5 Things Wearing Cowboy Boots Says About A Person

what does wearing cowboy boots say about

a person now I was talking with will

Roman of Chisos boots and you guys

probably seen that interview and he said

something that really struck me during

that interview is like people who are

cowboy boots are a little bit different

than the rest of society at large you

know and it's a little bit like pulling

on the uniform you know like you know

that you're standing out a little bit

and you know that you have a

responsibility behave a certain way and

I think that what I've seen is that

people who were drawn to boots you know

who either come from Texas or outside of

Texas there is this there's almost like

an ethos that comes with it that these

are the types of people that look out

for their neighbors and it got me

thinking you know what does wearing

cowboy boots say about a person so

that's what we're gonna talk about today

let's get into it


so I have a little bit of note cards but

I also asked you guys for your opinions

today on Instagram and Facebook and

thank you to all of you who responded

but first I think it's important to get

one type of person who wears cowboy

boots out of the way and that is the

person who wears cowboy boots to country

concerts and other stereotypical events

but never wears them anywhere else are

you kidding me it's really disappointing

to me when I see these comments on

Twitter where it's like I'm going to a

country concert can I borrow anybody's

cowboy boots it's like you should have

cowboy boots to begin with those people

are posers and you shouldn't trust them

at all here's the thing though there's a

caveat to what one thing if they own up

to it and they say yeah I'm just wearing

these boots just so I fit in like

whatever it's cool like this is just

part of the thing then they have some

potential so now that we have that

person out of the way what about the

regular boot wearers you know maybe

maybe not everyday boot wearers but you

know a few times a week what about those


what does wearing cowboy boots say about

them well for me it comes down to five

things a person who likes cowboy boots

appreciates quality not only in the

products that they use and wear

throughout their life but also in the

people that they associate themselves

with if we think about why the cowboy

boot is such a high quality product we

think about the history of it and why it

was created that way so I know a lot of

folks like to say that the cowboy boots

started around like the Civil War but

the Civil War boot wasn't very well

built at all so when folks started to

move West after the Civil War they

needed better boots so boot makers in


and Texas and along those lines before

you get way out west they created a very

high-quality boot so that people can

explore the new frontiers so this is

another thing that I think about when I

see somebody who wears boots and what it

says about that person is that they are

comfortable exploring new frontiers now

I'm not talking about like outdoor

frontiers because as far as the u.s. is

concerned like the West was the last

time but maybe Alaska but what other

frontiers are there now there's lots of


there's frontiers in business there's

frontiers in education there's frontiers

online there's frontiers everywhere and

the people who wear cowboy boots are not

afraid to explore new frontiers because

they associate themselves with a piece

of clothing a piece of footwear that was

made to handle new frontiers you know

what I'm saying and then on top of that

we're getting into the third thing that

I think about I think it says that they

are respectful and considerate of others

but at the same time they're not ones to

take from people you know what I'm

saying so we can be respectful and

considerate and have empathy for

somebody else's situation not judge them

right off the bat part of being

respectful is not generalizing as well

so all of these things appreciating

quality taking advantage of new

frontiers being respectful and

considerate of others that then leads

into my last two points about what it

says to wear cowboy boots as a person

your uniqueness and individuality so

maybe not down in Texas and some of you

folks who are watching these are just

normal things to you right but in the

north and on the coasts you know it's

not so popular to wear cowboy boots so

it shows your

uniqueness and your individualist

approach towards your style and towards

the way that you want to live your life

but finally it shows that you have

confidence and having each one of those

things appreciating quality taking

advantage of new frontiers and by also

that I mean you know you're not afraid

to put yourself out there and learn new

things you're being respectful you're

unique you're not afraid to live life

that's where the confidence comes from

that's where the confidence comes from

those are my five things that's what it

that's what it says to wear cowboy boots

as a person I'm talking about both men

and women here because wearing cowboy

boots is all the same when you're a

human being what do you guys think open

up some of the comments that you guys

gave me on Instagram and then I'll go

into the Facebook group so big Lippe on

Instagram says it's someone who is

confident in their identity of

masculinity or femininity by wearing

boots exactly so true we have Jeff is

jacked saying they're hard-working so

that means they're probably going to be

my friend yeah exactly they're so easy

to approach to people wearing boots they

can be friends right off the bat Colin

says country either from the country

like country music or wish they lived in

the country now this is this is a good

point because that's the Association

right that we were talking about just

because somebody was wearing cowboy

boots doesn't mean they are country or

that they like country music

altogether I mean it is it's a popular

thing too it's a popular generalization

to make right it makes sense it's a

stereotype but it's not always

necessarily true there's plenty of

people in the city who love cowboy boots

and wear them on a daily basis

and I mean they are very happy in the

city they are happy with what they do

and maybe they don't even like country

music oh and cowboy boots and Coldplay

that sounds like a t-shirt or a mug or


boots mean respect confidence and

uniqueness when there's a job to be done

we see it through to the finish

why let's see is something that we like

to witness so we get out and show up all

over the cynics yeah all right


what it means to wear cowboy boots what

it says about a person