How Often to Work Out Your Abs? (ULTIMATE AB QUESTION!)

so how often should you be trained your

abs with never not one of these options

guys I'm going to show you which one of

these is right and more importantly give

you five reasons why I think so today

what's up guys jeff cavaliere today we have to answer the

important question of how often should

you be training your abs now the answer

if you depend on who you listen to as

most things do these days especially

here on YouTube and there's a lot of

opinions too because we have seven

choices really we know that never is not

an option because you wouldn't be

watching this video or this channel if

you felt that way but we have seven

options and guys there's arguments made

for each one but I'm going to tell you

my answers right here at the very end I

believe seven days a week

about training is appropriate and not

only appropriate but recommended but

more importantly the value of this video

is going to come from me not just

telling you how many days a week but

showing you five reasons why I believe

this is the case so let's get started

right away I'll give you my very first

reason why okay let's get it started

first and foremost when we talk about

training your abs guys there are two

very different and important types of

training there's direct ab training

doing your actual ab workouts and then

for us here at athlean-x a very big

second indirect ab training now indirect

AB training guys as I've shown you

before I'm showing you again here it

occurs when you can put the core into

the type of training exercises that you

do that is what athlean-x is all about

guys I say it before I'll say it again

we put the core at the core of

everything you guys do there's a lot of

indirect ab training in every single

workout so if you consider four or five

workouts per week in all the indirect

core work that you should be undergoing

then you add into your direct ab work

which again I think even to rent ad work

guys we should be in that five six to

seven day range and I'll show you again

and more reasons ahead why that is

we are clearly at seven days a week okay

so you have to know consider both

aspects because if you want to

looking like an athlete you guys are

training like one guys athletes put the

core at the center of every single thing

they do number two guys we have to

remember that abs are just one part of

your core right when we talk about the

core we have to consider all the muscles

that complete the core the transverse

abdominus the internal external obliques

even as we wrap around to the back the

spinal erectors right all these muscles

together guys that is what's working to

do one thing and that's to support the

spine so if you think that these muscles

can be part-timers and only contribute

when they want to no chance guys when

your main role is to support your spine

you better be ready to work each and

every day

and therefore you better be ready for

the volumes that we're going to want to

train them with to make sure that

they're ready to do that one very

important job number three your core

guys has postural responsibilities so

like I said if your job is to protect

your spine you better be willing and

able to do that at a moment's notice

every single day not just when you want

to supporting that guys if you look

beyond that into the fiber composition

of the muscles of our core we find that

there's a lot more type 1 muscle fibers

in these muscles than there is anywhere

else again supporting the reason that

higher frequency longer duration

training is the way to go now just to

make sure we get this out of the way log

or duration higher frequency whatever we

want to talk about guys seven days a

week it all revolves around one key

thing especially when you have type 1

muscle fibers and that is quality

contraction hey this is not about

explosiveness this is about engaging and

operating the muscle that you're

intending to use and again in this case

making the core work ok so quality high

quality frequency is key number four we

get spared the rigors of frequent ab

training because we often have one key

thing missing guys when we do our ab

work and that is an eccentric overload

right when we look at the methods of

overloading our ABS predominantly we're

using our own body weight and gravity to

assist in making that more difficult but

there's not the type of overload we get

when we're looking at traditional


in the east

jerk muscle damage that can occur when

we train that way and when we realize

that the growth response that we're

looking for with an eccentric overload

on a bench press is not we're looking

for here anyway with our ABS and

realizing again the type 1 fiber types

that these predominantly are doesn't

really lend itself to that anyway or

spare the overtraining effect that we

would normally get because we don't

train these ABS with a lot of eccentric

overload or we really don't train them

with a lot of overload at all again it's

just about executing high-quality

contractions more frequently in doing it

every single day to be more in line with

what it is our ABS are looking for us to

do anyway

ok become more postural nature become

more repetitive put them to work the way

they crave to be working each and every

day number 5 for you guys that are

worried about over developing your abs

guys remember anatomically these are

very thin muscles I talked about muscle

belly fitness normally we're looking for

muscle belly thickness quads biceps the

chest the deltoids you ain't going to

find it here guys the abs again our

postural muscles very again anatomically

thin their point is to become protective

of this entire region it's not for

hypertrophy so even if you bang away rep

after rep here and do hi bombs you don't

have to worry about hypertrophy in this

area and causing an over development

right that's not what we want we want

flatter tighter harder stomachs you're

going to get that if you start training

them the way they want to be trained

more frequently but those high quality

repetitions okay so before we wrap up

let's cover the two caveats here number

one if you're a guy whose diet stinks is

you go from training your abs twice a

week to seven days a week

like I'm suggesting you know you're

going to have a great looking six-pack

covered by a whole hell of a lot of fat

so you got to make sure number one you

have to get your diet in check

if you want to have your abs aspirations

come true secondly if you're going to

start training your abs more frequently

you want to make sure that you are

stretching them right we know that again

especially if

somebody that sits down a lot if you sit

your abdominals are going to flex your

spine so we already have complications

of tight hip flexors causing us to fall


you know tight abdominal region can also

cause us to fall forward so you want to

stretch your abs out I'm showing you one

really simple easy way to do it right

here over physio ball but you can do

this anywhere anyhow guys you can use a

foam roller you can just simply bend

back the way I'm showing you here just

to make sure again you stretch out the

ABS get a rotation to make sure you get

your entire core nice and loose and keep

that flexible okay guys there you have

it seven the magic number when it comes

to training your abs but five the

reasons why I feel you should guys

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