When and how should I transition my baby from a bottle to a cup?

a lot of parents want to know when they

should get rid of the bottle and how

they should transition from a bottle to

a cup and a good time for this to happen

is around the end of your baby's first

year or right before their first

birthday the American Academy of

Pediatrics recommends that children

between the ages of one and two drink

two to three cups of whole milk each day

and so you can replace bottles with

formula or breast milk with cups full of

whole milk and milk should be given at

mealtime about a half cup or so and it

should total two to three cups per day

there's a few things you can do to make

the transition go a little more smoothly

some parents find success by just

quitting bottles cold turkey and going

straight to cups but some kids don't

respond well to that so you can cut out

bottles one at a time for example let's

say that your child is drinking three

bottles each day start with the morning

bottle and instead of giving your baby a

bottle when they wake up if that was

your normal routine sit your baby in the

highchair and give them a sippy cup full

of milk with their meal and they may

kind of feel like it's weird and

resistant at first and if they ask for a

bottle you could offer it but give them

water it down milk instead so it doesn't

taste very good

you can even encourage milk in the sippy

cup by adding like strawberry or

chocolate flavoring so that they want

that instead that will help them to make

the decision themselves that the cup is

better than the bottle try this for

about a week and after your child has

cut out that morning bottle then move to

the next one and then the next one the

last one is usually the hardest in most

cases this is the bottle that parents

have been giving their baby before

bedtime and bottles are not just a

source of nourishment they're also a

source of comfort and a part of the


so it requires changing the routine a

little bit in order to get rid of that

nighttime bottle give your baby whole

milk and a cup with dinner and then

continue on with your bedtime routine as

you normally would and then if your

child starts asking for a bottle it

might just be because they want comfort

so see if you can distract them by

holding them snuggling them sitting down

and playing a quiet game something that

will help them get ready for bed instead

of the bottle a couple of other tips

that'll make the transition easier make

sure that bottles are out of sight so

that they don't see it and want it when

they're not going to be offered one try

using spill for

of cups because they're probably used to

walking around with their bottle and you

don't want them walking around the house

with milk so it's best to encourage it

at mealtime when they're sitting or give

it in a spill proof cup if it's for a

snap if you're out and about or

something children respond well to

encouragement and praise so when your

child drinks from a cup tell them how

awesome it is and say that they're like

you because that's exactly who they want

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