How to Wean Kittens

hey everyone I'm in my kitten dress

today I'm going to teach you guys all

about weaning kittens weaning is the

process of transitioning from the

nursing stage to eating independently so

if you're raising work and kittens

you've been bottle feeding them but

eventually once they're old enough and

healthy enough you're going to want to

start the weaning process for most

orphans the weaning process starts

around four to four and a half weeks of

age but this is going to vary depending

on their weight their behavior and their

health in this video I'm going to show

you guys my 3-step weaning process to

take kittens from bottle feeding to

eating independently in one week in step

one I'm going to show you guys how to

start introducing slurry in a bottle so

the supplies you're going to need for

weaning are going to be first the

formula that you've already had the

kittens on and then you're going to want

the food that you're going to transition

them on to which should be a wet kitten

food make sure that it's a can and make

sure it says kitten on it so what I'm

going to do to lean them is I'm going to

start to create what I call a slurry

slurry is just a mix of what they were

on and what they're going to so what I

have started to do is actually mix their

slurry in a blender bottle and then feed

it to them in a way that they recognize

which is a bottle this method is going

to help introduce to them the new food

and the new proteins without it being a

confusing and messy process for them

first just make formula like you usually

would but make it in a blender bottle a

blender bottle is a smoothy bottle that

has a little metal ball in it and it

helps shake up everything and keep it

clump free so I'm going to get some warm

water going make sure that you make the

formula to the specifications on your

products so this is one part formula and

two parts warm water okay so I've got my

formula in my water in the blender

bottle and now I'm going to add my wet

kitten food so I'm going to introduce

about half a can

make sure the top is on tight and then

shake it so now we've got our smarmy I'm

going to pour this into their bottle and

you can see it made a very very smooth

consistency it's almost like a naked

juice but kind of gross full of getting

food and formula all right so we're

going to start with the printer and

fritter is about four and a half weeks

old so you would want to win them at the

right age of course you can wean way too

early and it can be really dangerous for

them so I always start around four to

four and a half weeks old he's been on

the bottle since he was about two weeks

old so he's really comfortable like this

but this is helping him learn about meet

the Blender Bottle is so awesome because

it helps reduce any chokes the really

smooth slurry for them and a really nice

transition was that good refill jelly is

the smallest of the litter

she is also about four and a half weeks

old and she is a really good bottle

feeder I love the weaning phase of

kittens because they kind of have this

moment of realization once they eat meat

where they go wait a minute I am a tiny

predator and they totally become crazy

jellies a little sloppy but I promise

you it's much sloppier if you try to do

this in a dish the first time that you

meet bottle me bottle meat bottle me

bottle are you a predator yeah that's

good stuff that's the big kid stuff

last but not least big boy bear claw so

you only want to wean kittens when you

know that they're in good health if they

are showing signs that they're already

having a hard time eating just keep them

on what they're on if they're healthy

between four and four and a half weeks

is a great time to start mr. perfect oh

I just want to eat you so with a slurry

bottle you can gradually change the

ratio of the meat and formula so that

they become more and more accustomed to

eating the new food I usually give

kittens a slurry bottle for about two to

three days when I'm winning them looks

they're totally comfortable with that I

move on to step two teaching them how to

eat slurry out of a dish for Phase two

of weaning we're going to teach them how

to eat out of a dish I recommend that

you get a very very shallow dish

something that is really really short

like an inch short almost like a plate

with a lip another thing I recommend is

puppy pads they don't always understand

what you're trying to do when you show

them a dish of food for the first time

so a lot of the time they can end up

walking through it causing a huge mess

so now we're going to make our slurry

we're going to do a mixture again of the

formula they've been eating and a wet

food that says kitten on it so I don't

recommend making your slurry too liquidy

I recommend making it a little bit

chunky a little bit thick almost more

like the texture of homemade hummus or

something like that so that they have

something they can really wrap their

teeth around don't forget that they

might not understand this the first time

so you also want to prepare a standard

bottle like you've been doing just to

supplement so kids get so used to

associating your hands with food that

when you show that I'm a bowl they often

still go for your hands thinking that

that's where the food is of course that

makes sense because for an orphan they

think of your hands kind of as their mom

so they probably will understand that

there's food in there I just

not understand fully how to get Wow

so this is awesome bear claw and fritter

are understanding it right away

well fritter is standing in it with his

two front paws which is why they got the

pee pads jelly do you understand it so

you can see jellies very hungry but she

doesn't understand what they're doing

she is the smallest of the litter and

this is more typical to what I would see

is them just really not getting it so if

you have a kitten that's not

understanding you can actually feed them

some on your finger because they're much

more likely to understand it if it's on

your hand so jellies eating it off my

finger this is how I get them into the

dish is actually to show it to them on

my finger and then just gradually put my

finger into the dish so look at that now

she's in there she's still eating it off

my hand and not out of the dish but if I

keep scooping it and then slowly move my

finger away voila this is a beautiful

sight this means you're so close to

being done bottle feeding now if you're

not sure that they got full meals worth

you can also supplement with the bottle

still so I did make them a bottle just

in case jelly did you get enough

so remember you want them to still get a

full meal if they didn't totally

understand it still supplement with the

bottle until you're sure that they're

getting as much food as they need I love

you guys they're so smart

whoa the last step is to seal the deal

and give them just wet food in a dish

you only want to do this when they're

totally ready and they're confidently

eating slurry at this point you can also

introduce water to them hi babies

are you guys hungry alright so this is

phase 3 I'm going to put them on their

new diet which is just a can of wet

kitten food with a little bit of water

mixed into it let's see if you guys can

do this are you ready I think they're


yeah yeah we did it they might still

step in it a little bit that's okay this

is why we have the pee pads it's a

little messy but look at this progress

so in just one week we got them from

being on a bottle to being on a slurry

bottle to eating slurry out of a dish

and now they are fully transitioned to

their wet food diet this is so awesome

because once they're fully accustomed to

this they are going to be on their way

to getting adopted remember that this

can be a messy and slow process but

don't lose hope so don't take an

attitude like if you don't eat this you

don't eat anything there's no such thing

as tough love for kittens so meet them

where they are don't forget you can

learn so much more at kitten lady org

happy weaning