Dr. Abhishek Goel, Child Specialist, Gurgaon | Weaning – Food for 6 months old child | NimbusClinic


winning is a complimentary diet which

started a six months as at six months

the breastfeed doesn't give the proper

calories to the baby growth for the

physical and mind so the complementary

feed has to be started at six months

initially the complementary diet or the

winning diet has to be liquid like dal

copani suji ki kheer dude my biscuit all

can we started and gradually they are

increasing the consistency like the

initially we give the al-qaboun Yin

slowly slowly we can increase the

consistency of a doll and with make it

dull Charl and lead to dal kachori after

that we can start the potatoes like

Smurfs mashed potatoes bananas chiku

fruits along with that we can give the

fruit juices which has to be homemade

suji ki kill Dahlia rice kill sabudana

kheer also can be started all this light

are can be easily made by the mothers at

the home which are cheaper and it is

tastier for the child it gives all the

nutritive value for the child which is

required for the growth of physically

and mentally these right are easily

available and it is not the child or the

family has to stick to these right only

according to their culture they can

different things can be started and

gradually increase for the baby in the

initially time might be baby doesn't

like the taste

slowly slowly as the taste verse develop

these things maybe accept and gradually

can be increased in the quantity the

timing of the weaning is also according

to the baby and the mother as the baby

is comfortable we can start with a 1 to

2 diet and increase up to four to five

types in a day so I request all the


and the grandmothers who take care of

the child they can start the winning

food at six months not before that and

in de initially the small quantity and

slowly slowly increase up to the optimal