How to train your dog to weight pull - 101

what's up bully max Pam I'm Sammy say

veal from Delacruz bloodline wait full

dungeon kennel I'm here to give some

beginners some lessons on weight for

always remember to be patient especially

when starting off up up these are like

children and we all know how children

are when they're when they're young you

know full of energy that's partially why

we want them to get into sports dogs

that have energy and drive will succeed

without a doubt when you come to the

park you want to have a steady routine I

would recommend for a young puppy just

starting out 9 to 10 months probably 2

to 3 days but with only about 2 to 3

reps about 50 to 75 yards they're in

back counting as one so dog in reality

is in a pool about 300 yards in the

night and in between reps you always

want to give them a 5 to 10 minute break

like I said always watch your dog give

them some water make sure your dog uses

the bathroom before the workout because

it could be straining their body so the

lighter they are the better and in

between breaks when you give them water

you don't want to give them too much

water about three four or five good

drinks you know and then pull the water

away for a second and if you see is

still thirsty give them one or two more

you just don't want them to drink the

whole water Bowl in between a rep and

then have to go out on the field and

then you know he's not going to perform

he's full of water

Otto 5150 out here Zod Adela Cruz's wife

dragon three-time national champion 2011

13 and 14 for the APA and ups his son

Sancho is a year and a half old right

now he's about 110 pounds and it was his

first year out UPF Nationals in Kansas

City about two months ago it took third

place most weight pool in this category

and it's father white dragons to

national champion first place in this

category and start out over here at the


seventy percent of our workout is over

here because this is really where your

dog builds a stamina on this grass right

here and it learns confidence and before

you even throw them on a track track is

like like the game this is like the

batting practice right here before we go

to the home run derby the first most

important thing is getting a correct

size harness exactly tailored for your

dogs a correct harness can injure your

dog with muscle or tendon with a proper

harness the chance of injury is very

minimal the way I put it on him is I'll

do the neck portion first and then I'll

put his arm tucks it in and goes in one

and then two

the length is important because you

don't want an overly long harness

because it makes your dog work harder

than it should and it messes with its

stock style you want your dog to be low

to the ground nose to the ground wide

because it has more leverage more

traction you have a more powerful dogs

with them once your dog develops a style

and it really clicks you'll see and

another key element is the nails because

the nails work on the track for traction

we like to keep our nails healthy and

all our weight post dogs stay on a wood

deck which is pretty mandatory for all

wasteful dogs that are trying to really

really be successful on a national level

the most important part of the routines

is to always encourage your dog and

build this confidence once you never

want your dog to shut down you never

want to leave the park on a bad note as

you call it you never want your dog to

have almost stopped or even got to that

point where he's thinking about it now I

don't want to do this you always want

your dog if you have these from the

start to the end give them some love and

I'll always remember that if you really

want to successful weight bulldog you

just have to stick to your routine and

just be patient dogs they're really

smarter they pick up off our energy so

if you get frustrated or stressed out

your dogs gonna get frustrated and

stressed out but if you're confident and

believe in your dogs he's gonna feel it

he's gonna feed off their energy and

he's gonna pull for you these dogs pull

for the own or they don't pull for

themselves they pull the fleet for those

that think maple is negative or inhumane

you have to really think the dog is

it good just to have your dog just doing

nothing or is it good to have them

exercising on a routine just like a

person a person that works out has a

longer lifespan is in better shape and

stamina than those that just lay around

this is Sam from teleca's bloodline

51:54 bully max I hope you guys really

enjoy the starter tutorial video on

basic beginning wait full training and

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