How to Wear VELVET I Fall Trend Guide

hey guys it's Sydney and welcome back to

my fall trend guide if you're new here

basically every week I break down the

hottest trends from Fashion Week and

show you easy ways to wear them at home

so today over on velvet

I absolutely love velvet for fall it's

super luxurious you might remember it

from last year's trend guide well it's

more popular now which means as there

are more options which means it's more

affordable so the pieces that I'm

showing you can get a great different

price points and I always link to

everything over on my blog so let's

start with the velvet camisole

so for daytime I wanted to go with a 90s

5 so I layered a t-shirt underneath just

went with some skinny jeans and some

patent leather booties if you remember

from the accessories video

patent-leather is huge and then for this

series I want to show you how to quickly

transition from day to night so simply

by removing my t-shirt hoops pecan and

then adding another velvet piece of

velvet a bomber jacket so a lot of

people do velvet Blazers which I

absolutely love but I thought I felt

that Bomber Jacket was an edgier way to

do the trend

another fell that pace I'm loving for

fall is a Velvet a jumpsuit so for

daytime I wanted to give it more of a

conservative vibe so I layered a sweater

on top I went with a crop top so it

really just looks like I'm wearing

velvet pants that way you can wear it to

an office you can wear it to brunch so

lots of different options and then for

nighttime I simply remove the sweater

lots of removing in this video and I

have the velvet underneath and in this

jumpsuit is super comfortable and it's a

great alternative to the dress for

holiday season now I know some of you

have told me that you don't really like

jumpsuits so a velvet pant is a great

option for you these have a fun flouncy


so for daytime I did a white button-down

white button-downs go with everything

they give everything a more a classic

vibe and then underneath I did a velvet

camisole so by removing my white

button-down shirt you can see I have a

velvet camisole underneath and you can

even throw on a little jacket I went

with rose gold for a metallic touch

finally we have a velvet skirt I went

with a maxi skirt because I've gotten a

lot of use out of maxi skirts for the

holiday season and when they're in

velvet they have a very luxurious v you

can pair them with bustiers or you can

do something more conservative and

casual like I did here with the sweater

so if you're having family over you're

hosting at home it's a great option and

then for night I simply added a little

bit of faux fur which always glams up

things you could stop there or you could

go an extra mile and add a statement

necklace so there you have it lots of

day to night outfit ideas in case you're

wondering who this guy is this is Eugene

and bunnies at the hotel I still have

not moved home so that's a whole nother

story but we'll get to that for another

trend guide or not a trend guide just a

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