How to Wear KHAKI I Spring Trend Guide

hey it's Sydney and Oh welcome to my

spring trend guide

last week we did color trends and today

I'm bringing you the first trend of the

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hashtag over on Instagram today is all

about khaki to be honest when I first

heard about khaki trend for spring I

thought about high school I had to wear

khaki pants or khaki skirt with a polo

shirt every single day when I lived in

Miami and then I went to school girls

skirts in LA but anyway khaki is big for

spring and now it's a very chic so today

I'm going over three different outfit

ideas both for work weekend and a night

out in the khaki track let's start with

work khaki pants for work but not just

any khaki pants you want to do something

that streamlined or has a feminine

detail I love these pants because they

have little ruffle details on the

pockets and the waistband which makes it

more feminine a great thing about khaki

pants is they can actually lengthen your

legs when you pair them with a nude shoe

preferably a pointed toe you can either

do a heel like mine or a pointed toe

flat and it creates a long illusion of

legs so even if you're a shorty like me

you're still getting that height from

wearing your khaki pants I just paired

it with a striped sweater light weight

for spring you could do a button-down

you could do a t-shirt basically

anything goes now let's go to khaki for

the weekend

so I absolutely love a trench it's so

classic a great lightweight piece for

spring and I don't know where you live

but in LA it's been raining so much this

year so it was nice to have a little

trench coat to throw on I did it with

all white so white denim a white t-shirt

and then just some espadrilles if you're

not really into the trench you can also

do a blazer as well so a khaki blazer is

a more sophisticated way to wear the

khaki trend now let's go to khaki for

the night out in the khaki trim so khaki

isn't just about khaki pants for school

it's not about that anymore at all khaki

can be sexy even I know I still weird

saying that khaki sexy you wouldn't

think it would go but it does with the

slip dress though slip dresses are huge

for spring they're one of the biggest

dress trends they're so simple to wear

very minimalist very easy to dress it up

for a night out I just added a fun

earring and a pair of sandal if you want

to wear this dress during the day you

can even add a t-shirt underneath so

khaki from date tonight I hope you guys

enjoyed those khaki ideas for every type

of occasion I'd love to see how you're

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