood

stick at the side of the nose and

through the corner of the eye any hairs

that fall on the right hand side of the

orange wood stick here may indicate that

those need removing as if the client has

eyebrows that fall too close together it

can close in the eye area then measure

from the side of the nose through the

corner of the eye and this determines

where the eyebrow should finish anything

that falls on the outside of the orange

wood stick you may want to remove as

sometimes that can have a drooping

defect on the eye then place the orange

wood stick outside of the nose and

through the center of the pupil and this

will determine where about the arch of

the eyebrow should be start by cleansing

the eyebrow to remove any makeup oils or

residue on the clients skin


whilst you're doing this start to have a

look at the clients at eyebrows and take

note of any imperfections that you may

need to point out to the client before

you start just so she doesn't think it's

anything you've done as part of the

shape it's important when waxing to wear

gloves as you are exposing the clients

skin and you may come into contact with

body fluids if you do in any waxing for

eyebrow waxing you come by these smaller

spatulas as opposed to the bigger

spatulas this will allow for more

precision when you do an eyebrow shaping

so first of all I'm going to test the

wax on myself checking that that's not

too warm

if you're new to eyebrow waxing and

aren't yet feeling very confident with

it then you can apply petroleum jelly

over the eyebrow where you don't want to

remove any hand this will protect the

wax from sticking there by accident if

that happens

so wipe completely one side of the

spatula making sure you haven't got too

much on your spatula support the skin

and always apply cool wax or warm wax in

the direction of hair growth


try to apply it in one go you'll notice

I haven't gone right up to the eyebrow

because I'm till you build your

confidence you can remove the bulk of

the hair with your wax and then all the

ones right near to the line you can

remove with tweezers you're then going

to put the strip all the way along

stroke firmly and you're going to remove

the strip against the direction of hair

growth making sure that you pull on

those stretch is quick and not pulling

upwards as you could bruise the clients

skin hair always keep the skin nice and

tight to avoid any bruising

okay so any hairs that haven't come out

either can then go in with your tweezers

to remove those and also to be more

precise here at the line of the eyebrow

okay so for your tweezing keep the skin

stretched in between your first finger

and thumb and again remove the hairs in

the direction of hair growth

always tries to remove the hair at the

root so that it comes out in one go and

it's more comfortable for the client


okay so that's the eyebrow on the left

side complete so I'm now going to do the

middle section here again with wax but

look at the direction of the hair grow

with them which way it's growing these

hairs are growing upwards so I'm going

to apply the wax upwards and remove it

downwards against the direction of hair


so this book support the skin

keeping your wax application nice and

thin not too thick

place your work strip um


stroke firmly support the skin nice and

tight and pull down quickly

always give a good check over to a movie

hub make sure you have removed all of

the wax


and now again go back with your tweezers

and a piece of cotton wool and remove

hers in the direction of growth

so just to reiterate when you wax you

apply the wax in the direction of the

hair growth and remove against the

direction of hair growth with pre zing

you remove in the direction of hair


and with a piece of cotton wool and

you're after wax stroke over this will

help to soothe the area and remove any

redness to the client

so after could have for a waxing

treatment is to rush your client to

avoid any makeup in the area for 24

hours avoid any heat treatment such as

steam sauna some buds and swimming pools

as the pores are open in this area now

for a maintenance shade past your

clients come back in 2-3 weeks and for a

total reshape ashcan to come back in

four to six weeks thank you very much

for watching the video I hope it's

answered any of your questions if you

have got any more questions or would

like to make a comment then please do on

the video and if you have any ideas for

future videos then please comment -

thanks again for watching