How to wear a plaid!

hi everyone this is Andy from Parker the

lovely D here in Scotland so I thought I

would come over into the garden and show

you how to wear the 18th century plead

this is my plate here it's 5 yards which

is pretty long and see the whole length

of it as I walk up back feet long so

I'll demonstrate how to put it on and

let me show you some weapons and oh no

leaking essentially and some are a bit

earlier period but here we have the

early duck a lethal weapon

ok we have the card which is held like

that some charges have a speak in the

middle for stabbing

we also have a basket hilt broadsword

this one here is a razor sharp we have

the brown bess flintlock musket and put

them in our will be 2 plus or festal as


and so just go at Liana B these are

pretty cool ok so let's go into the

plate so it's laid out and on the ground

here what we want to do is get the wet

here approximately of your waist thanks

us about that much for the apron then we

get lanes on this one so it's quite easy

to this all just sort of sack start a

bit here on this lane in the fill it

back to there so it doesn't have to be

as accurate as s but it does look rather

relative so I'm going to go

methylene here I'm going to go into the

next Lane okay you just fill it towards


very example doesn't see it longer so


and again receipt okay we'll see it's

all lined up evenly so this really quick

doesn't have to be really accurate

I go see how easy the head

joke almost there

that's how you do your please the Lulu

there were a few of you asking how this

was done so that's why I'm doing the

video for you alright so that says

finished okay so if I stand up over the

way you can see that we've got the

aprons on either side that's about the

same width okay it's not exact so the

next step we need to get a belt and we

passed the built underneath okay pass

this through I'll be a bit more

difficult but it's not a flat surface

and pass that underneath I can get a

little bit for a little sake look look

and actually put your top of that said

oh you bet as well we'll move the sword

overly so the next thing I do is laid

out to come round here but a man's kill

what we want to do is allow you going

we want the kilt just above the knees

okay so we fold over the right hand side

first okay as I say you want that just

above your knees Rebeck kelipot right so

that's there and then the other side

goes from left to right okay and that

should overlap the bottom we are so

looking at that looks okay I get your

belt you want to put that on base and


lovely Sunny D here in Scotland so happy

with that the next step

stand up as you'll see will go at just

above the knee

and it's all nice and even all the way

around okay so the next thing I do I get

this one here let's flat P SOT

you look at it from this angle I'm going

to grab this point and to make it look a

bit neater I'm going to talk this little

frilly Lea and say it so I'm going to do

a little fault yeah

alright event I'm going to grab the

point I'm going to tuck it behind top

its back

okay then that leaves me the best one

hanging down again tuck that in another

point and take that round

y'all see that gives me two fairly even

sate I don't allow look to the back

which will quite equals no next step

vampire if we can find it no no it's not

either so or doodle just it must foreign

oil instead okay I'll get a nice peg

buckle belt that goes on so for this so

first spot on

that's nice lit the front and then this

is your scabbard for your duck okay so

that is basically at okay so what else

we can do we can get the back of the

kilt and mittens Falls it organized

shoulder so we take the right hand side

here and this can go up hugs your left

shoulder and then the other side can go

up over like so okay

I prefer to just have Maine dangling

though and another thing you can do if

it's really cold

gonna kill rate over your head which

keeps you warm and that's that books so

there's one more important thing a true

Scotsman doesn't wear pants when he's

out so we won't be these knees be

flatter the bump thanks for watching for

pledge of our I think you want to come

see something you can see thanks for

thanks for watching for bye-bye