Right Age To Wear First Bra | Advantages Of Beginners Bra

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on Instagram for daily fashion inspiration. Chalo  let's begin. When is the correct age to start  

wearing a bra? this is the most asked question.  many of us think that "my daughter will wear the  

bra when she is 16 years old. until then let her  be free" that is a totally wrong way of thinking.  

wearing a bra is not at all related to age.  each kid will grow differently depending on  

their hormones. the right age to start wearing a  bra is when the kid starts growing breast buds.  

here is a picture to show what breast buds are.  it will happen around age 8 to 14 years. this is  

the right time to start wearing a beginner's bra.  but most mothers think their girls can wear a bra  

at the age of 15 or 16 and they start giving  them regular cotton bras. these bras are like how  

the mothers wear them. those do not suit the kids  at all. when I was young, I used to secretly try  

my mom's bras that are too big for me. I used  to struggle to understand how they are worn.  

the hooks at the back used to poke, the straps  on the shoulder pulling, it was totally new and  

difficult to understand. I didn't know when  to ask my mom for a bra. when breast buds  

start showing through the tops many kids may  make fun of them. so beginners bra is a good  

choice to start with. when I was young all these  things were not there. nowadays there are so many  

options to choose from. initially, kids will  feel shy to wear all these things but when they  

are not visible through their dress they will feel  comfortable. you can buy basic colors like white,  

black and nude. you should teach your kid the  importance of wearing a bra. let me tell you  

the advantages to share with them. beginners bras  are easy to wear. they can wear them as they wear  

a t-shirt. there are no hooks at the back struggle  with. there are light removable pads inside. that  

will help cover the breast buds. there is no  underwire it will be easy for them to run around  

and play. it will be like a slip under the  t-shirt. the backside band is wide enough to  

keep it in place. it is not very thin as in the  regular bra and there are no hooks. choose cotton  

fabric so it will be breathable and easy on the  skin. if you are planning to buy them online  

make sure to check the return policies, try  them on to check if the bra fits comfortably.  

make sure to keep your daughter involved in  the shopping process. if they choose the bra,  

they will like to wear it. nowadays girls  choose to wear different kinds of clothes,  

makeup, different hairstyles and all. most  mothers also like their girls to look pretty.  

make sure to teach them about bras for their  health benefits. it will avoid any kind of future  

breast-related problems. don't look at only  outside beauty. teach them the importance of the  

bras. don't avoid bras thinking they're of no use.  your kids will thank you when they throw up. there  

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