Working Out in the First Trimester of Pregnancy

hey guys it's Pope and welcome back to

my channel I know I haven't made a video

in a hot minute if you don't know this

already I am pregnant

I'm 14 weeks pregnant now and it's been

quite challenging trying to grow human

and the first trimester for me was

actually pretty rough with morning

sickness and being extremely exhausted I

also was in a really bad car accident so

when I'm 11 weeks pregnant someone drove

right into the back of my car while they

were texting while I was stopped at a

light and totaled my car that I really

liked and put me in the ER that night

and really gave me like this care of my

life because I was terrified something

might have happened to the baby long

story short I ended up being okay

obviously and baby is perfectly fine so

that was big relief but it really

knocked me on my ass for at least like

ten days I felt just terrible from the

whiplash and bad headache and I was very

stiff and I was in a very bad mood

because it was just like a frustrating

thing out of my control and I actually

was just then starting to feel better

with like my first trimester growing

pains kind of out of the way and then

that happened so it's just like a big

setback and I didn't feel like vlogging

in the middle of all of that because

like I said it was pretty grumpy but now

that is all behind me besides shopping

for a new car which I'm not really

looking forward to still driving around

on rental car right now so I feel good

that everything's okay but I'm also

still kind of dealing with car wreck

stuff but it's in the past enough that I

felt ready to make another vlog for you

guys the focus of this video today is

going to be talking about how I managed

my training and lifting and just trying

to stay fit in general during the first

trimester because I've gotten so many

messages from other women trying to

figure out how to navigate their own

fitness journey during the first

trimester it's super tricky because you

feel terrible

during the first trimester but it's

encouraged for you to continue

exercising or even start exercising if

you weren't already by the doctors and

the professionals in this field so it's

like this pressure on you to get to the

gym while you feel like your all-time

worst and I was kind of struggling with

that a little bit especially in the

beginning because I'm used to being in

the gym like six days a week three hours

at a time and like going hard I'm used

to pushing my body all the time and then

all of a sudden I feel very lethargic

all day long

I feel sick and nauseous all day long

and it was just like a lot at once to

adapt to but I did end up finding a

really good balance I think I dropped my

training down to three days a week and

when mine or morning sickness was really

bad and only trained to make me once or

twice a week and when I was feeling

super sick I was just doing some like

CrossFit metcon and I was just trying to

you know get my endorphins flowing

mainly with those workouts but as the

week's progressed once I got past I

think right at nine weeks I started to

feel like pretty good again I was able

to add back in more lifting which was

great because that's the way that I like

to do exercise it was great to be able

to like get back under a barbell I was

kind of like it blew my mind a bit how

many like uneducated people were

commenting on my Instagram on the first

like a couple videos I posted of me

lifting while pregnant and they're like

you shouldn't be doing that you should

be on the couch or someone said that uh

God was trying to tell me to stop

exercising or something out something

really ridiculous anyway it's just like

I guess I have to say that that it is uh

doctor approved for me to do everything

that I'm going to be doing in this video

when you see my workout today and

nothing I'm doing is putting my baby or

myself in any danger this is all

perfectly okay to do while you're


you have negative feelings about that


please just keep them to yourself I have

works back up to four days a week of

training now which I'm doing three days

in my home gym like I always train

trying to do movements like back squat

front squat clean pools push press

snatch strict press step ups I was doing

a lot of pull-ups but around twelve

weeks I started to get a very noticeable

AB separation and my stomach was

starting to cone and that is like a

no-no while you're pregnant while the

ABS are separating to make room for the

growing baby you don't want to put any

added tension on those tissues that are

already being stretched because it makes

it a lot harder for them to fuse back

together after delivery so if you don't

want to end up with one of those big

gaps down the middle of your abs and it

makes your stomach stick out as well

after the baby you got to really look

out for those signs of the coning and I

was starting to feel the pressure and

pain during pull ups and so I videoed

myself doing them and you could really

see the ridge down the middle of my


so had to ditch pull-ups which I was a

little bit sad about but it's okay we'll

see those again in 2020 I haven't been

doing any snacks or clean-and-jerk

because I started showing a lot sooner

than the norm and so snatch became

uncomfortable for me very quickly where

I make contact it was painful and

uncomfortable so I decided that was like

a no-no for me but I've been doing a lot

of these other strength lifts which

makes me feel good and is gonna help me

keep my muscle mass on and keep me in

shape and also keep me sane because I

love weightlifting and it helps me stay

mentally stable and mentally tough and

it's important for me to keep doing that

even during this time period sometimes

it does feel a bit boring because I'm

not able to push my body like I normally

can but I just keep having to remind

myself this is just a season and I'm

also trying to not like resent it at all

I'm trying to really like embrace this

period and enjoy the changes to my body

and try not to like you upset about it

at all so when I'm feeling like forward

I have to kind of like mentally reset

and remember those things and know that

it's all going to be worth it so this

week my game plan is to try to get in

three days of lifting and one day I am

going to the Globo gym do things like

the Stairmaster and the elliptical and

work on a lot of the machines I liked

using the machines last week because I

was able to like do some of the strength

movements broken down on the machines

that I can't do with the compound

movement now like in the gym for example

like bench press I can't do that because

I can't get into my arch but I was able

to do like the chest press which I had

honestly never done that before and it

was fun and actually got me pretty sore

so that was like fun to push myself in a

way that is safe and comfortable so I'm

just kind of figuring out as I go but

hopefully this video will give you guys

some tips to help you along the way and

for my dudes watching uh maybe you find

it interesting hopefully I did find out

what I'm having

yesterday was my gender reveal party it

was so much fun



so glad I did that with my family and

friends and didn't find out in the

doctor's office it was the memory I'm

going to cherish forever it was really

special and I was totally surprised to

find out that I'm having a girl I'm so

excited I get to have a little girl it's

good at beets just so much fun

I've been writing out my workouts for

the week and hanging out with Charlie

and I'm about to wow that's a zoomed in

and I'm about to get warmed up for my

workout today I did

snatch press at first few sets at twenty

kilos which is about what I would do if

I wasn't pregnant my shoulder strength

is one of my weaknesses then I did back

squat and I worked up to a quote-unquote

heavy three


I'm not gonna be talking in terms of

percentages at all because I'm not in

like good shape so the percentages that

don't mean anything really so I'm kind

of working off of like I'm going to do a

medium heavy this or I'm gonna do like a

medium heavy baby Charlie trying to talk

so I'm just planning my workouts like

I'm gonna do moderate sets of five on

back squat or I'm going to work up to a

heavy three on the clean pool and just

kind of challenge myself but of course

not get to the point that I'm really

straining my pelvic floor that's kind of

a key especially on squats so today I

worked up to a heavy three but that was

like still pretty comfortable and moving

quickly it's kind of like the guy mine I

was giving myself and it worked up to 84

kilos and that's the most I've done in

months the most I've done since before I

get pregnant so I'm really happy with

that because it moved well and it was

challenging weight to where I'm like

pushing myself but not too hard and yeah

it felt good to like work hard today so

squats went great and then I decided to

try some drops match which is not one of

my strong exercises regardless so I kept

those super light and stayed up to 40

kilos did a couple sets of three and

that actually felt really well and

that's the only dynamic movement I've

done since I've been pregnant and I was

happy with how that felt so maybe I can

add in some more things like that now

and then finished up with those like

ring rose style pull-ups which were much

harder than I expected them to be my

last are a little bit weak my left a lot

in particular and

yeah those were a lot harder than I

thought so this didn't look that great

that wasn't very good I hope you guys

enjoyed the video and found it helpful

or at least interesting if you did

please give it a thumbs up and I will

see you guys in the next video bye