When can one wear a postpartum belly belt? - Dr. Punitha Rangaraj


hello I'm dr. Pineda and garage absolute

Asian gynecologist and infertility

specialist practicing at Cambridge

Hospital alisonj Bangla although it is

very popular not wearing a postpartum


are tying a cloth is very popular in our

country and some part of the world also

but there is a very little scientific

evidence as to how it is going to help

to reduce your tummy

it is normally believed by using a

postpartum belt it will reduce your

tummy it will reduce the body fat around

the abdomen and it will give support to

the back so that you could wound it a

bad thing

I need to improve your posture and this

presence of a black jump but this

scientific evidence as I told you

under contrary it can have some side

effects when it is tied very tightly

then it can cause an undue pressure on

an involute ingore uterus which may

cause excessive bleeding or when it is

won't tightly all that time some ladies

leave it leave the belt all the time it

can cause itching rashes etc so the

ideal would be since it is our tradition

since it is there in the culture of

wearing a postpartum belt it can be worn

a nice broad firm belt which can be used

after 24 to 48 hours whether it is a

sailor in section or a normal delivery

and they leave it one li the day time

and remove it in that night maybe it

will give a little support and maybe it

is a subjective feeling that you have

used the belt you can always use it