Underwire Bras vs. Wire-free Bras: Compare and Contrast


an underwire bra or a wire-free bra I

say you should have both but understand

that each of these broad types has their

pluses and minuses one way to compare

contrast and underwire to a wire-free

bra is to think about your feet wearing

shoes versus socks your feet conform to

the shape inside the shoes like an

underwire bra

whereas socks primarily conform to the

shape of your feet like a wire free bra

let's first talk about underwire bras

most women today are looking for a

lifted rounded and slightly separated

bustline shape this is best accomplished

with an underwire bra the primary

benefits of underwires

are great breast support a more defined

breast shape and separated breast

cleavage so underwires optimize your

bustline for its best possible

appearance under clothing and because

underwires are strong bras with

underwires can be designed with less

breast coverage so they look lighter on

your body and hide beneath low neckline

clothing underwire bras however require

a more exacting fit if they're to be

comfortable this is where women get

discouraged when a woman's body shape

changes so does our bra size rather than

reassessing your bra size a woman will

simply settle for the comfort of a wire

free bra which has a much more forgiving

fit the fit is good enough while being

comfortable now let's talk about wire

free bras wire free bras also known as

soft cut bras are made entirely of

fabric and thus their greatest benefit

is comfort their fit is less exacting so

the ability to find one that will fit

and be comfortable is easy therefore

many wire free bras come in t-shirt

sizing like small medium large etc

breast lift and shape are more relaxed

in a wire free bra they also require

more coverage in a taller center panel

to be supportive the center panel

usually does not sit flat between the

breasts so cleavage is not defined

thus a mono boob look can appear that

said a wire free and makeup free

combination while lounging can't be

beat this is why I feel every woman

should own at least one comfortable

wire-free bra to illustrate the

differences here are some comparisons

many manufacturers will design a wire

free version of a popular underwire bra

style as you can see the center panels

are taller and not resting on the

sternum the breast coverage is more and

the breast shape is less lifted and

defined so if you only wear underwire

bras consider a wire free bra for

relaxing and possibly sleeping and if

you only wear wire free bras taking the

time to find your exact size and an

underwire bra will pay off in a fit that

flatters your bustline and will probably

make you look thinner