#1 Reason to Wear Pregnancy Belly Support / Maternity Belt & How to Choose The Best Ones For You

hi grace here I am a pregnancy and a

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I want to share with you one important

reason why you need to wear belly

support during pregnancy and I'm going

to reel the belly band and a belly

support that I hand-picked after having

tried over 20 different kind of belly

support also feel free to click the link

just below and go directly to the other

video on my channel to find more

information on this topic and the

practical tips on how to choose the best

belly support and maternity belt for

yourself do you know that your abdominal

muscles may get separated during

pregnancy and this abdominal muscle

separation which clinically is called

dieciséis recti actually happens to over

60% of pregnant women and that's the

number one reason why you need to wear a

belly support during pregnancy during

pregnancy our abdominal muscles the

rectus abdominis get over stretched and

the tissue connecting the ab muscles

which is the Leaney Alba get thin and

lengthened which result in the up

muscles being separated from each other

this up muscle separation is the major

cause of a protruding mummy tummy and

why so many moms cannot get their

pre-pregnancy flat tummy back even after

years of pregnancy this app of muscle

separation can also increase the risks

of having other post pattern problems

such as lower back pain pelvic floor

dysfunction hernia etc wearing belly

support during pregnancy is an

effortless but effective way to help

reduce the load the abdominal muscles

have to handle during pregnancy and can

thus reduce the risks of AB muscle

separation I learned to wear belly

support and maternity belt during the

hard way during my first pregnancy I

wasn't wearing any belly support and

also over exercised and exercised in the

wrong way and I ended up having an over

ten finger gap in between my abdominal

muscles I was even advised by doctor to

consider a surgery to fix my problem

but I did whatever I could to heal my

tummy naturally and after over a year of

hard work I successfully closed the

tummy gap and got my flat

me back again wearing the correct belly

support was one of my secret weapon in

healing my diastasis recti or the

abdominal muscle separation and now I'm

pregnant for the second time as I've

really experienced how important it is

to wear belly support or maternity belt

this time I'm wearing belly support

every day throughout my pregnancy I am

obsessed with finding the right belly

support that works the best

I've tried at least 20 different kinds

and including belly bands maternity

bells belly wraps belly support panties

body shapewear and I've hand-picked the

ones that I love the most that were

aware every single day my criteria for

picking the right belly support belly

band maternity belt are first of all it

needs to be very comfortable to wear and

secondly it needs to provide strong

support the belly support that aware

also varies depending on which stage of

pregnancy I'm at I will only one layer

of belly support during my first and

second trimester which is the maternity

belly support panty and in the third

trimester I doubled the belly support

panty up meaning that I started to wear

two belly support panties and I also

wear a third layer which is a maternity

belt to provide one extra support on my

lower abdominal area wearing belly

support barely support panties maternity

belt has really helped greatly now I am

36 weeks pregnant and instead of having

an over ten finger gap in between my

abdominal muscles I not only have

roughly between 3.5 to 4 fingers gap in

between my abdominal muscles which is a

huge progress I am really really proud

of this progress because what happens to

majority of the moms is that as you go

through multiple pregnancies the gap in

between your abdominal muscles actually

becomes wider and wider but I was able

to achieve an opposite and much better

result and wearing belly support pan and

panty has definitely contributed greatly

to the result that I'm having

and just below this video I have listed

the belly support panties and the

maternity belt that I wear throughout my

pregnancy I've also put the link there

so you can actually buy those barely

support directly if you don't wear any

belly support yet it is really a wise

thing to do as it benefits your belly

and your health tremendously and it's a

small effort that we could put you in

which will generate tremendous result

and lastly I want to share three

important tips here first it's like do

take off the maternity belt all the

support babe panty after you finish off

the day so to make sure that you give

your tummy your pelvis area a good relax

and secondly do choose the belly support

that wears comfortable because if it

doesn't feel comfortable the belly

support you're wearing will actually

create additional pressure to your

pelvis as well as to your tummy area

which is not good for your tummy health

and your pelvis health and you should

not feel it too tight at all when you're

wearing the belly support and the best

is that you should not feel anything

when you're putting this on and if you

feel any discomfort stop wearing them

and look out for new better and more

comfortable ones and thirdly and most

importantly don't forget to do gentle

core exercise in addition to wearing

belly support because remember by

wearing the support you are reducing the

load that is adding to your abaddon with

no muscles as well as your pelvis but

you're not exercising the muscles and in

order to strengthen your core muscles as

well as your pelvis you need to actively

work on this muscles so they become

stronger so don't forget to do the call

under the pelvis exercise in addition to

wearing the belly support if you liked

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