Beginners Weightlifting Routine Tips and Advice @hodgetwins

Damon hey you and build some muscle

man's will [ __ ] do your mass pickup

man you do good man you just burnt off

[ __ ] 20 seconds my [ __ ] video man

what's up everybody

this video is for beginners cuz I get

this question a lot and I've answered

his [ __ ] question before but it's

[ __ ] buried somewhere at my [ __ ]

phone can video as I did so a man if you

begin a new lifting weights stay away

from all isolates movies you should

stick to DS these movements shut up

movements right [ __ ] press flat barbell

bench press so you can do it with

dumbbells I would say go to Barbados you

just starting on you gonna go straight

to dumb [ __ ] you will snap some [ __ ] up

I'll say flat barbell bench press

barbell overhead shoulder press you can

do dumbbells but again you brand new you

will snap some [ __ ] [ __ ] up right

squat bent over row or t-bar row pull it

down to black poor downs or pull-ups or

pull-ups stick with those exercises

right and you'll be well on your way of

getting on a yellow brick road gonna go

find the [ __ ] heart for that [ __ ]

line and all that [ __ ] Boston [ __ ]

[ __ ] you'll be well on your [ __ ]

way to build some rock hard muscle

getting straight forgot today if you

can't do squats man you can do leg

pressing [ __ ] 45-degree angle leg press

that's why you laying back and your legs

is up yeah you put your head up 45

degree you're not on the some of these

leg presses where you sit and strut it

like a Bighorn mushroom to you just push

your legs out out ya know that's a

[ __ ] up machine own like that machine

don't like it either but you wanna find

a great potato nose machine don't own

those exercises and you be running your

way of starting off on your NFL on your

high school

no [ __ ] isolation movements man yeah

don't don't don't be [ __ ] you

shouldn't do no isolation movements man

if you begin to make like we've been

lifting for three years we just now

starting to incorporate isolation

movements till you know shape up muscles

a little bit better cuz we got big long

muscles right now like my arms chest

doesn't big as most now I want to mix

them on up shaping a little bit but the

isolation exercises to shape the muscle

right shake it this isolation movements

do not build muscle like leg extensions

[ __ ]

tricep pushdowns I should don't build on

muscle man but look here the rep range

you should stay at upper body exercises

I would say eight to twelve reps you can

go as high as 14 but eight them

yeah we have for testing in between 6 to

12 if you eight reps on or 14 reps you

okay you might get in a ballpark

yeah you don't get out and do a set of

[ __ ] press you for two reps and get up

be like [ __ ] I did two extra reps now

should I have this [ __ ] ain't that

[ __ ] serious right right yeah for

lower body exercises

my recommendation is higher ups I mean

if you a net doing low rep she goes now

you always say 12 to 25 reps yeah a

little body exercise like the squat the

leg press your legs

yeah yeah if you stay in that rep range

you're gonna build some powerful legs

man yeah don't be doing the [ __ ] on sets

of 5 and 6 and you ain't hitting your

muscles now you building more strength

no legs or endurance muscles anyway you

up on him already kind of balking

yeah but five reps on your legs is twice

the strongest on your body's twice as

strong as your upper body so if you lift

them low reps for legs man you you

really lift some heavy ass packages and

you more likely to snap some [ __ ] up

yeah definitely s doing 5 to 6 reps on

legs is equivalent to working out on the

bench press for your body to 3 reps yeah

that shouldn't be hard to selling your

joints and as far as supplements and

feeling good on a supplement you can

supplement some creatine or something

like that but I will wait

I don't wait oh we didn't wait that long

[ __ ] don't [ __ ] me give another

weight about six months man yeah man

yeah about a six-month four to six

months we didn't even take any supper

starting and you know see strength gain

supplements is not what's going build

your muscle

they help if you take the right ones but

they're gonna build you know most unless

you're going to gym so and then if you

wait four to six months into your work

at working out then you'll see you know

how your buyers react next size and then

you'll know hey if I start taking a

something start seeing some more gains

then you notice that supplements does

happen you not what you're actually

doing a gymnast really here right now

people buy supplement start taking right

when you start working out many

supplements have ain't the [ __ ]

sufferings happen unless you're [ __ ]

enters working out horny gym buddy it's

just a vice fellas [ __ ] put your hand

on my leg right that's all oh yeah this

man so don't be coming over here get all

[ __ ] crazy with us man say we don't

know [ __ ] we talking about coach Jimmy

mister a cage flutters at six eight

spots BS me close that the end of the

day right you can do a [ __ ] do you wanna