hey guys welcome back to my channel this

week's video is going to be trying on

Maternity swimsuits this was a very

highly requested by you guys a couple

months ago I did a triangle like regular

swimsuits video and I was 27 weeks

pregnant now I'm 38 and my belly

especially today I have noticed is

literally huge I could have my baby any

day now so I wanted to film this video

before I have her so I can show you guys

someone turning me some students I have

them in my nice little hamper that I got

from Target it matches my house so guys

this was honestly so hard I've been

planning on doing this video for so long

I wanted to find cute Maternity

swimsuits and honestly I kind of just

gave up on that and just found maternity

swimsuits because it was so hard to find

something that's actually cute and

especially if it's a bikini if you just

like size up you can usually get away

with wearing like a regular swimsuit

it's not Maternity when you're pregnant

but I wanted to actually try on some

like maternity swimsuits that are made

for pregnant women these videos are

always really fun to film because even

if I think I'm not gonna like love

something sometimes you're surprised and

it looks really great so I've actually

have these for like a couple weeks now I

honestly like I can see them but I don't

really remember like what I fully like

ordered or remember what it looked like

on the website so I'm just gonna go

ahead and get started trying on some

maternity swimsuits

all right so looking through my hamper

these are my choices so I have six of

them pink maybe this one looks like it

could be promising so I think I'm going

to start with this one so I just opened

it I think this one is a one-piece

most of these were either like one

pieces or I think they were like

tankinis or something I can't really

remember it was like so hard I couldn't

really find any like bikinis again cuz

you don't really like there's no fabric

there like where your belly is so I feel

like I'm eternity bikinis aren't really

like a thing as much but this is a

one-piece so going to a try this on

okay so swimsuit number one is on this

one's definitely not bad I actually

think it's fine so it just has a little

like tank top traps here which you can

take off and then it has a little arm

things this is my belly currently 38

weeks so pretty dang big cuz I'm like

almost all the way done but something

that I notice on this one is that like

the hips and stuff there's like a lot of

coverage right here it like goes down

kind of lower than I feel like a lot of

my other swimsuits do they would come

like up a little bit higher which that's

actually good cuz when you have like a

belly poking out like that if it comes

up higher than it just like shows more

kind of like it looks a little bit weird

so this actually I feel like looks

pretty good for like being a maternity

swimsuit it's pretty cute so this one I

think I'm gonna give a thumbs up I feel

like I should have done this one last

cuz I think it's gonna be my favorite

but this one is a thumbs up these are

all from Amazon I'll link them down

below but this one was $29 so pretty big


pretty cute swimsuit they have the same

thing and like a lot of different prints

this one I think is good


okay moving on to swimsuit number two I

just said that I thought none of these

or bikinis but this one actually is and

this was a most expensive one so I just

did where I thought one of my favorite I

honestly think this will be my least

favorite so I'm gonna open it up and see

all right here is this one on honestly

I'm not really a fan I feel like I don't

know maybe just cuz I'm not used to

seeing my belly this big that like

everything right now I'm like wow that

looks really weird but this one it is

comfy so this is the bikini bottoms so

they go up pretty high but it's

definitely like stretchy enough that

it's not that uncomfortable so how does

this blue band right here and then this

is like the printed part and then this

is at the top yeah I don't know why I

think I literally only picked this one

because it was like the only bikini that

I could find so this one I don't want to

give her a thumbs down just because I

don't like it because I bought it like

knowing that I didn't really like it but

I wanted to like try on a bikini I don't

know but I definitely like would not

this isn't one that I would like

actually get in where just because I

don't really love it but I don't know so

here's what it looks like this was also

the most expensive one it was like 63 or

64 dollars or something yeah so it was

like pretty dang pricey so there's a

front the side the backs nice cuz it's

not like too skimpy so I don't know this

one is very interesting you'll have to

let me know what you guys think of this



okay moving on to a swimsuit number

three this maybe we should try out this

one next this one might be the same

style as the first one

okay wait yeah so I must have liked not

realizing it and got the same exact

thing but in a different color still try

this one on just to show you guys what

it looks like okay so this is definitely

the exact same one I already tried on

guess I just like didn't realize they

were the same but here's a different

print if you guys wanted to see what it

looks like it's so give it a thumbs up

this one is nice if you like the style

this is like a good maternity one also

if you guys are wondering where this

bruise came from so am i I honestly have

no idea it's been there for like a week

and it also had like a scratch on it I

think it's from when my dog was climbing

on me in the car I have really no idea

but anyways

thumbs up to swimsuit number three


alright next I am going to do this one

this looks like it maybe says baby on it

so I'm gonna open this up oh wait this

is the same thing as this okay so I'll

do this one first and then this one I

can't remember what exactly oh baby

watch okay this is kind of cute I feel

like this could be a good one okay a

swimsuit number for this one definitely

feels the cheapest it's actually like

kind of cute this would be fun like a

picture or something but this one was I

think $29 pretty much like 30 bucks here

it is from the side it definitely has

like plenty of room for all of these I

just got a size small I think with

Maternity a lot of the time you I'd get

your normal size and then it's like

modified to fit like a belly to so this

is a size small I feel like it fits

pretty normal they have this also in

like a lot of colors this one is like

super super bright and neon but this

one's fun this I'm gonna give it this

one a thumbs up but the material of it

is definitely not that nice just so you

guys know the other ones have been like

a lot nicer but I actually think this

one is pretty cute so thumbs up



okay so this next one suit is also by

that same company and it was also the

same price it was $29.99 this is another

one that I actually like and think it's

cute I think this one might actually be

my favorite though gonna open it up and

see so this one is just the one piece if

like the print of this is so cute I

think I'm gonna like this one so this is

what this one it looks like on I think

this one is definitely it my favorite

just cuz the print is like really cute

and the style is also really nice so

just like a normal little one-piece has

again plenty of room for a belly there's

like even extra room when you hear if I

like kept getting bigger and bigger and

bigger so this one's also gonna be a

thumbs up and something I'm noticing

pretty much with like all of these

maternity ones is again what I mention

with the first one how this area like

right here has more coverage instead of

just like a normal swim so you have goes

up a little bit higher and these are

actually the first like maternity at one

pieces that I have tried on this summer

I got a couple just like a regular one

pieces and they were just like size

large so that there was like more room

for my stomach but they definitely

weren't not as like comfy right here so

at the beach I was like trying to make

sure I was a flashing anyone but I was

also less pregnant so my belly wasn't as

big but especially if you are needing a

swimsuit for like later in your

pregnancy thang maternity is definitely

the way to go which maybe is obvious I

was like always trying to just squeeze

into regular ones because they're cuter

to be honest but at this point being

nine months pregnant

these are feeling pretty good don't you



all right so we're finally on the last

swimsuit and I just looked this up and

actually realized it's again the same

company that the last to wear so this

one was also at 29 at 99 and this was

actually different it's a tankini so we

will see I don't know how I feel about

that so we got the bottoms laid out I

have the top laid out this honestly

looks like it's a lot bigger than the

other ones I can tell there's like extra

fabric right here for a belly which is

nice but just like this top part it

looks a lot bigger than the other ones

which is weird because it's like the

same company so why would the size and

be different okay so this swimsuit is

probably maybe my least favorite it's

actually really nice because you can

adjust these little ties it's just I'm

not really a tankini fan I got this

because I wanted to just like try out

two different styles so it actually fits

pretty nice so if you guys liked it it's

definitely not bad but I if I was like

covering this much would just get one

piece anyways but it probably comes in a

bunch of different prints it's like a

lot of these ones that I ordered came in

a million different prints and for the

sizing I would say that like this part

is a little bit bigger than normal

but it actually fits me like for the

most part pretty fine so I don't know

why it's so high it looked so big but

this one is like it's okay but here is

my belly from the side so if you guys

like this one or like tankini styles

then this will be linked down below for

you alright guys so those are all of the

maternity swimsuit I am trying on today

let me know which one was your favorite

and again if you guys are interested in

any of them I do have them at links down

below my next video should be my what is

in of my hospital bag I feel that today

and really excited it for you guys to

see it so make sure you guys are

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video when it comes out but I really

hope you guys enjoyed watching and I'll

see you guys in my next video bye guys