Week One Back on WW | Weight Watchers Postpartum

hey y'all so like the title says this

video is gonna be about my first week

being back on late Watchers for those of

you who are new to following I was on

Weight Watchers before I got pregnant

with bowen and he is six weeks old so I

decided to go ahead and get back on


mainly just to keep me accountable for

what I'm eating what I'm putting in my

body I wanted to make really good

decisions health-wise and the cool thing

about Weight Watchers is it has a breast

feeding option that you can switch on

your profile so I went ahead and decided

let's do this I really really enjoyed it

the first time I did it I lost about 10

pounds the two months that I did it each

each month 10 pounds and I say it that

way because I did it November and then

did it a little bit of December it was

not good about sticking to it as well in

December they got back on and in January

and then I got pregnant the end of

January with bowen and I didn't say I

was pregnant I kind of wish I would have

but I didn't so yeah I really overall

enjoy really really enjoy Weight


so I documented some things that I ate

some things that I purchased at the

grocery store to cut and get me ready

somewhat must-haves I feel like that are

easy to grab if you're new to starting

Weight Watchers and some workout

routines I will say the first week was

really really good I think a part of it

obviously is I'm still at home a mom

eternity leave so I'm able to make

better decisions for myself and and I'm

also able to cook which is really nice

you know like breakfast lunch and dinner

so obviously my my plan and my food wise

might change come January when I go back

to work but I thought it was important

for me to go ahead and get started to

kind of get into a routine get focused

before I add anything else more to my

plate something if I make it a habit now

over these next few months

next couple of months I guess if I make

it a habit now then come January it

won't be such it won't feel like it so

much on top of already doing so much if

that makes sense but week one went

really really well

I will share at the end of the video how

much weight I lost the first week again

I am breastfeeding and I am actually one

of the privileged women who loses weight

just by breastfeeding so I think that

was a big factor in what I lost so I

just want to like the disclaimer let you

guys keep that in mind please and do not

just because somebody journey looks

different than yours don't let that get

you off-track don't let that discourage

you you know hopefully it motivates you

best thing about Weight Watchers is that

I have never been hungry and I've never

felt like I was depriving myself of

things that I wanted or wanted to enjoy

it really I feel like Weight Watchers

really helps you look at food

differently it has like such a

psychological base to the program that

it doesn't ever feel like a true diet I

mean yes you have to consciously make

better decisions than you would if you

were not watching what you were eating

but it never you just never feel

deprived and that is what I love so much

about it I did my fitness pal about 5

years ago I lost 30 pounds in about 5

months maybe a little bit more than that

and but I remember the first two weeks

of doing my fitness pal I was so hungry

and I was really hard on myself if I ate

something that I know I shouldn't have

eaten and I just one day I ate bad and I

was like you know what forget this I'm

not doing it anymore

and obviously regret that decision

because 30 pounds is a big chunk as a

you know it's halfway to the amount of

weight that I want to lose now and it

was a big achievement and I just let it

like I just threw it away and but it's

because I was looking at it in a such a

different light then

and now so and I really owe that I think

to Weight Watchers and I'm just older

obviously now too so that's a factor but

you go out Saturday and we were to a

friend's little boy's birthday party and

they had like a nacho bar and some

cupcakes and I really um I watched my

portions with the nachos I counted out

my tortilla chips I tracked everything

and I even tracked the cupcakes that I

ate at the birthday party I did make the

mistake though when we left the house

Saturday I didn't set anything out for

dinner and we got home it was pretty

late and we were both hungry and I was

just like forget it let's do a cheat

meal and so we went he went and got my

husband went and got Popeyes spicy

chicken sandwich and I did track

everything that I ate Saturday obviously

did not get a blue dot I got into my

weekly points but I didn't feel bad

about it I just like was like okay that

was a good meal it's tracked keep moving

like on to the next day it's not a big

deal it's not the end of the world

so okay sorry he's winning to nurse okay

so anyways I tracked all that I got

right back on track Sunday morning and

ate really well Sunday even got a

workout in Sunday so I just enjoy the

fact that I'm trying not to let any

quote bad Nils get to me it's not a big

deal I enjoy myself I had a great

Saturday with my family and there's

nothing wrong with that so um I I just

really like I said I enjoyed having that

mindset and it makes me feel really

strong and really empowered and I

remember Sunday morning waking up being

like I don't regret it and I feel

awesome about that that's a big step if

you are like me and you just know that

you know if when that happens it just

feels good to have a willpower when

you're out eating somewhere and also

just not feeling guilty about you know

enjoying a meal I have already got back

into doing some workouts previously I

waited a little bit before I started

before I got back before I got on Weight

Watchers wait hold on previously I would

wait to workout a little bit and kind of

just get back into the flow of tracking

and everything but this time I just feel

like I just wanted to work out sooner

and I really enjoy working out it's just

sometimes making the time and right now

I feel like I have I have time to work I

have time to workout right now because I

am home and when I get the boys down for

a nap in the afternoon I can usually

crank out a 30 25 minute 30-minute

workout and still good about myself get

a good sweat in nothing too crazy or

overdone or anything like that so that's

a plus and I'll show you guys a few of

the ones that I do and what I do at home

they're free so that's awesome and then

any of the recipes that I show I will

put the links down below for them in the

description box

I hope I'm covering everything

originally this was gonna actually be

like a day-by-day blog kind of diary

style but I didn't get all the clips

filmed that I wanted to for the video so

now we're just doing a sit-down talk

real quick and then the end part will be

more of a vlog style I hope this video

makes sense and go smooth and helps you

guys for those of you who are wanting to

get started or or get back on track like

me I will also put a link down below for

a free month and you get a free month

with this link and I get a free month so

we both get free months and if you join

you also have the link in your app so

you can invite all your family and

friends to join you too which is really

really cool


I'm gonna go take care of the baby but I

hope you guys enjoy the rest of the

video and let me know if you have any

questions in the description box I'll be

glad to answer any before we get started

I just wanna let you guys know this was

the week before they launched the new my

WW plans so this is still on me

technically the blue plan so just want

to let you guys know if you're new and

you're like wait I'm on green

on purple it might be a little bit

different but this is all tracking for

the blue plan ok so last night I whipped

up this egg bake it's a green chilly peg

bag and each serving is two points but I

had to use 2% milk

because I had vanilla almond milk

instead of regular almond milk so I'm

gonna add extra point for that because

it doesn't call for a whole lot of milk

and then Oscar Mayer center cut bacon is

a two slices is two points so that's

gonna be my breakfast this morning very

easy okay so here's my finished

breakfast the green chile egg bake two

pieces of center cut bacon some

thoroughly delightful 45 calorie bread

which this is a Weight Watchers

must-have and then on top of that I put

some sugar-free jelly and a little bit

of I can't believe it's not butter

butter um so yeah that's my breakfast

okay so a workout video hack I feel like

it's a hack is YouTube so I now we have

our PlayStation connected to Wi-Fi so

I'm able to pull up YouTube through our

PlayStation on our TV but before I had a

little plug where I could just plug my

iPhone into the TV and pull up workout

videos and play them from there

so I like PopSugar fitness videos I mean

there's some other ones that I like but

I'm gonna start with these because they

have really good like 20 minute 30

oops right 20 minute 30 minute workouts

that don't need um equipment usually

there's a really good to bottle workout

too I might do this one baby


sugar sugar your face you're funny


well I made it 20 minutes and in my 25

minute workout before both of them were

pretty much like over it but it felt so

good to sweat and kind of get a little

bit of my heart rate going and you know

kind of get moving a little bit so I'm

just gonna ease myself into it I like

going on the on YouTube and finding

those 20 to 30 minute workouts because

they're just enough usually that I could

get through them and then not feel like

I'm taking a ton of time away from the

babies or you know it's just enough time

for them to kind of I can get them

settled and then get a good workout in

okay so I want to show you guys some

things that I think are clicked to grab

and are like staples when you're getting

started on plate Watchers and that are

really versatile and pretty low in

points so I'm sure if you even slightly

follow any sort of Weight Watchers

program or anticipate or anything like

that you have seen premier protein

shakes I get the chocolate in the

vanilla because they're most versatile

the vanilla you can add all sorts of

things in with this in a nutribullet or

a blender or whatever and make them into

something you know different

especially those late-night sweet

cravings or you know after-dinner sweet

cravings you can mix this in with

sugar-free vanilla pudding or any type

of flavored pudding sugar free throw

away maybe some fruit or whatever I mean

there's just so many it's so versatile

the vanilla one and the travel one and

honestly they're both good even on their


this Sara Lee delightful 45 calorie

bread is actually a really good bread

and I also use this whenever I had

gestational diabetes and there only two

points so it's really nice obviously if

you're doing freestyle you know fruit

has a must so just a ton of fruit what I

did last night was went ahead and

chopped up about three apples and just

threw them and it's a block bag to keep

in the freezer and I've already been

snacking on them just here and there

whenever I'm like okay I kind of have a

little bit of a Munchie feeling grab two

slices of apple and it really does the

trick but just having fruit that's

already washed and cut up ready to go is

gonna help and I just wanted to show I

just have this big thing of strawberries

from Sam's if you have a Sam's or Costco

card I definitely suggest getting your

fruits and vegetables from there because

you're gonna you know be eating a lot

more fruits and vegetables than normal

if you like called cheese I get the

fat-free one and also a half and half a

cup was two points it's just a nice

little addition to a lunchtime or a

dinner time kind of helps bulk some

stuff up and then also you can cook with

it I used in that breakfast egg bake

that I had this morning I used this it

calls for sorry I can't talk

it calls for cottage cheese so light

string cheese is a great snack yesterday

I grabbed a string cheese and a banana

on the way out of out the door to my

doctor's appointment and it satisfied my

hunger and they're really good

so center cut bacon is two points for

two slices versus turkey bacon which is

the same amount of points but obviously

you know not as good okay and center cut

bacon is two points for two slices and

it's actual bacon it's not turkey bacon

it's just eight a better cut of bacon

and it's good I mean obviously because

it's actual bacon so if you're not a fan

turkey bacon which I don't mind turkey

bacon but my husband is not a fan so

this is a great alternative for that and

still low in points I do don't like

Greek yogurt but I do actually like this

date enlightened thick Greek yogurt

again I ate this when I had gestational

diabetes too and they're really good

they have different flavors and looks

like all the flavors that I've tried I

like I just get the vanilla one in these

packs because I like topping them with

more fruit or even like fruit and a

little bit of whipped cream and some

graham cracker crumbles is it just a

nice little sweet treat I just like

again it's one of those things that's

more versatile that's kind of what I try

to focus on are these type of things

that I can turn into something else that

makes sense one of my absolute favorite

desserts and I'll have to put down how

many points they are down below because

I can't remember off the top of my head

it's been a while but is a light whipped

cream but you keep this in the freezer

so this is still frozen and you take one

graham cracker sheet so make two small

graham crackers and you make a little

basically like an Ice Cream Sandwich it

is so good you guys like just try it you

will not be disappointed if you're like

me and you have a sweet tooth and that's

kind of your hard place to get over that

hump especially when you're first

starting a diet try it out

Herta salsa verde is I'm pretty sure

zero points for two tablespoons and it's

so versatile it goes on so many things

it's great for breakfast tacos and

salads um all sorts of stuff I just

really like this particular salsa

um Delhi night I like him I just grabbed

this one

but really anything but this is pretty

low importance for four slices and again

ham is versatile you can chop it up put

it in an omelet make little cheese wraps

you know eat it as a sandwich whatever

last thing is a must is a lot of eggs

and zero points so if you like eggs

definitely utilized adding eggs to any

and everything that you can and also

hard boiling eggs and keeping them on

hand so I'm a hard boiling for right now

just to keep on him for the next few

days whether it be for snacks or toss in

a salad or anything like that so yeah

and then I'll show you guys over here so

I guess a big thing of cherub Tomatoes

because I eat these as snack I toss them

and sell it out I just had them with

extra vegetables for lunch today really

really good here's my five pound bag of

apples but I got it Sam's bananas

mangoes for mango pico de gallo that's

gonna go on our salmon that we're going

to actually have tomorrow I'm going to

show you guys that dinner a little bit

of oranges leftover kayson's been going

so that was like crazy some sweet

potatoes onions which all that's pretty

standard I feel like but but yeah so I

just want to show you guys oh so I just

chopped an onion and it was like

dripping now I just the eyes are

watering about onion was like bro I am

making turkey chili tonight so I thought

I would show you guys a quick way to

throw together chili that's not high in


okay so ground turkey sorry I'm sure you

can hear Mason's cartoon of our ground

ground turkey and I threw in this time

they can original Rotel and I use I just

pick up this for all the seasonings

and then it calls for a can of tomato

sauce in two cans of water and I just

let it come to a boil with I mix it all

together and then I'm gonna throw in

some low sodium

beam's pinto beans in mine but my

husband doesn't like beans and we're

Texan in a lot of Texas people don't

agree with beans and chili which I I'm

like a take-it-or-leave-it kind of gal

so tonight I want beans in my chili are

you okay why are you so sad he fell and

now he just cannot get over it it's been

45 minutes and you're okay I promise I

know it's okay though


okay here is my chili I like to dice up

some sweet potato and then I also threw

in some fresh jalapeno and then I'm

gonna add a dollop of Greek yogurt just

to kind of give it a little bit of

creaminess for the heck of it there we



okay so here is that little ice-cream

sandwich I was talking about that is

such a perfect dessert don't think I'm

gonna be able to get through this whole

workout but this is what I'm doing today

PopSugar fitness again this is a

30-minute no equipment cardio and hit

workout and I am that far into it and

definitely sweating my butt off already

oh but he's a little feisty in case

injury dig over the park so try to get

further along into it and then we'll

we'll see you but something is better

than nothing at this point so number one

on the big boy slide come on

good job no no no we don't work backup

slides come on down

Oh check on brother

he numb him okay so here is a sack that

I'm trying out today I am taking a just

vanilla Light & Fit Greek yogurt and I

took a teaspoon of sugar-free vanilla

pudding just add it make it a little bit

more sweet a little bit more vanilla and

then I did a little bit of this almond

milk ready whip to make it a little bit

more fluffy to try to kind of create a

consistency of a fruit dip and then I've

got some apples and strawberries sliced

up to enjoy together and that's pretty

dang good

okay so last time we were at Sam's I

picked this up which is kind of another

weight watchers' hack these are pretty

low end points for what they are

so tonight Casey and I are gonna have

these for dinner because my husband is

working late so I'm going to throw some

of these in a salad for me and then just

what Kayson have some for dinner and I

will show you guys what that looks like

okay so I made two pieces of center cut

bacon and chopped it up a little bit of

reduced fat cheese some tomatoes I can't

remember what else this is that

Bolthouse Greek yogurt ranch dressing so

I kind of owe two hard-boiled eggs that

was what else is in here I kind of

wanted to make like a Cobb salad

so here's some of the chicken pieces


actually I think I'm gonna die cut these

up a little bit and then put them in my

salad okay so here is that salad

easy easy dinner but really good okay so

if you're like me and you cannot eat the

same thing over and over and over again

last night I was thinking of a way I

could kind of make this egg bake that

I've been eating this week a little bit

different and I thought I could heat it

up and dice it up and put it into a

tortilla so these are those Olay extreme

wellness tortillas which are amazing I

get these at Walmart I cannot find them

anywhere else um but at Walmart they are

so good for a low corn tortilla and

they're one point and then did a little

bit of the salsa verde and took that

Jimmy Dean's turkey sausage scramble

crumble I mean let me drop it back I'll

show you these these come in handy big

time for breakfast they're really really

quick to cook and they taste really good

so I feel like these two things I don't

think I mentioned them earlier in that

like weight watchers must have but I

order these every time I order groceries

when I'm on Weight Watchers okay so I

have like zero motivation today it is

one o'clock in the afternoon and it

looks like it's dark outside because it

is it's raining pouring down storming

really bad here and that weather and my

muscles are sore and I'm just a little

tired side even though Bowen slept

really good last night at first I was

like I might even do a workout today I'm

just gonna like chill but then I decided

you know what I need to afford the

weekend cuz I don't think I probably

have time over the

weekend to get a workout in let me go

ahead and just do one and I like to

dance I love to Zumba cost money to go

to Zumba I any like dancing workout

class I'm pretty much down for so I'm

going to do a dancing workout class

today a 30-minute one when I get casing

down for a nap

and I figured since I enjoy dancing and

doing dance workouts that'll like get me

a little bit more into the actual

workouts of trying to push through

something that I don't want to do when I

don't want to do it anyways okay so

PopSugar Fitness still on YouTube and

this is the one I'm going to do right

here this 30 minute cardio a lot and

dance hopefully it's a good one we shall

see they have plenty of dance video

options if you're like me I like to do

dance type workouts


by for dinner we are having girls salmon

with a mango pico de gallo

so this is just diced mango onion

cilantro and jalapeno with some lime

juice but you put on top of your salmon

once it's done grilling and I seasoned

the salmon with some cumin garlic powder

and chili powder that was what the

recipe called for called you know called

for whatever so I've got it prepped

ready to go for the grill this was

probably the best dinner we had all week

it was so good the salmon on the grill

was perfection and the corn was just

perfect happy day five it is officially

Friday which I am happy about and we

already had our breakfast and we're

gonna go to Walmart here and a little

bit early to pick up a few groceries a

prescription oh and tomorrow we have a

birthday party to go to for one of our

friends little boy who's the same age of

casein so we're gonna get him his

birthday gift while we're there and he

just got done doing tummy time so he's

he gets pretty tired after doing that

which is great for me so yeah so we're

gonna go to Walmart here in a bit pick

up some groceries do all that get home

eat some lunch I'm going to show you

guys lunch today I think it's just gonna

be leftover salmon with a side salad and

then get casing down for a nap the

casing gets down for a nap by I'm gonna

do a workout again today hopefully it'll

go smooth like it did yesterday because

that was nice and then tonight we're

gonna have steaks for dinner my new

steaks with a side salad for me um and

then what else this weekend will be the

first weekend of being on Weight

Watchers so

interested to see how that goes because

weekends are always the hardest I think

for anyone for everyone you just have

more temptations you're more carefree

you're not on a routine like you are

during the week and my husband as well

is sometimes about influence so I am

going to dip into my weeklies this

weekend I kind of saved them through the

week and then use them on the weekends

that's why I did last time and I think

it worked well for me I didn't keep

getting me off track I didn't get me

discouraged I still felt like I was able

to track my food and stay on track and

not go overboard so and just you know

make better decisions if we go out to

eat at a restaurant I did you I did

pretty well with that last time so

hopefully that will be the case this

go-around - oh I love water but

sometimes I do like flavored water and

these true lemon packets are really

really good and there's zero points I

have only tried the black cherry and the

plain lemonade but I saw that they have

strawberry lemonade now and I thought I

would try them so just something every

once a while it's kind of like a treat

I don't wouldn't recommend drinking them

like every time you drink water but

tired water I don't care how much you

like it

then I ate these last time I love cereal

I'm a cereal fan and this kicks berry

berry is like a great point value for

the amount of cereal that you can eat

it's like a cup in three quarters and

just do with almond milk and it's both a

nice treat if you wanted to have that

for dessert or for breakfast or whatever

but it's it really it's really good I

got a spaghetti squash for spaghetti

we're gonna have Monday night I'm gonna

do spaghetti squash husbands going to do

regular noodles and then some more

bananas that's more for casein and I

both but we need more

so Sunday for lunch I made pizzas with

the Greek yogurt and flour dough recipe

which I will link down below I made my

husband um that big one and then that

one is mine the little one and I did a

zero point marinara from a crock pot for

my sauce and some light mozzarella and

just the perfect lunch so for my first

week back on Weight Watchers I lost a

total of five point four pounds which I

was like what but again please keep in

mind that I am breastfeeding and I I do

lose weight when I'm breastfeeding I

know not everybody's like that so just

please keep that in mind and then I

worked out and I was just really strict

on tracking everything and eating really

well all through the week so so yeah I

was really happy with that obviously and

I'm continuing to do really well so far

and I really enjoy the Watchers like I

said a thousand times earlier um if you

guys like this video please subscribe

give it a thumbs up and if you have any

questions or any comments please just

leave them down below and I'll see you

my next