Life-Changing Gift Wrapping Hacks


now wrapping presents isn't really

always as easy as you think it's going

to be but today I'm going to share with

you some of my favorite present wrapping

hacks that is going to make wrapping all

of your presents a lot easier


this first hack is gonna blow your mind

it honestly makes me when I first

figured out how to do it and it is how

to wrap a present even if it doesn't

look like you have enough wrapping paper

so in this instance I have this box to

wrap and no matter which way I try to

wrap it I can't get the paper to go all

the way around the box usually I would

just give up and get another piece of

wrapping paper but you can actually wrap

this present using what's called the

diagonal wrapping method all you need to

do is put it right sort of in the middle

of the piece of wrapping paper so once

you have found a place on the wrapping

paper where you can pull up each corner

and cover every corner of your box back

to where you're going to start so

starting with the corner closest to me

I'm just going to pull this up and over

my box and I'll use a little piece of

tape just to secure that into place now

I'm going to go over to one corner so

you're just gonna fold this in so that

this piece comes up and it's flush along

this corners and you're gonna do the

same exact thing on the other side sort

of pushing it in so that this end here

comes up and lays flat vertically with

this planner so now you just have your

final edge and you're gonna sort of

repeat the same idea where you're just

folding the corner in enough that you

can get this bottom edge to come up and

lay vertical against this corner and

then do the same thing on this side so

we're just gonna fold it in

and bring it up so not only does this

hack work if you happen to cut a piece

of wrapping paper that was too small

gonna save you money as well so you

don't need to buy as much wrapping paper

all right for this next tip I'm going to

teach you how to make a gift bag out of

wrapping paper gift bags are great

because you can use them for any awkward

or usually shaped items but if you ran

out of gift bags and you have some

wrapping paper you can easily use the

wrapping paper to make a gift bag so

you're going to start by cutting a piece

of wrapping paper big enough to wrap the

present like you were going to wrap it

normally you're gonna fold this piece in

half by folding in from two sides so

that you create a seam up the center and

then I just use some double-stick tape

to tape this in place starting at the

bottom you're going to fold up about a

quarter of the way opening this up

you're going to then lay it flat so

you're sort of creating this open

triangle like you've ever made one of

those cootie catchers in high school

it's sort of like that fold up the two

triangles from the top and the bottom

and tape this all into place and what

you've basically created is a bottom

flap to a bag very much like a brown

paper lunch bag so now you can go ahead

and just stand this up and open it up

put your awkwardly shaped item inside

and fold the top over and then you can

either tape this closed or if you want

you can poke two holes through it and

use a piece of ribbon to tie it closed

in a bow


my next tip is to consider using double

stick tape instead of regular tape this

way you can use the double stick tape on

the inside of the seams of whatever

you're wrapping and you won't have any

tapes exposed so it's just going to make

your wrapping job look a little bit more

put together in professional for this

next hack I'm gonna teach you how to

make your own little bow using wrapping

paper sometimes all the present needs

it's just a little bow to make it look a

little more finished and put together

but maybe you don't have enough ribbon

or you don't have any both left over so

all you need to do is cut a piece of

wrapping paper and then you're going to

fold it in half the hotdog way and then

fold it in half the hamburger way we're

gonna cut strips up from the cut end

going up towards the folded end and

you're gonna stop maybe like a quarter

of an inch from the folded edge so that

when you open it up you'll have strips

on either side of your piece of paper

using a pair of scissors you'll go ahead

and curl each of the strip's then all

you're gonna do is start folding this up

on top of itself and you've basically

created a little wrapping paper bow I

just use a piece of double stick tape to

tape this into place and you're


for our next hack we are going to make a

little pillow box like this one using a

toilet paper tube these are great if you

have any small gifts to give away like

little bracelets or earrings all you

need to do is take a used toilet paper

to and you fold in the corners to make

flap found out a lot easier if I score

the corners first it makes it easier for

the flaps to flip in so I just use like

an exacto blade or a pair of scissors

and something round and then that way

the flaps will easily close in and

you've created a nice little pillow box

now you can't cover the entire thing in

wrapping paper because then the flaps

won't close in but I find that it

actually looks really pretty and put

together if you just wrap a piece of

wrapping paper around the center of it

and then you can finish it off with a

bow it looks cute put together perfect

for any of your small gifts another

great trick for some hard to wrap

presents is to use an old Pringles

container actually share this in a

recent DIY hacks video but I'll share it

with you guys here as well watch the

entire thing out and then wrap it in

some wrapping paper secure it with tape

or glue and then you've got a nice

cylinder shaped wrapping box to wrap

anything that sort of odd shaped it's

good for things like nail polishes or

lipsticks a printing or a poster you can

pop it right in there it's already got a

top on it and you are good to go alright

friends I hope that you enjoyed it these

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