hey guys it's Marissa and today's video

is going to be my first thongs story and

believe it or not I've gotten a ton of

requests to do like song videos and had

asked your mom for a song and all these

different kinds of phone videos so I

thought I would do this one and I'm

probably gonna do more in the future so

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not already and this happened to me when

I was either twelve or thirteen I'm

pretty sure I was 13 I was at the mall

with my mom and I remember I was in

Victoria's Secret and I saw this like

bright I think I was even red or hot

pink but it was just this really like

vibrant looking song and I wanted it and

I was honestly just curious about it I

think the fact that it was so taboo

definitely made me want one a lot more

because when you're told like no you're

too young for that I you can't have that

I think it just really subconsciously

makes you want that thing more and more

and more and I think part of it was just

definitely curiosity curiosity of like

what is this thing that so many people

want what is this thing that everyone

you know oh the grown-up girls are

wearing so I really wanted this song

because it was just so beautiful I don't

know how to explain it like it's so

pretty and like lacy and pink and

colorful and I remember my mom had been

in a really good mood that day so I was

feeling kind of confident I was feeling

a little bit cocky about asking for a

thong and I remember going up to her and

being like mom can I have this thong and

I remember her looking at me with it

with a smile I don't know she was just

in a good mood and being like no and

just be good just shattering my hopes

and dreams and I was like well why and

she was like you're too young to wear a

thong and everything I said she was just

like nope nope you're too young you're

too young I'm not buying this for you

it's so inappropriate you're too young

for this


because she was making a huge scene and

a huge scandal and like all the sales

people were looking over customers were

looking over so I just got really

embarrassed and I just like let it go

like okay okay I don't need the thong

next door let's go to forever 21 now but

I think that whole experience kind of

got the idea just planted in her head of

like Oh Marissa wants a thong she just

kind of made a mental note of it or

something and then a week later we were

at this other store and I can't remember

what I was called I think it was

honestly just a teeny-tiny little like

hole in the wall boutique where they

sold really cheap things like they sold

like necklaces and bracelets and

earrings for like one or two dollars I

remember it was really cheap and they

had this huge like barrel like this huge

pile of underwear and there was a huge

sign and it only said one dollar per

pair and so I was looking through it I

saw some really cute regular undies but

I saw like half of those on these were

thongs and they were cured thongs they

were really like they were very like

young looking thongs like they had like

ones with like animals on them like

lions on them tigers on them but like

little cute animated tiger I don't know

if that makes sense but you'll see what

I'm talking about in a second

so I saw this purple one with penguins

on it and I thought it was so cute and I

really really liked it so I took it I

picked it from the barrel and I walked

up to a mom and I was like mom kai how

these no no thongs like what did I tell

you no thongs but then Oh

knowing how cheap my mom is knowing what

a cheapskate she is I said but moms are

only a dollar they're only a dollar

please I really want them they're only a

dog I think I just said that for like 15

minutes straight like they're only a

dollar and that was like the turning

point she was like fine fine just get

what you want just pick out what you

want I don't care though I picked out my

favorite song which was Zen thunderman

this purple one with penguins on it I

love how I still have it I think it's

just like that memory like your first

song you need to keep it as a

sentimental memory so I basically just

pastured my mom until she finally gave

it and got it for me I think the fact

that we had recently gone to Victoria's

Secret definitely helped because it's

like okay mom like do you want to pay

$15 for a thong or do you want to just

like spend a dollar and get me you know

and shut me up I remember being like so

excited to go home and try it on and

being like yeah like I'm a woman now

I got a thong so when I first tried it

on I literally thought it was the most

uncomfortable thing I had ever worn it

felt like I was wearing dental floss I

was like I don't understand how people

can wear this it's so uncomfortable I

mean granted I did feel very like

womanly and mature and grown up in it

but it felt like oh it did not feel

comfortable I barely ever wore it but

the point was I got what I wanted even

if I didn't wear it or end up using it

that much so this is a lesson to any any

parents watching this video if your

daughters bugging you for a thong and

she just really wants a thong then get

it for her because she'll probably find

it too uncomfortable to ever wear she

may find it too uncomfortable to ever

wear I know some people that really like

them but I think it definitely takes a

while before you get used to it so you

know I feel like there's no harm in a

thong so that was my first thought sorry

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