How Long Should You Wear A Postpartum Belly Wrap For?

hi I'm dr. Jennifer oddly with liqueur

strong and I have had four babies and I

have one product that I absolutely love

and I've been recommending to everyone

who is pregnant or just had a baby and

it's postpartum belly wraps

I love post pregnant belly wraps I can

talk about them over and over again but

today I'm going to be talking about how

long you should wear a postpartum belly

wrap before there's not a lot of

information out there but I've used them

many many times and I have an exact

protocol for you for wearing a

postpartum belly wrap so first I

recommend that you wear it starting 48

hours after you have a baby you don't

want to start the first day you want to

just relax your first day after having a

baby focus on feeding your baby bonding

with your baby the skin-to-skin contact

and I recommend that you start wearing

your postpartum belly about 48 hours

after birth and for how long you should

wear it well let's just talk about what

you're going to do leading up to the

length of time so the first day I would

like you to wear it for about an hour

and see how you feel and then from there

I'd like you to bump it up by an hour

now after you felt pretty good with that

first hour and doing two hours the

following day you should be pretty good

if you're feeling good with the two

hours again the next day bump it up to

three hours so it's a slow progression

you don't want to just jump right into

ten hours the first thing you wear it

you want to make sure that your body's

tolerating the compression of the belly

wrap and that your skin is tolerating it

and then just overall you're feeling

okay so I never recommend jumping into a

large chunk of time of wearing the

postpartum belly wrap but just slowly

progressing by an hour each day and then

you want to wear it for up to 12 hours a

day so within a few weeks you should be

wearing it for 12 hours and you can

break it up throughout the day so if you

want to wear it six hours in the morning

take it off and then wear it for six

hours in the afternoon that's absolutely


so I recommend wearing it for a total of

12 hours

a day and I actually have a postpartum

belly about where time schedule that I

can link below for you if you want to

get that so you can keep track of how

many hours you wore it each day so you

don't you know mess up your hours and

wear it too much or you just did it all

wrong so it's just a nice way to keep

track of things especially when you're

taking care of your baby and you have a

lot of other things going on so that's a

nice way to keep track of how long you

wear it for and how many weeks are how

many months do you wear it for that's a

common question I get and I recommend

that you wear it for four months after

four months you don't get a lot of

benefits so the benefit of a postpartum

belly wrap is to help your uterus

contract back down to its normal size

after childbirth so a lot of those

hormones that are helping with the

uterine contraction sort of dissipate

after four months so the prime time to

where postpartum belly wrap is between

the 48 hours and four months postpartum

I don't have a lot of information on

what occurs after the four months

postpartum if you want to give it a try

I know a lot of people just find out

about postpartum belly wraps at five or

six months or even later I mean you can

always give it a try and let me know

what kind of results you get but I I

can't recommend going out and buying

something at that time you're just not

going to get the maximum benefit of the

belly rub so if you are watching this

while you're pregnant that's perfect I

recommend doing some research and

looking into what product is going to be

good for you and I again I can link some

information for you in my description

below and I have a lot of products that

I highly recommend for different types

of people and and get one in advance

have it ready to go for you so that when

you have your baby it's just there it's

waiting for you and you can have it so

rather than having your baby and then


and looking for something to buy it the

last minute have it ready to go if you

already had your baby and you're

watching this that's fine they have a

bunch of products on Amazon you can get

on Amazon Prime and it will come in two

days so don't worry about that again

I'll link some of those Amazon products

for you below and if you have any

questions about belly wraps and how to

wear it and which specific products that

you're not sure to buy just just comment

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