hey guys welcome back to my channel and

today I wanted to share with you my

maternity wardrobe essentials for those

of you who didn't know I am currently

almost 35 weeks pregnant and I have

found that there are thin some pieces in

my wardrobe some new additions that are

like maternity but then some other

pieces that I've had before that are so

essential to just getting through the

third trimester getting through your

body growing when they said to me like

Oh your body grows so much during the

third trimester I was like yeah I like I

totally I got it like a mini gained

weight but no like wow your body really

grows and your belly really grows and so

these are some pieces that I found to

just be like beyond a central like these

are things that I wear literally every

single day before we get into the video

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let's jump in to some of these maternity

absolute wardrobe essentials okay I'm

gonna start with a bang and just start

right right at the top with some of the

pieces that I mean I can't I cannot live

without em and I think our if anything

if you're gonna go out and purchase

anything this is what you need to go out

and buy you need to go out and buy

yourself some maternity leggings

maternity leggings so if there is

someone in your life who tells you that

leggings are not pants then I'm giving

me permission to you know maybe not like

cut them out of your life completely but

especially during your third trimester

just have them not be around a lot

because maternity leggings I can't I

can't imagine like I have maternity

jeans and yes they're comfortable and

yes they're stretchy but when you're in

your third trimester especially in that

last like month in a bit four to six


nothing is comfortable and I cannot

imagine having to wear anything but

leggings and the over the bump ones I

found are for me at least the most

comfortable it's gonna be you know it's

gonna be preference some people like the

under the bump ones I tend to like over

the bump cuz I do feel like it provides

a little bit of extra support for my

belly in my back now the funny thing is

when you go look at maternity leggings

online if you were just like google

motoring leggings or if you go to

Motherhood Maternity Pea in the pod both

stores that I love but their attorney

leggings are so insanely expensive like

$100 and for the longest time I was

wearing like I have a lot of Lululemon

leggings and I have really nice leggings

and they were fitting me but then I

reached that point where like my belly

just got too big in the pants just I

didn't want to stretch them out too much

and I was like you know I really want to

spend about the same price that I would

spend on a pair of Lululemon leggings

for maternity leggings that I probably

won't wear after like maybe I'll wear

them for a month or two after the baby's

born and the baby's here but after that

like they're not gonna be part of my

wardrobe and that's why I discovered

Target and the brand Isabel Maternity

guys if you are pregnant and are looking

for an affordable pair of leggings or

affordable any like maternity clothing


check out Isabel Maternity there are

Isabel maternity bye Ingrid and Isabel I

got these over the bump leggings for $20

for 20 bucks and I'm telling you again

like after having looked at a look of so

many pairs of maternity leggings online

finding a pair for $20 was like finding

the Holy Grail and they're comfortable

I'm not gonna say like they're the best

most well-made legging in the world

they're not but I think that they do

their job they are super opaque so

you're not gonna be able to see through

them and they're like fantastic I think

they go over my butt they support my

belly they make my legs look you know

relatively slender and I feel good when

I'm wearing them and the first pair that

I got actually were a size extra small

and then I recently went back to Target

to buy another pair because I've entered

in the top phase of my pregnancy where

like literally nothing fits and I got a

pair in this ice

but they both still fit so I don't know

um you definitely want to go and like

try them on or like hold him up to you

but yeah

over the bump leggings such such an

essential and then I bought these other

ones the other day they're the same

brand theirs is about an attorney these

were a little more expensive they were

$35 which I was kind of like not super

like I didn't really want to spend $39

on a pair of maternity leggings but

again in comparison to the other brands

that I'd seen out there and their prices

these were still pretty affordable and

these are literally the only pants that

fit me right now so leggings are the

only thing that I find myself wearing

yeah these are a little bit different

because they have a slow crisscross in

the back I don't know if you can tell

but a lot of new maternity leggings are

starting to introduce this lower cross

in the back I don't really know why but

to be honest and at first I was a bit

skeptical that I was going to like these

as much as I've been loving these

because these just go like the whole

band just goes straight up in the front

and in the back and these ones go quite

high in the front but I wasn't sure if

like if them going that low in the back

was going to be comfortable and then

especially like when you're sitting down

or if you're going to pick something up

you want that extra coverage in the back

but I was super pleased to to discover

that they're still like the coverage is

still pretty great I haven't had any

problems with these and and yeah I think

that they're a little more expensive

because of the material they're a little

bit thicker of a legging than these

black ones but I would recommend

either/or like I think that they're both

fantastic one of the biggest reasons

that I love the over the bump band is

because then you can go pretty long if

not your entire pregnancy hopefully

without having to buy maternity tops so

if you're like me and you have a lot of

flowy tank tops a lot of flowy t-shirts

and you get bigger as your butt gets

bigger your t-shirts are going to get

shorter your sweaters are gonna get

shorter and having over the bumps

leggings is such a luxury because the

over the bump legging the panel will

cover that portion of your belly that

might otherwise be sticking out if you

were wearing

sort of lower leggings or under the bump

leggings and so we just find that I

didn't need to go out and buy a bunch of

like maternity tops because I had my

over the bump leggings that sort of

compensated for that

like little space but if you do need to

go out and buy a maternity top I would

highly recommend let me pick it up Oh

bending down is so difficult I would

highly recommend the again is about

Maternity from Target this t-shirt this

maternity shirt was $12 I can't so

affordable so affordable and again in

comparison like when you're going you

know we went to peena-pod my mom and I

or Motherhood Maternity a few months ago

and all their t-shirts and their tanks

are super cute but they're so expensive

and especially with maternity tops like

how often after the baby's here for how

many months you're going to be wearing

them and then you usually like pass them

down to like the next woman in your life

who's pregnant or maybe you don't eat

that and so I didn't want to spend like

a crazy amount of money on tops and I

felt like I didn't really need to

especially with my over the bump

leggings but it is nice to have one or

two maternity tops I find that like the

coverage is really nice and the stretch

is really nice and so $12 for a little

black t-shirt I mean you can't beat it

okay so the last little like piece of

clothing that I wanted to talk about

wear sports bras and like really

comfortable stretchy stretchy like

sports slash cami style bras and I got

mine from Gap the reason that I find

these so essential one because your

boobs are growing they're growing

they're expanding if you're like me too

like my um my it's not my waist my bust

I mean that has just been expanding like

crazy as well and I on my bras don't fit

anymore and I just found that having

these in my wardrobe have been like just

so fantastic they stretch they grow the

other reason I really love these is

because my best friend who has had two

kids told me that they make really great

nursing bras as well so if you're gonna

invest in like a stretchy maternity bra

it's nice to know that it can sort of

double as a nursing bras well and that

you can continue to wear it once baby's

here and yeah these are from Gap like I

said and

have mine in a size medium normally I'm

like a34 a34 a34 II depending on the day

um and so I got these in a size medium

and they do shrink a little bit so this

is one that I've had forever

that's shrunk quite a bit looks it looks

pretty small now and this is a newer

newer one that I had but yeah these are

so so comfortable they've been expanding

with me since the beginning which I

appreciate and yeah I'm excited to use

them like one baby's here so I would say

getting something stretchy some sort of

like maternity slash nursing bra

essential because you're gonna be using

it a lot essential because it's gonna

feel comfortable and toward the third

trimester toward the end of your

pregnancy it's all about comfort and

just feeling feeling as good as possible

in the clothes you have to be in okay

let's talk about shoes because I feel

like after clothing after like you're

talking about like leggings and shirts

and bras those are all great but then

like what are you putting on your feet

to leave the house and it really becomes

a huge dilemma when your bum gets to a

certain size because you cannot bend

down to tie your shoes or touch your

feet and I found that slip-on shoes are

just the most necessary things in the

world and if you are pregnant during the

summertime and you are probably lucky

enough to just like throw on a pair of

sandals or flip-flops and you're good to

go I'm pregnant right now and it's

January almost February and so obviously

I need something like a little more a

little warmer on my feet I have two

pairs of shoes that I really wanted to

talk to you guys about and just mention

because they are fantastic and they have

something in common and that is the fact

that I can just slip my foot in and slip

my foot out and it's so so easy so the

first are these Nikki I think they're

called fly net shoes they're amazing

these are so old and kind of gross but I

refuse to like break out my new ones

just yet one because my feet have

definitely like swelled half a size but

to because it's like really gross out

but finding a shoe or like finding a

sneaker let's say or a shoe in general

it has some give to it and has some

stretch and you can just slip your foot

in and slip your foot out is so

essential and so so amazing and then if

again like if

pregnant during the wintertime like me

get yourself a pair of like ugh boots or

something that looks like ugh boots

something again you can just slide your

foot in slide your foot out no fuss not

a problem

I found these to be again just like so

so perfect especially like bugs or any

sort of boot that you know not the most

fashionable a cute thing in the world

but because they're so wide they're

perfect see because if you're like me

your feet are probably gonna swell and

my feet like time to get I mean they're

pretty swollen right now they tend to

get bigger as the day progresses and

goes on but if you have shoes like these

or the fly nets that kind of expand and

have that stretch then you won't have to

worry about them being too restrictive

or too tight or being uncomfortable and

the very last thing I wanted to mention

are house slippers house slippers are so

fantastic there's just so great again

just to refine a little bit of extra

support for your feet and your ankles

and your knees and your back all of

those lovely joints that are going to

start kind of feeling a little bit

feeling feeling the weight as you get

bigger and bigger towards the due date

and yeah just like I found these to be

so fantastic mostly because they're slip

ons right like I can just slip them on

walk around the house slip them off like

sit on the couch slip them off go to bed

or whatever the big theme here is just

ease like just getting your foot in

getting your foot out without having to

bend down so absolutely necessary these

are both ugh slippers just whatever

slippers you have in your house are

fantastic or if you don't have slippers

like I would say definitely go out and

get a pair because they do just feel

nice on your feet as well and I think

these with the little pom-poms adorable

these are a little bit older these are

these are slip ons right they have that

tiny little lip in the back but I just

like push that down probably ruin them

but you know what if he now there's lip

puns and so yeah definitely get yourself

a pair of slip-on slippers and slip on

shoes and guys those are all the pieces

that I find so absolutely essential in

my like maternity wardrobe these are the

pieces that I again literally wear every

single day and when I was like putting

together this video and thinking about

this video I didn't

just like throw a bunch of like

maternity things at you and be like you

have to buy the contrary sweater or like

you have to buy this maternity XYZ

because again much how many things are

pretty expensive and honestly I've done

pretty well with wearing a lot of my own

clothing and wearing a lot of my own

shirts and I feel like if you get these

like if you get the maternity leggings

the over the bump leggings if you get

the little sports bras if you get like

one or two Maternity tanks or tops like

you can really maximize the pieces that

you already have in your wardrobe and

make do with what you have in addition

to like some of these maternity pieces

that are gonna obviously like grow with

you and make sure that you feel

comfortable today guys thank you so much

for watching don't forget to subscribe

to the studio a thumbs up and I will

talk to you all really soon bye guys