Best Nursing Pads - Let's Talk About Milk Catchers!

hello my name is Ashley from my green

Ness comm and today I want to talk to

you about milk catchers or what you call

disposable and reusable nursing pads if

you are expecting it can be hard trying

to figure out the best nursing pads

especially if you've never nursed before

so in this video I'm going to go over

some different brands of disposable and

reusable nursing pads and hopefully give

you a better understanding of what's


so the first nursing pads I'd like to

talk about are bravados moisture wick

washable nursing pads these are made

from a cotton Terry with the mesh lining

the material is supposed to wick the

moisture away from your skin and the

nursing pad itself is very soft the

thicker side goes below the nipple to

help catch most of the milk and the

thinner side goes on top they are

designed this way so it wouldn't be as

bulky all the way around unfortunately

this is one of the main reasons it's one

of my least favorite nursing pads it's a

new mom learning how to breastfeed the

last thing I wanted to worry about is

which side goes up or down

I just want to stuff my bra and go on

since these nursing pads have no

waterproof backing they would leak

straight through at night especially on

the thinner side so I wouldn't suggest

wearing them for overnight they do seem

to stay in place okay and I think

they're a good daytime option as long as

you're not a super soaker they come in a

pack of 10 so they are a very affordable

option and you can use them over and

over the next reusable nursing pads I'd

like to talk about are from Motherhood

Maternity these are just simple cut

nursing pads that are a little thicker

and stiffer than the bravado brand

because they are a little stiffer they

don't tend to bunch up in my bra like

other nursing pads tend to do I find

myself reaching for these over the

bravado brand at nighttime because they

don't leak through as easily they're not

as soft and they're a little more stiff

so I think they work better for night if

you're wearing a thinner bra and shirt

they tend to show through because

they're not contoured to your breast

they do cost a little bit more than the

bravado brand and they also don't have a

waterproof backing these can leak

through if you're a super soaker

I suggest doubling up at night if that's

the case reusable nursing pads have a

problem with shifting around in your

sleep since they don't actually stick to

your bra like disposables do doubling up

helps to combat that issue by adding

more protection

in over a larger area overall these are

pretty good reusable nursing pads if

you're looking for something affordable

and a little bit thicker now onto my

preferred reusable nursing pads these

are made from a brand called bamboo bees

the name pretty much sums it up

they're made from bamboo and for your

boobies these also are my favorite

because of the overall quality it's made

with a really soft cotton and bamboo and

has a waterproof backing these are the

softest brand of Nursing pads I have

found but they don't tend to wick the

moisture away as well as the bravados do

you can purchase bamboo be nursing pads

and all different styles and colors they

come in different thicknesses like thin

medium and overnight and they also offer

a variety pack unfortunately for me I

accidentally ordered the ultra thin I

wish I had ordered the regular size

instead they do have some thick

overnight nursing pads that I'd like to

try and they're in a rounded shape these

would probably work better than my

mother had maternity because of the leak

proof backing bamboo be nursing pads are

more expensive than the nursing pads

I've reviewed so far but the quality is

fantastic and they do hold up extremely

well in the wash I only wish they would

offer a contoured shape instead of just

being flat and then they would be

perfect I think these would make a great

gift for a new mom who wants to

breastfeed I suggest getting the variety

pack to start out with or a few of the

regular and overnight sizes the last

reusable nursing pads I wanted to talk

about were by a brand called naturally

nature and these are made from supersoft

bamboo I don't actually own these but I

thought they were worth mentioning

because they have all of the criteria I

would look for in reusable nursing pads

they are very soft they have a

waterproof backing made from bamboo they

have fantastic ratings and best of all

they're contoured to the shape of your

breasts you can get four pairs of these

for around 20 bucks on Amazon I wished I

would have known about these when I

first had my baby I have links to most

of these breast pads in my blog post

which I've placed in the description

below if you want to check that out

another type of nursing pad I wanted to

quickly mention are these lily pads made

from medical grade silicone they are

cross between disposables and reusable

nursing pads

they don't absorb the milk but instead

they keep it from leaking out which is

perfect if you're a super soaker you

press these firmly against your breasts

and they sort of make a sill to keep the

milk in these are good to wear when you

go swimming and they don't show through

like bulky nursing pads tend to do these

do have to be replaced ever so often

after using them for a while and they

need to be properly cared for I have no

experience with these but I thought I'd

mention them because they're so unique

and they have great reviews moving on to

disposable nursing pads the first one I

want to talk about are these nursing bra

pads made from Adela

they always come in their own little

wrappers to help keep them clean they

are not particularly thick but they do

with the moisture way helping you to

feel dry I like the fact that disposable

nursing pads are usually contoured to

the shape of your breast and they

normally stick onto your bra so that

they don't shift around I'm not

particularly fond of disposable products

I prefer using eco-friendly options that

are better for the environment however I

wanted to mention both types to show you

the difference originally I purchased

disposables and reusable nursing pads

because I wasn't sure what would work

for me being a new being new to

breastfeeding and all but I came to find

that I never even used the disposables

because I had so many cloth nursing pads

to keep me going in fact I have one box

of nursing pads that I purchased and I

never even opened them until this video

this brings us to our last disposable

nursing pads and these are from lansinoh

they also come individually wrapped like

the medela ones but I find it easier to

reach my bag and grab a reusable pad

rather than having to unwrap the

disposable ones and then having the

extra waste to throw away plants and all

nursing pads are pretty comparable to

the medela ones maybe a little bit

smaller in size but both are contoured

and have a waterproof backing that

sticks to your bra I think the land snow

are a little bit softer to the touch

compared to Medela

but I'd say they both basically do the

same thing and they're pretty comparable

the advantage to using disposable

nursing pads are they are contoured

stick to your bra and a little more

convenient but if you do choose to use

reusable you will be helping the

environment and save some money and I

find they're really not an inconvenience

I just throw them in with my white

clothes and wash and dry like normal

cloth pads can be used with future

children and some can eventually become

makeup removers if you're set on using

disposables some brands like bamboo bees

do offer eco-friendly disposables that

naturally break down now if you're on a

very tight budget or maybe just the

minimalist type there's an alternative

to buying nursing pads you can use a

plain old set of baby washcloths I found

some online that came in a pack of 24

for around 10 bucks you can fold these

different ways to suit your needs and

you can also double up at night for

extra protection I wouldn't suggest

using these if you're a heavy Soaker but

most of the time these will do the trick

you can find more alternative uses for

baby washcloths in my other video which

I will link in the description below I

hope you enjoyed my video and have

learned more about some options

available to you if you want to see more

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