MY ARMPIT ROUTINE | Waxing & Preventing Dark Underarms During Quarantine


what's up guys welcome back to my

channel so today I am back and I'm here

with a wax update so I'll live on

underarms go out a little bit

somebody did request this and since you

guys see me originally or initially try

it out for the first time I kind of got

a hang of it and it actually is

benefiting me I feel like I definitely

feel like waxing your arms can help with

lightening them and bringing them back

to their natural color cuz I'm ashamed

man you get shaved bumps and all that

stuff only thing you really have to

worry about with ingrown hairs but it's

nothing to pluck them out so I really do

enjoy waxing my arms instead of Shaving

if there's also it lasts longer and I

don't have to wax as much and then also

your hair start to grow back softer so

the hairs are as course or as tough to

even pull out so it's easy peasy once

you get a hang of it so I'm just going

to give you guys update all my waxing

routine so let's just jump right so I'm

still using the same wax kit Nationals

you guys in my initial waxing attempt I

will link that down into the description

box my Alaska it's actually over here on

the chair so I'm not gonna pick it up

but I do have my popsicle sticks so

really all our use to wax my arms is the

wax itself the warmer the popsicle stick

and lastly baby powder baby powder helps

soak up like any type of way it's for

some reason like when you start waxing

your body starts to like I don't know

like it

and you start sweating it's I think that

happens or everybody don't like because

when I try to get a Brazilian wax before

it was the same way so my body's just

started sweating and then she just left

some powder there and just keep relaxing

so um I have my mirror right here so I

can kind of see what I'm doing but once

again as I told you guys before you want

to apply the wax in the direction that

your hair is growing and then pull it

off the opposite way so my hair on my

underarms my hair a lot and arm grows up

so I'm gonna apply up and pull down oh

this should be quick my battery's about

to die I'm gonna change my battery and

then alright so we are back in full of

thick I'm gonna grab the wax I'm not

sweating right now so i'ma just apply

and I'm gonna do this side first because

I just thought I was gives me the most

trouble so when you apply you want to

push down and like push the wax into the

hair like so and depending on how so

sometimes I'll do a couple strips but so

you guys can see if you just apply it on

top of the hair it's not really gonna do

much you're just gonna like pull off

pieces of the hair but not actually from

the roof so you want to make sure that

you're pushing down and give it some

pressure when you're applying the wax so

I applied this strip and you just want

to let it kind of dry a little bit so

while I let that dry I'm gonna grab

another strip get that popper

okay stick the stick to the side and

then I'm going to kind of hold my skin

kind of taught right here and these on

this side are not dry so there's still a

little warm I kind of wait for him till

i cooled down but this one on this side

is definitely cool down so you want to

find you an edge always shall leave

yourself like an edge to kind of grip

hold it taut and cool so see as soon as

you pull off the first strip your body

is gonna start sweating so you want to

start moving quick

alright ready 1 2 3

Oh Oh my hair is in the way now I didn't

apply enough for this second strip to

come off correctly so perfect trial for

you guys to see so I didn't leave enough

at the top for me to be able to crit

this top piece so um yeah i'ma pull it

off is gonna be a little bit more

painful but as you can see in this

little corner I just have a couple hairs

left but the other hairs came off like

so easy so let me show you this there's

pulled out straight for the roof like I

said after the first strip your body

starts to sweat so for the remaining

pieces which isn't even a lot um I hope

you guys can see that it doesn't have I

don't have a lot of hair left but to get

the till I clean up the rest I'm just

gonna add some powder and after you do

it a couple of times it's not hard at


the first time is really the worst

because you don't know what to expect

literally wax my arms now and like a

couple minutes all the time so

he's texting me know what's kind of

warming up a little bit so be careful

with that it's a little warm but you

wanna make sure you're not burning

yourself which I'm not so I'm not

worried about it being a little bit more

mundane what he was because I'll turn it

up a little bit right so for the

majority everything feels pretty dry

please excuse my phone in the back and

I'm just finding okay I'm just finding

all my edges my mirrors over here so

that's what I'm looking at you do want

to do this like somewhere where you can

actually see yourself because it's it

hurts your neck trying to keep looking

down and stuff like that it's easier if

they're not looking could you still kind

of surprise yourself

so find all your edges and hold your

skin taut one two three and

just like that - all the extra wax

pieces on my dog we have a pretty clear

under arm sometimes like down here I

have a couple little pieces down here

that just didn't fully grow in so when I

did go to like European Wax Center at

one point their girl literally just

plucked them out which you can do

yourself at home if you want to just

grab your tweezer and I'm never looking

actually does not hurt at all which is

very strange right it's very hard to do

when I'm not in the mirror but it's

those little tiny hairs bother you to

the point where you feel like you need

to pluck them you can like I said it

doesn't hurt you at all so here is the

difference I don't know if you guys can

kind of tell the mountain arms are

lightening up but I used to be really

insecure about that when I was younger

like when I was like in middle school

and at one point like I don't even know

where darkness in your arms comes from

but why don't I know and that's a felony

it's Denny well so I'm going to the 2nd

armpit and we we gonna head out so now

that i did the first underarm my

underarm is already sweating before I

even started so I am going to put a

little bit of powder

actually that happen like very quickly I

don't have any super long hairs left

just a couple more so I'm gonna clean it


alright guys and just like that we're

done here is my official update and when

waxing my arms then you can kind of just

go you kind of just go to the restroom

and kind of like just wash them off a

little bit get the extra wax off of the

pits but baby you could do arm poses all

day because your underarms looks good

it's like I said I will definitely keep

you guys updated on how a waxing

affected my underarms eventually I think

I'm going to do a leg waxing video oh if

you guys want me to but like I said this

was a requested video that I do update

now that I actually talked about like oh


hmm what snapchat I actually talked

about how accident has been doing my

arms and stuff like that I'm giving like

many updates somebody actual actual

update video on my waxing routine and

how basically I do it now that actually

kind of know what I'm doing so this is

kind of like reviewing myself since that

first video because I was all over the

place about mess because I was like but

um you guys see how fast and easy this

one was after I stopped talking like it

takes no time like I said to wax mine on

Sakhalin you do it before me buckle even

I need to go someone so I'm gonna look

like a lot of ways like I said how am i

I'm still a little bit lighter I mean

they look a little bit lighter and I

don't really have issues with having to

shave and raise your bum to all that

stuff so overall I love it like I said I

will leave the link to my wax kit that I

got from Amazon in the description box

but I hope you guys enjoyed this video

love you guys and I will see you in the

next one