Wearing a wig in Public | How to Rock Wigs | Stella


I really did not feel like quitting

anymore thing I faced in the video so I

am wearing the same thing makeup I was

weighing from 6:00 a.m. this morning

amazing I get a lot of comments

particularly from Maltese girls seeing

very very all of my weeks from where I

get them and can I recommend them

particularly because they want to wear

them on an everyday basis that's cool

what well it's very easy to wear a wig

it's not so easy to actually make it

look natural in fact it's pretty hard

wigs are usually a bit more high

maintenance and it's just a bit of a

habit I'll get a lot of information on

how to actually wear a wig and make it

look hella it did you'll know this is my

natural color and I prefer the way dark

colors look on me but I'm going to be

using this wig today as my little

acidity so I think this wake up from

irresistible me calm I love it so much

it is a 16 inch real human hair wig and

I think it so much anyway I did give it

some like pros that is just for a

reference so how they actually start the

wig process first things first you have

to make sure that all of your natural

hair is practically non-existent we're

not going to shave today we are going to

put it under a wig cap so the easiest

way that I like to wear my wig is simply

by grating this however putting it in a

bun just twisting it up in a really flat

type of a thing also works I'm just

going to put my hair up very quickly

probably the messiest one I've ever done

in my life but it doesn't matter because

the key is just to let it plus against

your head you don't want any bumps or

lumps it's going to show up on the wig

believe me not flattering time for the

actual basic

so this is actually are really awesome

link because along with having these

three kind of creepy home attachment is

also has it attached on the inside of

the wig which which makes it much more

secure and awake which I'm digging but

what applying the wig the only thing

that you really need to keep in mind is

where the sensor is so you know where

the center is because it's things are

cold otherwise you just kinda put it on


now way is on and it's looking pretty

well time to now pilot


my boom bada boom

for some reason my friends really does

not want to stay in safe today I spend

like half an hour tracking Silas

anything being a bit of it and this is

what I look like

post piling post wig application once

your just want you to feel free to leave

it as is or accessorize with a beanie or

a young like head scarf it's been great

when synthetic wig the one thing that

they have that makes it look really fake

is their shine on getting white so this

is a simple silver synthetic wig not

sure if you can see but it does have

quite a young shine Sheen to it

obviously because it is made of

synthetic materials plastics on what

rowan so it reflects light quite a bit

more one thing that you could do to make

it a tiny bit less shiny is to pray a

good amount of dry shampoo on it dry

shampoo really modifies everything so if

you feel that your wig looks too

unnatural because of its unnatural Sheen

just play a bit of dry shampoo on top

and it would remove that you see how

cool it looks on the back of cycle ok

guys I put my hair into a coffin and I'm

digging it so much because it looks

really neat it looks so tumblr oh my god

it's time to actually wear this out in

public as I said I would


other ways actually before they were

houses I don't have a camera person on

me today

softest window looking here in Malta is

really really weird and like it's so

typical so I have a feeling anyone who's

seen me it's going to think I'm complete

in a case where my Greek okra tassel if

we're going to make a super simple I got

it I managed to I mean it looked with it

like why not poison anyone things mean

they're going to think I'm a complete

baby I'm sticking cool I hope you

enjoyed this video I hope this gives you

the confidence directly go out in a ways

because I knew when I first started

wearing Greek I didn't feel good enough

to go outside so now I can see the damn

I ran into my mom actually when I was

buying the over and she's like she

didn't recognize because this isn't like

here hello and I hope you liked the

video I hope you give it a go I'll put

all the links of everything down

description box below

yeah I will see you next time