Guidelines to Waxing Coarse Hair : Waxing Tips & Advice

hi I'm summer vassilis today I'm going

to give you some guidelines for waxing

coarse hair typically you're going to

find this coarse hair on your legs

underarms or bikini line today I'm going

to focus on the coarse hair on your legs

let's get started so the first thing you

want to do is you want to start by

prepping with some powder and you can

use a talc powder such as a baby powder

or talcum powder

such as a cornstarch powder make sure

that powder is rubbed in really well now

the key to waxing coarse hair is you

want to break it up into small sections

and you really want to focus on the

direction of the hair growth so we're

going to start at the ankle and apply it

in a nice thin layer and you want to

take your strip and again you want to

remove in small sections as well so I'm

going to break this section into three

different sections and really give some

good pressure to your strip and hold

your strip is close to that wax

application versus holding out here this

is going to give you more power in your

pull to pull those hairs out it will be

sensitive so a little pressure

afterwards always feels good and you're

going to continue on again pressure

holding your strip nice and close and

one more

but how nice that came out and we're

going to continue up the leg so I'm

going to fold my strip closing that wax

down and then I'm going to use this

clean side of my strip place that down

next time and use this part as my pull

and we're going to keep it in two small

sections here I'm really focusing on the

direction of that hair growth you're

always applying with the hair growth and

pulling against the hair growth you can

take your whole palm or you can use your


you can see the skin moving underneath

with that pressure notice that I'm only

using half the strip when I'm removing

that's the amount that I'm putting onto

my strip you want to have good quick


don't pull slow that's going to cause

you more pain after you've done don't

forget to put some soothing oil on and

massage it in