Weaning your premature baby - the signs to look for

bless the babies born premature or sick

weaning your premature baby many parents

ask us when will my baby be ready for

solid food they were born so early

babies can show signs when they're ready

to solid food see if your baby can do a

few of these things support themselves

in a seated position premature babies

might need extra support hold their head

in a stable position show an interest in

other people eating

lean forward and open their mouth

towards a spoon or food put things to

their mouth and make munching up and

down movements your baby might show one

of these signs first but it's

recommended to wait until you see a

fruit before starting weaning visit

blessed on all WK forward slash weaning

for information on how to start with

what foods and drinks to give how lumpy

food should be food allergies and what

to do if your baby refuses food