When to Buy Maternity Clothes + Tips for Wearing Pre-Pregnancy Jeans

hey y'all it's Alexis today I'm going to

be sharing with you when to start

wearing maternity clothes

so most of this is going to be from my

experience right now I'm currently 25

weeks along so I've been wearing

maternity clothes exclusively since like

16 weeks but before we even get started

I want you to know that every single

mama every single pregnancy is going to

be different so just because I'm telling

you today when I swear your maternity

clothes this is just giving you like a

rough estimate what worked for me this

can be completely different from your

experience because we are different we

have different body types we have just

diff all different things that are going

into how your bump is going to grow so

for most first-time Mama's you're gonna

expect to start wearing maternity

clothes exclusively anywhere from 16 to

20 weeks on and some Mama's never even

actually use them I know a couple of

people who said they did not wear

maternity clothes at all and I give them

so much credit because I just felt like

oh my gosh they were so uncomfortable my

regular clothes unless I got around 16

weeks but I would say that for myself I

started wearing maternity pants and

specific when I was right around 12

weeks and this is just because I felt

like there was so much pressure on my

stomach it was just really uncomfortable

and I didn't like it so I just invested

in a few different pairs of maternity

pants that I knew I would wear not only

for this pregnancy but hopefully we'll

have more kiddos in the future and I'd

be able to wear them then so I felt it

was a really good investment for me so I

just started wearing pretty much

maternity pants exclusively from like 12

weeks on but four shirts shirts were

really awkward like it was awkward from

I would say 10 weeks to like almost 16

like I just didn't quite look pregnant

but I did look

pregnant and so just it was awkward so

shirts were something that some days if

I had the right pants on I can wear like

a really tight shirt and you could

totally tell I was pregnant then there

were other days where if I did wear my

pre pregnancy pants with like a belly

band I would have to wear something a

little flowy or just so that way it

didn't look awkward like issue right

there and should too much pizza you know

that's just kind of what it looked like

so if you are a second time mama you're

probably going to be wearing maternity

clothes much sooner than you did in your

first pregnancy and this is just because

your uterus is actually remembering what

was like to be pregnant so it's already

ready to stretch and you're going to be

stretching sooner so some second time

Mama's will actually be wearing

maternity clothes as early as eight

weeks and for others you know it's gonna

be much closer to 12 weeks on but the

factors that really changed you know who

wears maternity clothes and time you

start wearing maternity clothes is

really where your bump is and for me I'm

a really short torso too so I don't have

much stomach so that just means that

everything grows out and that just means

that I have a lot less room when I'm

wearing jeans to be able to button them

so I found myself bring maternity

clothes like I said exclusively right

around 16 weeks but maternity pants

definitely around 12 so I get asked a

lot so when to like your pants start

getting tight and I would say pants

start getting like uncomfortable around

ten weeks for me at least and then

twelve weeks it was like nope I can't do

this you need the maternity pants so I

would say when your pants start getting

tight you can start transitioning into

maternity pants you're probably going to

notice when you first buy a maternity

pants that like maybe they're kind of

fit awkwardly because the elastic key

part it doesn't really fill out your

bump so that's why a lot of people wait

to start

maternity pants but once you kind of

start filling that out and they're

comfortable definitely make the switch

because it's worth it and it's way

better to be comfortable than to have to

be you know in your genes that are

buttons really tight and you just feel

like there's so much pressure and I feel

like it's just better to wear maternity

pants when you can if you are still

wearing your pre-pregnancy joggers and

all of that stuff it's probably easier

to do that I still have some pajama

bottoms that I actually think will carry

me right through because they're just so

elastic II that I know for a fact that

they're going to be fine but it just

seems like jeans and specific are the

one thing that are very tough to

continue fitting into past a certain

number of weeks this is why I do

recommend the belly bands especially in

those early phases use in the early

stages of pregnancy there's a lot more

bloat than anything

and although the bloating is just blow

it's still uncomfortable it's just like

before when you were at Thanksgiving

dinner after you ate you were like oh my

gosh I would do anything to just

unbutton I just so that way I can have a

little more room that's what it feels

like to hang your first trimester so

having just a belly band or something to

just be able to expand and feel

comfortable it's super super helpful

there are a few things you can do during

early pregnancy that can help you to

feel the most comfortable so I think the

most awkward thing for me was shirts

because I definitely could not fit into

maternity shirts it just looked weird

because it was so baggy yet like kind of

tight all at the same time and then not

a maternity stuff just looked like I was

not fitting in them and like I was

eating way too much food and getting

chunky like it was not good so what I

would recommend is getting flowy or

shirts if you don't have them wearing

like sweatshirts and things like that if

you have maternity jeans you can

probably get away with

like a tighter shirt that kind of shows

off your bump just because everyone

everything's a little bit tighter it's

like obvious she's pregnant she's trying

to show it off and I feel like when I

wear like my pre pregnancy pants with a

belly band I have to wear something a

little more flowy so that is just like

some helpful things that I found that

made my early pregnancy much easier so

lastly I want to chat about some tips

for buying maternity clothes so my first

tip of advice is don't buy maternity

clothes too early because you don't

necessarily know what size are going to

be for me pre pregnancy I was like an

extra small/small just like dependent on

the clothing line but I usually like

gravitated to smalls and I'm finding

that in pregnancy I'm more comfortable

in a medium sometimes smalls work and

sometimes they are comfortable and

sometimes they're great but I found at

least four tops mediums have just been

more comfortable especially because I

feel like my breasts have really gotten

a lot bigger and that is something I was

not expecting I mean I knew that it

would happen but I didn't realize it

happens that much and so I just feel

like I really needed a medium now as far

as pants go

I really haven't changed size as far as

pants I noticed that maybe they're a

little snugger in my hips because my

hips so frightened but besides that I've

really stayed in the same size so when

I'm buying maternity clothes

right now for shirts I'm sizing up the

size and then for my pants I'm staying

the same size so I hope that's helpful

but make sure that you don't buy to suit

you don't know how you're going to be

carrying if you start gaining a little

bit of weight in your thighs or and your

arms or whatever and you've already

purchased all these clothes you don't

want to have to then go return them so

don't buy them too early but make sure

you do get some deals because maternity

clothes are not cheap now my second tip

to buying maternity clothes is by tons

of t-shirts so I found that t-shirts

were an awesome thing because I

lair if I was cold if I had like a

sweater or something but I wanted to put

over top to keep me warm I could do that

and then the hot days I could just wear

the t-shirt or like a tank top so that

was really really nice and then as far

as pants this would be my third tip is

buy some really good maternity pants

these are staples that I just feel like

I have learned so much and it's worth

every penny to spend a little bit more

for better quality I have bought all of

my pants through motherhood I really

like their stuff for the most part now

the return policy is a little

frustrating I guess I had purchased a

couple things from there and then they

charged me to ship it back Jones kind of

bummed about but there is a workaround

for this so I found that if I purchased

the item on Amazon and sometimes it's a

couple dollars more expensive but it was

worth it because I could do free returns

so I could buy a couple different pairs

of shorts or pants try them on if I

didn't like them I could just return

them back to Amazon so that's just a

little workaround for buying on

motherhood so my last tip is how can I

dress up these t-shirts and hands that I

purchased when I'm going out to dinner

I'm going to be gathering or I wore you

know have a fancier work wardrobe

jewelry and different accessories can

totally change the look of an outfit so

I've been really enjoying you know

wearing different earrings are wearing a

little fancier necklace if I'm going out

to dinner and I also have like a little

bit more dressy like sweaters and things

that I wear over top so that way the

t-shirt doesn't look just like a t-shirt

so I hope that these tips and tricks

helped you to know when to start buying

maternity clothes and also to be smart

when buying them so you don't spend tons

and tons of money on unnecessary clothes

that will only last you for nine months

or less I guess because if you're like

me in 16 weeks probably only gonna wear

them for six but anyway I hope that this

video helps if you have any advice for

choosing maternity clothes or you would

like to let us know when you start


clothes make sure that you comment below

so anyway I hope that you guys have a

good week and I'll see you next time