all right hey guys welcome to my channel

or welcome back to my channel so today

I'm just gonna give you guys my top 5

tips if you are scared to wear a wig I

see you guys comments I don't want you

to be scared I don't want you to be

nervous I was in your shoes that's all I

can really say I totally understand how

you feel

so if you are apprehensive if you get me

get underarm star sweating when you

think about wearing a wig then I'm here

for you I hope these five tips will help

and let's get started all right you guys

tip number one you have to be confident

now I know that's like the we get it

let's get my video yet don't don't go to

the next one let me tell you why you're

wearing a wig on times out of 10 when

you start wearing them and you start

doing them yourself keep are already

gonna know you're wearing one but it's

how you wear it it really just comes

down to knowing that you're not a

professional we get it but you want to

wear a wig maybe you're growing out your

hair maybe you went through postpartum

shedding maybe you are experiencing hair

loss just like thinning hair you have to

kind of think of it that way have the

confidence to put one on go for it

people are gonna always talk it didn't

matter if you wearing your natural hair

or your relaxed hair people are always

gonna say something so why should you be

scared on wearing a wig you have to be

confident in you and that's really all

that matters tip number two m ik a style

that you wear don't be trying to get a

blonde wig when this your first wig you

always wear your hair black it's always

side part

tucked away or in a bun and then you

come up with your first you know wig

want to be blonde and then be a nervous

about it if you go go blonde with your

first week by all means do it that's not

what I'm trying to say but personally me

if you're apprehensive about it wearing

you know your first wig I would

definitely just mimic a length of really

natural length or nothing too crazy go

18 inches maybe 22 my first week that I

got was from a WoW African I got it two

years ago maybe a year and a half ago

how long have I been wearing wigs got a

straight wig okay like 220 dollars or

something like that for it and it was

like 22 inches long I love that wig I

work all the time I got so many

compliments from it there's something

out there for you

just don't go dive off the deep end

we've never been swimming in your whole

life you don't want to do that just get

young age floaties on and then we'll

talk about the rest of them all that

other stuff number three is you can also

start with synthetic hair I started with

synthetic hair I started getting my

waves from Friday night Friday night

hair even the beauty supply store has

really great synthetic wigs I would

start there if you are not wanting or if

you don't have the funds just yet to

jump off and spend two three hundred

dollars on your first wig go ahead and

spend that fifty dollars girl see if you

like it see if you're really comfortable

with it and then go from there I know

that there's tons of hair companies out

there and they want your money

and everybody's the best but you can

start synthetic don't let nobody feel

like make you feel like you can't you

can baby is tip number four ask family

wear your wig around family if it's

horrible they're gonna let you know it's

it's not good this cousin boo

nice nice poopoo that's not right

something is wrong you chew but the wig

is not okay hex their honest opinion to

ask the men in your family extra dad or

your grandpa or uncles some how do you

look like what do they think if they

will be honest with you and they'll tell

you and that you can you can go from


tip number five if you are scared to

wear a wig is to start wearing them

really small ain't got your wig and you

really want to wear it tonight cuz the

girls going out we go on so whatever

club I don't go to clubs I don't know no

names or no clothes nothing like that

but you know they want to go have drink

that you just don't know if you shall

wear yes don't do it I'm here to tell

you don't do it yet don't do it just


start small go to the grocery store go

drop the packages off wherever you need

to drop them off at opaque your baby up

from beg here with you wig on here and

just ask around the house and you're not

doing anything for the day

wear your wig around the house as well

so you'll get used to the feel because

it does feel like for me it feel does

feel like

finis on my head I know something is on

my head and some people may not like

that it but I've gotten used to it

so you guys start start small just start

wearing it small and then work your way

up to those really big events and you

will be good so that's really it you

guys I hope this video was helpful I

just want to come on here and kind of

just give you some confidence that's

that's all if you're struggling I've

been there I've done that and I get it

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