Breast Sagging & Breast Engorgement Problems After Pregnancy

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parts part 1 of this series was posted

on our channel two days back where we

covered all the problems and solutions

related to nipple care especially when

you're breastfeeding in part 2 which is

this video we'll be talking about breast

sagging and breast engorgement because I

feel that those are two problems that

every woman worries about especially

poster their delivery so let's get

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first problem which is breast sagging

now three reasons because of which

breasts sag are number one a lot of

people believe that when you are feeding

the child you should not wear a bra

because that can interfere with the milk

production or that can cause pain in the

breast this is a myth it's absolutely

wrong imagine when you were growing up

as a woman also you always focus on

ensuring that you wear the right bra

right size right shapes so that your

breasts don't go out of shape similarly

even after delivery nothing changes you

need to wear the right bra depending on

your size your size might be a larger

size now since your breasts are more

full so make sure that you're wearing

the right bra you could wear a nursing

bra you could wear a regular bra but

make sure you're wearing one at all time

like you would do in your normal days

also number two a lot of people feel

that breastfeeding leads to or the

breast sagging that's absolutely wrong

improper feeding position while

breastfeeding leads to breasts sagging

now what normally happens is that to

give a lot of comfort to our babies we

end up going to the babies to feed them

but the golden rule is that always bring

the baby to the breast

don't take the breast to the baby when

you're taking the breast to the baby

your overall position of the body your

breasts your neck your back everything

is getting affected and that's why not

only press sagging but a lot of women

complain that I have

of neck problem I have a lot of backache

while I'm breastfeeding all of that is

because maybe you're feeding position is

not right so make use of feeding pillows

make use of chairs to have a proper

posture while you're feeding your baby

that will ensure that your breasts stay

in the right shape number three is

weight gain now what happens is that as

part of pregnancy you gain weight

overall in your body including your

breasts and your breast tissues

continuously expand because they are

preparing for this entire new and long

process of breast feeding which

continues till about a year so your

breasts also continue to expand but post

you stopped breastfeeding once you start

losing your weight and start working on

toning your overall body your breasts

actually come back to your pre-pregnancy

shape so make sure that till the time

you're breastfeeding you don't focus a

lot on weight loss just focus on having

a healthy diet having lots and lots of

rest exclusively breastfeeding your baby

so that you can recover internally well

once you do that then losing the weight

will be very easy and then toning

through either yoga or you know other

forms of fitness will be easier for you

as a result of which your dress will be

back in shape now let's talk about the

second big problem which I think almost

all new mothers experience especially in

the first two months of their

breastfeeding journey this is breast

engorgement now what is breast

engorgement this is a time where the

breast becomes extremely full of milk it

is so hard that if you touch it it feels

like a rock you know it the skin on the

breast also starts to turn pink you will

feel that there's heat being generated

and all the milk in the breast gets

clogged in a way so because of which the

breast engorgement happens as it gets

severe it may also lead to fever it may

lead to chills and eventually if not

treated one time and if not treated

properly it can also lead to mastitis

which is a condition that you totally

want to avoid so number one reason of

breast engorgement is oversupply or over

production as many would like to call it

what happens is

that once your body starts to milk milk

it takes time for the body to understand

the demand which is your babies demand

and your body's supply it takes time to

settle down into a schedule or a routine

which is like a two to three hour

feeding process and because of you know

not settling during that period

especially in the first two months you

will have issues where you will have a

lot of milk production or it also

happens if you are trying to wean off

your baby from the breast or you've

started working and you're still making

a lot of milk because you're off which

your breast feels full and leads to

englishmen now what do you do in such

cases let me start by giving you my

example I personally experienced this

when Kabir was one month old I had a

normal delivery immediately started

making breast milk also and I had a load

of supply in the initial days

so one evening even my husband was not

home and I realized that my breast has

started to pain it started to turn pink

and you know I'm feeling chill but my

breast is I can feel a lot of heat in my

breasts and I suddenly looked at my

temperature and it was 101 degree and I

got really really scared I started

crying I thought that something is

happening to me the first thing that you

do is you reach out to your doctor I

contacted my gynecologist and she told

me to take three steps number one she

asked me to take a fever reducer

immediately because the rising

temperature is not as it is good for the


so for breastfeeding women the fever

reducers only has to be taken as

prescribed by your doctor so I won't

mention the name of the fever reducer

that I took number one number two she

asked me to take something hot

immediately it could be hot milk it

could be a hot food so because of lack

of time I immediately had a cup of hot

milk which brought my chill down number

three she asked me to do a warm compress

on my breasts so what I did is that in

the area where the breast was very

painful enough to that I couldn't even

touch it I put a cloth there and on top

of that cloth I put a hot water bottle

you can't put the hot water bottle

directly on the breast because the skin

is very

and it could lead to a burn or a severe

rash so I did that so I gave a very

light warm compress in that area and

after some time when the clogged milk

started coming out I started to feel

relaxed now what you need to do in case

of a home compress is that after you

feel relaxed just apply a little bit of

coconut oil because coconut oil is known

for its cold properties also just apply

a little bit of coconut oil in that area

to avoid any damage done to that skin

considering the breast tissues are so

soft so that's the third thing that I

did and I was immediately relieved and I

was able to feed my baby also because in

most cases when you have this oversupply

and when you have a engorgement it will

be difficult for the baby also to

consume milk or to suck milk so then I

was pretty much relaxed so these are the

couple of steps that you can take if you

don't have fever if you don't have chill

you can avoid the first two steps you

can directly do a warm compress do a

warm compress before feeding your baby

and once the milk starts to come out use

your hand to express some more milk so

that you feel relaxed if you have a pump

at home like I had a meddler

manual and a manila electric pump then

you can use the pump also to express out

milk that's the first thing that you can

do the second thing that you can do is

take a warm shower so go to the shower

stand in front of the shower and let the

warm water come on your breast the heat

from the warm water will relax your body

and will let the clock milk to flow out

and number three is pump the excess milk

so you can always pump the male keep it

in a bottle keep it in the fridge and

give it to your own baby using a bottle

that ways your baby can get breast milk

through bottle also especially at night

when the mother also wants some rest and

can sleep properly your partner can

always offer that milk to the baby and

the baby will also be on a full stomach

and sleep well or if you're somebody who

does not believe in giving bottles at

all and you can always do social causes

by donating your excess breast milk to

hospitals where they can use in a nice

use for babies whose mothers cannot

generate breast milk

the second reason for breast engorgement

is gap between free

now initially like I said that the

schedule will not be adjusted it takes

time to build a schedule the best thing

to do is feed your baby every two to

three hours during the day and max 4 to

5 hours during the night so that ways

your supply will also be maintained well

you won't have a lot of gap between the

feeding and the baby we'll be able to

use the milk also properly the third

reason is working moms so suddenly after

a few months when the mom breastfeeding

mom has to join work back you know

because of long hours in office what

does she do her body is still making

milk but her baby is not there to

consume that milk so the best thing to

do is check with your office before

joining if they have the right

facilities or feeding rooms where you

can go and pump your mail if they have

then definitely take your pump there

take bottle there pump the milk store it

properly bring it back home and feed

your baby in the night or use it for

your baby the next day because as it is

when you're away somebody would be

feeding the baby through bottle only so

why make it a formula based bottle

filled give breast milk through bottle

as much as you can so that's something

that you can definitely do or if your

baby is off milk now and you're still

having this problem then you can always

express milk and donate like I said the

last reason for this problem is when the

baby feeds only on one dress this is

very common right especially in the

initial days when the babies don't know

how to feed they just feed for a few

minutes and would go back to sleep or

they would feed on one dress and they

would feel feel full so what do we do

because for a woman both the breasts

have milk in most of the cases and when

the baby feeds only on one breast the

second breast kind of feels left out and

then gets into problems like breast

engorgement so the best thing to do is

feed your baby equally 15 minutes on

each breast if you feel that after that

30 minute process also the baby still

needs more milk then move on to the

first breast so that ways you will

ensure that the baby has consumed both

hind milk and four milk from both the

breasts which is excellent nutrition for

the baby and if your baby does not want

to feed as a demand just wants to sleep

now then definitely go ahead and pump

the excess milk that is lying in the

other breast don't let it stay there

because the more you let the male

stay the more chances that it will lead

to engorgement so these were my personal

or tips my experience on breast care

which begins during pregnancy and

continues throughout your breastfeeding

journey post your delivery in case you

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