When to Start Monetizing a Website

whenever people start a new website they

think right at the very beginning how am

I gonna make money off this website and

that's kind of the idea we start a

website as a business but when and how

to monetize are actually really really

good questions

monetizing from the very beginning isn't

actually usually the best idea and this

is something that we've had to learn the

hard way yeah there are a lot of

mistakes you can make here and after

teaching hundreds of people now how to

start the websites we used to encourage

people to write from the gate to

monetize the website you know to put on

Amazon affiliate ads whatever you can

get because our original goal was how

quickly can we get to somebody to their

first paycheck to really encourage you

to go forward and so while I totally

understand that there's major value in

that just getting your first paycheck so

you can feel like okay this is real I

can you know move forward at the same

time it can actually set your website

way back and what we often find is

people are just trying too hard with the

monetization and the site is loaded with

ads and pop-ups and and affiliate links

everywhere and they're schwag they made

their own t-shirt and stuff and and

eventually the website just doesn't have

very much value and so what we're gonna

present today is kind of a way to make

sure that that doesn't happen but that

you are earning money as quickly as


exactly everyone wants to know when

should I monetize my website and and

there's conflicting opinions out there

on this and the fact is that that's not

a there's not a cut and dry answer to

that there are different ways to

monetize a website that we've talked

about here and all those should be done

kind of at different places in the

process so the first one and probably

the most common way that people monetize

niche websites is through affiliate

marketing affiliate links you're linking

out to other people's products and

earning a commission off of those

products Amazon that's that's the key

everybody's always linked in to Amazon

but there are tons of other affiliate

networks out there and the thing is that

you know we used to teach people yeah go

ahead and sign up for Amazon early on go

ahead and start putting links on your

website and then Amazon has this policy

where they say well if you don't make

three sales in the first 180 days then


your application and and you know that

got us thinking well maybe we should

wait a little bit and then I think well

you know 180 days that's like half a

year you gotta be able to make three

sales but the more that we we worked on

this with a lot of our our students and

clients the more we realized that when

you begin a website with affiliate links

in mind affiliate marketing in mind you

end up a review review review so product

focused you don't you don't give good

and helpful information so while it

seems innocent enough to put in a couple

affiliate links and really it is that's

not gonna hurt your site it's fine like

ninety five percent of the time when we

go to a new website it's to product and

frankly what I see over and over again

is the review post chest don't get the

same kind of traffic as just a helpful

answer in general and I can still

monetize those posts just as well by

coming at things from an angle so for

example instead of writing a post called

black best fly-fishing rod for beginners

instead I come at it from an angle and

instead of just that's in instead of

that maybe I'm just writing a post

called how to catch your first fish on a

fly rod I'm just giving a fishing tip

and then in that link I just mentioned

what my favorite fly rod is and that can

be a link and I find by just being

helpful and answering questions and

coming at the products from an angle

instead of dead-on everything about a

product I actually earn more from it and

it makes the website more helpful so it

gets more traffic absolutely so when

should you do this our recommendation is

typically we want you to write 20 or 30

really really helpful posts like that

first before you really worry too much

about linking to Amazon one that's going

to get you to that the three sales in

the first hundred eighty days

if you've already written twenty or

thirty posts you're gonna get three

sales in a very short period of time not

even close to 180 days but more than

that it's going to get you focused on

writing that article about how to catch

your first fish with a fly rod and and


really helpful about that and then later

coming back and it's okay now I'm gonna

go put in a link to this or now I'm

gonna go create a page where I recommend

all my favorite fishing products and

I'll link from my articles to that page

and so that way your content stays

really really helpful especially that

early content but when you come back

again and monetize it with affiliate

links you're gonna be able to quickly

start to get those sales so wait till

you've written a bit the next is ads I

think ads are actually a terrific way to

monetize a site it's quickly becoming

one of my favorites and it used to be

one that I kind of shunned ads can be a

very powerful monetization tool when you

have high traffic when you're starting

your website I wouldn't put any ads on

there at all because frankly you know

even if you know you get up to 500 a

thousand page views a month and that can

be exciting for a new website but in

terms of ad sales we're talking about

like three or five bucks yeah and so if

you just wait on the ads until you have

significant traffic I mean the most

you'll miss out on is like a pizzas

worth of money so I I would just

encourage you to wait because your

website design is gonna change over time

and if you have ai ads on your website

that's gonna mess it up your design and

it's just not enough money to really

worry about

so I recommend ads at 30,000 page views

a month at least for me when I hit

30,000 page views a month it's like cool

let's talk about some ads yeah until

then yeah I'm just focused on getting on

getting good content yeah if you think

about it this way um unless you just

fill your website with ads which has a

lot of downsides it's really actually

going to inhibit your growth you're only

gonna earn with just regular Google

Adsense you're only going to earn about

a half a cent per page view that's kind

of the number we have experienced at

half a cent of page view even at twenty

thousand page views thirty at thirty

thousand page views you're talking about

a hundred and fifty dollars a month

which is which is nice that's that's


much less than that I mean is it really

worth slowing down the growth in your

traffic on your website by putting in a

bunch of ads really really

Leon and the answers in most cases no

it's it's really not worth it

so again hold off on those ads till you

get to probably thirty thousand page

views and once you get up to more like a

hundred thousand page views a month now

our time now we're yeah because then you

can go sign up for a service we as we

use ad thrive and they're awesome like

they go up they've been awesome yeah and

we are they do not advertise for us they

don't even have an affiliate program

I Drive had a really good experience

with them I could get good RPM's from

them they've been like a super pleasure

to work with they do nice things for me

they send me a little Christmas present

and they're just nice they're good


and they're doing a really good job

they're definitely at the forefront but

you got to have 80,000 pageviews I think

they're like okay we'll look at it but a

hundred thousand they're starting to get

excited you can sign up if you have less

you know the 30,000 media vine is a good

choice they will take you at lower

numbers but but you gotta get up there

to get to these premium ad networks and

they pay much better alright now let's

talk a little bit about information

products and consulting services and

that kind of stuff when should you start

promoting those things on your website

honestly I don't think there's a whole

lot of reason to promote any of this

kind of stuff until you have a little

bit of a community or a little bit of a

following this can be through an email

list it can be through a YouTube channel

we're not gonna do it through Facebook

if you want to know why watch some of

our other YouTube videos we don't like

Facebook but you know cultivate a little

bit of a community a little bit of a

following and once you start and again

the size that it needs to be that's

gonna depend a lot on your niche yeah it

totally does yeah a YouTube channel like

this one can be extremely valuable with

not that many subscribers really right

in in other niches I have YouTube

channels that are bigger and it's just

not that valuable so really does depend

what you're in yeah so it depends on the

niche and it depends on kind of how

exactly engage that community is if

they're real engaged and you know 70% of

them are probably gonna go buy your

product or service then you don't need a

giant and community for it to be

worthwhile but you got to think about

the numbers if you're gonna have an info

product let's say my niche is whatever

it's guns whatever you're teaching

target shooting

you know like with a BB gun like super

target shooting like you see on the

Olympics and stuff with the goal 22s I

think they shoot anyway you're teaching

that well I mean if you have a really

engaged community and and stuff you

could sell to that community pretty well

but just for traffic on your website

let's say you have a page that gets a

thousand people to it every month to

this article and you're like that could

push my info product well if you're

linking from that page over to your info

product you know realistically I doubt

you're going to get more than five

percent of the people on that page to

come leave into the sales they literally

info product and so now we have we have

five percent 50 people 50 people that

have come to your sales page well you

know a two percent conversion rate on a

sales page is not so horrible that

happens all the time for a product you

know talking about one a month yeah ten

percent conversion rate it's very normal

but closer to too often if we're just

traffic from a blog post right um yeah I

mean you're talking about one maybe two

sales a month and so you really do need

some volume if you're gonna sell an info

product again if your that traffic is

from somebody who loves you and washes

your YouTube channel is on your podcast

and on your email list that's different

but if we're talking about just traffic

from a website to an info product it's

it's a difficult process to sell on an

info product yeah it can work when you

have a big volume big volume so this is

something that's probably going to come

after you've monetized with affiliate

products it's going to come after you've

monetize with ads in many cases because

those things are just much easier to do

without having a very larger and engage

audience are following the last one that

we want to talk about just briefly is

ecommerce people ask about this

sometimes what if I'm just selling

products through my website what if I

have a quilt shop online and I write

about quilting I do my content marketing

I teach about quilting and I have just a

whole bunch of quilting products when

when can I post those honestly I would

treat those a lot like affiliate

products in terms of of when I would

start to post that a lot of people feel

like they need to get the store set up

first if I have a store then I have

somewhere to send people but if you

start with the content you just start

with the really really helpful content

writing about you know quilting and

sewing in patterns and whatever whatever

it is that you write about and and just

helping those people again with kind of

that how to catch your first fish with a

fly rod kind of example that's gonna

attract traffic and then once you say oh

and here are the products that I sell

you set up that store 20 or 30 posts in

you haven't really missed out on sales

yet because there's not a lot of traffic

to your site in those first 20 to 30

posts but now again you weren't so

product focused from the beginning that

your content was kind of spammy