Wearing UGLY Christmas Sweaters for a Week

I'm so embarrassed this is so bad this

is so bad


what is up you guys and welcome back to

vlogmas so today's video is unlike any

other video that I have done during

vlogmas because this is a week long

video so all week I've been wearing

hideous I'm talking hideous ugly

Christmas sweaters and I started off

pretty lights pretty gentle they're not

as ugly in the beginning and then they

progressively get worse and worse and


and the very last sweater that I wore is

so bad I got some of the funniest

reactions from my friends and even like

I startled the woman at Starbucks like

is that is how bad this sweater was so

make sure that you stick around to the

end to see that also if you guys want to

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enough with my rambling let's roll the



it means don't even get to see the whole

thing oh my god this is the loudest

sweater ever heard of in my entire life

I'm gonna show my roommates really do

you guys want a good laugh so I'm doing

a video where I have to wear a hideous

sweaters for an entire week this is

today's no wait so my roommate just


brought in her ugly Christmas sweater

but it's not even ugly it's like cute I

love this so much

okay I love it was just like follow

along that's so good


I just got the Tories and we're gonna

see what she thinks of my ugly sutter

hi how do you like it sorry so cute you

look like you belong an elf

and the worst part about it is like this

is day one and this is the least ugly

sweater that I have today is only day 2

which means that they're only gonna get


but I don't know how it could get much

worse than this look at this

do you see this this is horrible and

then this actually like puffs out like

it's foam do you see what I am working

with right out my roommates are gonna

make fun of me so bad but for today's

agenda I do want to go eat it I want to

go make some food and then I have to

wrap some gifts so luckily today we are

staying home whoa guys

um I think I just found something in

this sweater hold on okay so I was

taking it off this do you know what this


something in this sweater is

battery-powered so I'm thinking here's

battery-powered and I don't know if it's

in here like I'm so confused

you're kidding do you guys see this I

didn't even notice that there were

lights day three of wearing idiots ugly

sweaters so today I don't think this

sweater is actually that bad I think

it's actually really really really cute

so basically it actually has socks that

you can like put stuff in I think it's

so adorable this probably should have

been like a day one sweater but I didn't

even I didn't even realize that I had in

so I opened up the bag this morning I

was like oh we have this I think because

it's so cute I don't think that anyone's

gonna make a comment about it so I'm

feeling pretty good I think the last day

is gonna be the day that I'm like the

most embarrassed to walk outside and

that's also going to be the date that I

make sure that I go to the mall or go

somewhere just because the sweater is so


that makes me so happy I mean you guys

are probably what the heck just happened

um so basically so I feel like every

once in a while God calls on me and

tells me to do something um and

sometimes it's super small like buy

someone's coffee or sometimes it's like

hey like like open up the door for this

person or whatever it may be and this

time I was driving and there was this

man on the median of the road who had a

sign who was like any food or drink like

I just got laid off like please help

whatever it was something like that and

I wasn't asking for money was asking for

food and I think I really value that so

much because you know that someone's

actually struggling when they're not

just like asking for money they're

asking for food that just looks for me a

lot tasteful been asking for money boy I

don't know exactly where you're gonna

use that money I don't know if you're

gonna use it for cigarettes or drugs or

whatever it is not assuming that they

would do that but I just don't know

where the money's going and so I'm sorry

I'm like so out of breath because you

guys just missed this whole thing and

some something on me I saw the guy in

the media and the car beside me

literally like gave him their entire in

and out order and I something in me was

like go like give him like something and

but I didn't have any money on me so I

like hurried up I like turn my car

around and went to Del Taco got like a

$30 gift card and I was like Lauren like

what if he's like not still there and I

saw that he was still there so I was

like okay awesome so I just like ran

hurried up and I was like sorry sir

sorry and I gave him the gift card and

like just seeing his face like light up

it was so awesome and sometimes it's

just those tiny little moments to get

someone like just to feel so happy so

that was really cool

anywho hello hi I guess I never really

started off today but today is day four

of wearing hideous ugly sweaters and so

today I really don't um today it's just

kind of a loungy day I do need to get

some editing done for vlogmas but I also

need to go grocery shopping because I

have no food so it's a days ugly sweater

you guys didn't even

to see it when I'm it has this alpaca

it's actually my friends Cory's this is

definitely not one that I would wear on

the normal day and you guys like it even

has like these little puffer things I

mean oh my gosh and I have a new

obsession everyone's well I tell you

guys about my new obsession and so it

was like Vampire Diaries for a little

bit it was Girl Meets World for a little

bit it was how to get away with murder

for a little bit now it's Evan Han

starts dear Evan Hansen I actually

haven't even watched the show

I'm just or like the play I am just so

incredibly obsessed with the music I

just like I just keep singing it over

and over and over again and to be honest

I probably only actually know like five

songs from the whole play but I have

been so obsessed with out recently I

have no idea what the play is even about

to be completely honest with you but the

songs are so fired we're definitely

gonna see if anyone that says anything I

will say this is probably one of the

sweaters that are more on the uglier

side than all of the other sweaters that

have worn this week I only have one

that's probably like worse than this one

but just goes into my car I have the

groceries in the back but I was so many

double takes and I was in there like

people look at me and then they'd be

like like that and it was just like I

don't know I just definitely felt very


so it's the last day and there's a

reason I'm filming at this angle because

this ugly sweater is so Pat do you see

this I cannot go out of the house in

this this is so bad

I show you something you won't be in the

camera I promise what do you think oh my

gosh I can't tell

should I button it should I not with it

oh my it makes it ten times worse so we

just got this Starbucks I am so

embarrassed like I if they ask anything

I'll be like sorry is going to like an

ugly Christmas I shouldn't I'm not gonna

say sorry but I was gonna be like oh I

was going to like an ugly Christmas

sweater party I don't know something I

need to make up something may I please

have a grande salted cream foam cold

brew thank you thank you very much David

literally gonna look at me like I'm

crazy cuz I look crazy

uh-huh there you go I just got the

tories she's in the shot I feel so weird

being here like while she's not here I

totally forgot that she had cats

I know I know kitty you're probably so

confused she probably thinks my sweater

is like some sort of a toy

oh my god I don't even know what okay so

that was it for today's video I hope

that you guys enjoyed if you did you

guys know the drill

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gonna go ahead and write here I hope

that you guys enjoyed I love you and

check back tomorrow because there'll be

another episode of flog this bye guys