hey guys so today's video is going to be

all about getting your wedding gowns

altered tips tricks insight and anything

that I can tell you for those who don't

know me hi i'm hayley segar I have been

making youtube videos since 2008 and

make a lot of amazon content and I also

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to be quite honest with you I've worked

in the industry for too long to not be

able to continue to share all that I

amassed within that time and I don't

think I know everything but I say I've

said this before but Bridal is such a

niche industry that again it's hard to

find people who have that insight so

anything that I can offer I want to

write the questions I get a lot have to

do with alterations can this be done who

can do this you know there's a stress

that they love that's three sizes too

big it has to be purchase as a sample

things like that you want to add sleeves

to this dress or whatever it might be or

you know what should I expect in

alterations which is basically gonna be

the premise of this video because

expectations vs. reality is where you

know the bulk of the insight has to come

in but I'm gonna try to answer as many

questions on like a broad scale as

possible again this is gonna be more to

do with like X like managing

expectations and things like that posed

to like the insider scoop I'm like how

dresses are altered and things like that

first of all have you ever saw how

dresses were altered you would be like

appalled they get ripped apart her dress

is in several pieces on the floor so let

me just get into it so let me just say

that alterations are the time in Bridal

experience that caused the most tears

stress and hardship as consultants this

was the time that was always the most

stressful for us and I'm just speaking

for me and my coworker

and I know this because when it was alt

season Oh no-holds-barred

no-holds-barred it was all season which

was like summer um me and my coworker it

was like late nights we were open we

used to bring in chips dip salsa things

for us to have in the back to have our

own little party in between appointments

because it was intense we had to give

ourselves so no more ado because it is

super intense Bridal is such an

unprecedented time a lot of people the

bulk of people only shop for a dress

once in their lives right there's no

precedent unless they had an older

sister or you know an older whatever who

got married or they've been through the

process before with that person or they

went through the process themselves they

have no precedent for what the

experience should be like that in and of

itself throughout the entire experience

shopping alterations wedding day

whatever can cause a lot of confusion

and a lot of white space in between

expectation versus reality my job in

this video as I'm seeing it is to kind

of dispel a lot of that you guys know I

in my Bridal videos I never sugarcoat

things I'm gonna give it to you the way

that will help you I don't see any

benefit and telling you something you

want to hear um that's not gonna help me

that's not gonna help you I'm gonna

equip you with information that's gonna

help you and even though it might not be

what you have in your head as the truth

for you know the experience that you

want to be having or whatever it'll help

you in the long run I promise I know

everybody's Bridal experience is

different I always say this but I speak

on the whole okay I speak what I saw

through several different stores you

know that I worked at that I visited

around the country I'm I'm speaking on

the whole those who are unaware I should

probably just start by stating the

basics okay when you go to a typical

bridal store okay you are getting a

dress ninety-five percent of the time

you are getting a dress that is made to


what made to order is is it's not made

to your measurements that's made to

measure made to order is when you're

ordering a gown that is going to be that

unit is going to be created because you


manding it you have physically ordered

that down in a size 12 or whatever it

might be from that designer is being

made by demand it is not being made to

measure okay when you are getting this

dress though it has been sized to you

okay by a consultant or rise store

professional it is not made to your

measurements so you are fitting

something that is as close to you as


but isn't made to your own measurements

if you are getting a dress that's made

to your measurements I talked about Lyra

Vega Bridal a lot here on this channel

the online bridal shop where all their

gowns are under a thousand dollars and

made to measure their amazing

made-to-measure gowns they don't

guarantee that it's a perfect fit out of

the box you get a hell of a lot closer

than just a made-to-order gown so

understanding that your dress is not

gonna fit you amazingly out of the box

is an expectation that you should have

sometimes I see girls who would get off

the loop and have a dress that maybe

need it I think I maybe saw one woman

never need alterations maybe one so you

need to go in with the confidence

knowledge and Intel that the dress is

being ordered for you but not being

ordered to you I know a lot of people

there's a blame game sometimes of oh the

consultant you know did it measure me

properly or whatever you kind of have to

entrust that person to measure you they

do it more often than you do in a day

most likely so entrust that person to

measure you a lot of times sizing wise

they're actually going to be consulting

multiple people that consultant will be

consulting multiple coworkers or bosses

or whatever to figure out the best size

for you using best judgment and

knowledge of that designer and those

gowns and how they fit and your body and

what you're expecting so just know that

on the back end they're typically

typically I can I can only speak for the

stores and I worked at and that I've

seen but there's actually typically more

care on the back end to size you than

you might think before you go into

alterations it's super important to know

what alterations are they have zero

alterations experience and that's

totally normal and I'm also making this

video again to kind of equip you because

people don't know what to it

Specht and i think people might think

it's kind of like a fairy godmother

thing and we always said that

seamstresses they they are magic like as

far as I'm concerned it's a great

technical skill and art what they do I

truly have so much respect for it they

can't perform miracles but they are

magic you have to know what alts are you

have to know you know what to expect and

again that's kind of why I'm making this

so my first tip is when you find your

dress or even before you find your dress

you think I've actually mentioned this

before ask what that particular stores

policy is as it relates to alterations a

lot of stores nowadays are there's like

a trend where they do not do alterations

in store it's kind of smart it from a

stores perspective it's not amazing for

the bride in terms of consolidating

their services in their experience or a

store it's super smart because again a

lot of the problems you run into you run

into in alterations if it's not

necessarily because of the fault of the

store doing anything quote-unquote wrong

it's because there is such a lack of

like expectations versus reality a lot

of stores are just doing away with their

office all together how they facilitate

their alterations if they say we don't

do alterations here but we have a list

of seamstresses to use that might be a

deal breaker for you you might be left

to your own devices and looking for a

seamstress in that case word-of-mouth is

huge going local wedding forums and

things like that see who people use if

you have a friend that you know got her

dress altered outside of a store asked

question that I am met with a lot by you

guys DMing me is this possible you don't

do a certain thing on a dress is this

feasible to add you know whatever here

is it possible to take a dress in from

this side to that side first of all no

major major major minor major tip major

major major major it is so much easier

to take a dress in make it smaller then

let it dress out

okay so if you're wanting to take a

dress from a size 12 to your size eight

Bridal sizing your size 12 to your size

eight it's gonna be a lot easier than

making a size 8 dress a size 12 there's

something called seam allowance

sometimes seam allowance will give you a

half an inch on either side sometimes

sometimes to make the dress bigger but

it is so much easier technically

speaking to take a dress in so just know

that it's also typically only feasible

to take a dress without altering the

integrity of the design of the gown in


sizes so again going from like a twelve

to an eight if you fell in love with the

size 24 gown and your size 14 that might

not be the best decision in terms of

preserving the way that that dress looks

because you might end up with a dress

that looks completely different than the

way it looked when it was rolled in and

clipped on you right once it's gone in

and surgery is done on it

so you have to have those realistic

expectations getting a dress a sample

size dress that is as close to you as

possible is really really big I've seen

miracles work I'm not going to pretend

like I haven't seen a dress go from like

a size 10 to a 2 I've seen it happen but

as a rule of thumb you shouldn't bank on

it so many of these questions so many of

these is it feasible is it not feasible

can I expect this can I expect that so

much of it and I can again I'll answer

to the best of my ability is speaking on

the whole of what I've seen but so much

of those answers those yeses those knows

those anything in betweens relies so

much on the skill level of the

seamstress that you're using

above all the willingness level there's

a lot of seam seam sources that have

been at it for a really long time that

just don't want to try new things and

you know what that's their prerogative

don't force them and do anything they're

not comfortable with or beg them to do

something because it probably means they

haven't necessarily done that specific

thing before and do you necessarily want

to be the guinea pig maybe not right so

if the seamstress isn't willing to do

something listen to them they're gonna

be telling you you know what they see is

possible for you and your gown

you could always shop another seamstress

find another seamstress that might be

willing but if a certain specific seems

you're saying I don't feel comfortable

doing that that's gonna mess with this


maybe that's not the Centers for you or

maybe that's your answer but you go you

kind of have to discern that on your own

also the other factor is the time of

year that you are getting married you're

getting married in the middle of January

a seamstress is our stores willingness

to bend over backwards Rio is going to

be a lot more than if you're getting

married in September or October so many

people Bank on adding sleeves or straps

and things like that I've seen really

good executions of it I

Sene really bad executions of it not

gonna lie so the more you trust your

seamstress to do that the better because

it's a real sketchy situation so about

budget this is something this is the

biggest curveball I think people are

thrown is how expensive alts can be

alterations are expensive I saw

alterations run upwards of a thousand

dollars and I saw that on the low end

selling dresses that were under $1500 I

saw that at the high end okay so some

people are paying more for their alts

and they're paying for their dress so

you need to know to budget more than you

think for alterations if you have a

family friend that's amazing and will do

it for free or will do it for super

cheap oh my gosh

go for it obviously trust them trust

that person to do it people get their

dress altered for $50 but again I saw a

lot of times it costing more than people

thought biggest question the biggest

thing of everybody you know is budgeting

to lose weight for their wedding how

long can I wait before getting my dress

altered because I want to lose weight up

until the last second of you know my


seamstress says I have heard seams which

is like fully yell at people before

because a bride is losing too much

weight after they've been told like

listen we're trying to keep up here

we're trying to keep up with this gown

fitting you and every single time you

come in for a fitting

it is it is significantly bigger on you

this is so tough because we're talking

about people's bodies here I'm not I

can't comfortably tell you especially if

being after being removed for that from

the situation I can't comfortably tell

you like when to stop losing weight

because I know my body is I'm a yo-yo I

didn't fit into my prom dress by senior

year at high school I got this random

flu and that's how - in my province a

week before I was fully prepared to wear

a dress

I'm a yo-yo I'm the last person that you

want to here give you advice on fitting

into your dress or whatever because how

I look tomorrow is not gonna be how I

look today it's just the way it is um so

all I can tell you what I'm gonna tell

you because you have to do what's best

for you

alterations to at least

about eight weeks from your wedding you

really want to be as close to your

wedding day body whatever that means

that makes me what makes my soul cringe

like saying that I just don't think it's

like positive but um to that time yes I

hate saying this but this is and this is

something that people ask me all the

time but um you want to be as close to

that form whatever that may be

that you want to be okay you want to be

yet by the time you start the

alterations alterations are typically

started about eight weeks out from your

wedding typically not for everybody

sometimes it's not in a rush deal

sometimes if you know you're flying in

and out of your shoes at your first

fitting if your shoes are not your first

fitting 90% of the time I saw Brides get

turned away if they forgot to bring

their shoes at the height that you add

with your shoes changes how the dress is

carried in general so without that it's

hard to even mess with the boobs it's

hard to mess up the straps like we need

to see how everything is gonna be

sitting on you so if you don't have your

shoes we can't really work so have your

shoes you know your undergarments again

I talked before sometimes it's really

hard to wear shapers and stuff like that

without addresses but you will want to

bring that to your first fitting but um

shoes are so important

people's expectations for their gown

versus their body the bride was saying

she was walking across the stage it's

probably her second or third fitting and

she was like I just don't understand why

every time I walk this crease pops up in

my hip

she had a fitted dress okay when you are

walking I have these joggers and when

you are walking in a fitted dress okay

guys see a your hip is a ball and socket

right when you're walking your body is

going to create that bend which is

therefore going to make the dress fit

and we were trying to explain this to

the bride but she was like no it's bumpy

and her mom was like no it's not bumpy

you're moving human body in a you know

otherwise stationary object your body is

going to you know affect the way that

that dress moves and like lives on you

you know what I mean so if you are

seeing like a problem that you're

encountering with your dress

in alterations try to take mental

inventory of hi baby

mental inventory of is this my body

creating this just the general movement

of like your arms swinging or your you

know hip you know whatever like you have

to you are a biomechanical miracle you

know what I mean like you have to take

account for that when you are analyzing

the crap out of your dress and the last

tip is have somebody come to your final

fitting who can videotape getting your

bustle done for you so for those who

don't know what a bustle is dresses do

not come bustle that that was something

that's a like a super boomer thing like

Grandma thing like they would always be

like oh where's the bustle I think maybe

back in the day I'll ask my mom my

grandma but I think dress is used to

come bustle leg with bustles underneath

bustle is like what ties up the dress to

shorten the train so that by the time

you're at the party you don't have this

sweeping train like dragging everywhere

um I think dress is used to come bustle

because moms and grandmas all used to

ask that they don't come bustle it


in terms of what you're paying for so

have somebody come to your final fitting

who can videotape how the bustle is

being done so you can recreate it

anyways guys that is it for my tips on

alterations I hope you guys enjoyed

thank you so much for watching I hope

this helps like I said feel free to DM

me please comment subscribe bye guys