REAL FACTS about the birth control PATCH & How to use it CORRECTLY| As told by a Nurse Practitioner


hello everyone welcome back to the

ladies guide I'm Deanna to connive I'm a

woman's health nurse practitioner and on

today's episode of the birth control

series I'm going to be talking with you

guys about the birth control patch so on

one of my first videos I went into the

birth control panel the traditional

birth control pole that we all have

probably heard of at one point or

another that has two hormones in it for

Justin and estrogen so the pill is

something that has to be taken every day

and the patch has the same hormones as

the pill but instead of doing something

every day it's every week so the patch

itself is really small it's a little

square about this tall in size if you

can kind of see that and it kind of has

the look of a band-aid like a small

square band-aid and there's different

places on the body that you can place it

so it can be put on the arm it could

also be put on the abdomen on the upper

abdomen it could be put on the thigh or

on the butt

those are generally the places where

it's recommended and always says it the

instructions on the packaging when you

get the birth control patch so the birth

control patch when it is used correctly

and changed every single week so that's

how it's done if you place it on let's

say you place it on your arm on a Sunday

next Sunday you would remove it and you

could place it somewhere else in your

body it is important to rotate spots

whether it's your arms that you prefer

or different spots on your body where

it's recommended because the main side

effect is really skin irritation from

the adhesive of the patch itself so it's

something that you just alternate spots

each week and when you're using it

correctly changing it every single week

and then in the fourth week you do not

put a new patch on and that's the week

you'll get your period and after those

seven days have completed that you have

been patch free you and you apply a new

patch on to your body and when you do

that correctly it's about 98

99% effective with typical use meaning

if you forget to take off the patch

after the 70s to put a new one on or you

forget to put a new one on after having

it off for seven days this is where

there is risk of it decreasing and

effectiveness and it becomes around 94

to 96 percent effective give or take so

it is important that it's used correctly

to maximize its effectiveness but you

know for some it's very easy to just

change something every week versus have

to remember to take something every day

and the nice thing too is it doesn't

have to be at the same exact time let's

say for example you put on a patch at

12:00 p.m. on a Sunday you don't have to

remove it at 12:00 p.m. the following

Sunday as long as it's removed and a new

patch put on and that day you are

covered against pregnancy so for some

women this is a great option that if you

like the benefits of the pill so meaning

you know regulating your cycles helping

with cramps shortening your periods

helping with pms symptoms these are all

things that the pill can help improve

the patch has those same benefits with

just the difference being instead of

doing something every single day at the

same time you're changing a patch every

week which for some is much easier to do

now you're probably thinking well what

about bathing swimming so actually with

the patch you can swim bathe shower do

everything yet get wet and be okay with

keeping the patch on it doesn't decrease

its effectiveness for some women they

don't like the idea that the patch is

visible there are places on your body

though that you can place it that are

more private so that might be something

that would help you to to stick with it

but like I mentioned the main side

effects with the patch is skin

irritation so sometimes women just over

times don't really care for that and

that might be a reason why they stopped

but as I mentioned the benefits of the

patch mean regulating your cycles and

shortening their periods and decreasing

your cramping it's usually why women do

like it of course besides the benefit

of pregnancy prevention being the main

reason why patch the patch might be used

so again the patch has both progestin

and estrogen so as I mentioned before in

other videos if you have any

contraindications to estrogen being if

you have a history of migraines with

aura diagnosed by your primary doctor or

neurologist or if you have any history

of blood clot stroke any type of

personal cancer history any history of

smoking and particularly if you're over

35 these would all be reasons why the

patch might not be a good option for you

particularly because of the estrogen in

it and check out my other videos which

go into progestin-only methods that

would be safer in those situations so

definitely something to consider but if

you do not have those medical conditions

then you might be very candidate for the

patch and if you think the idea of

taking a pill every day sounds really

annoying and difficult but the doing

something every week might sound better

then the patch might be something you'd

want to consider

so of course as I always mentioned this

is not replacing a healthcare provider

in person to review your personal

medical history and just go over what

your goals are with pregnancy or with

your periods you know reviewing how your

periods are with your provider is

important to kind of help determine

which birth control method could give

you the most benefit from your cycles

depending on if you have problems with

heavy periods or if you have problems

with your mood during your period things

like that can help determine which

method would be best for you and if the

patch would be a good option for you so

with the patch once you stop it it's

absolutely possible to get pregnant

again so there's no delay to fertility

and it's something that you can just

pick up the patches at the pharmacy and

pick up the box each box is a month

worth so you would need 12 boxes for the

whole year depending on your insurance

things like that you may be able to pick

up all of them at once or some

times only a few at a time so this is

just another option that's available to

you to use it's something that is very

accessible and easy on your end or you

might look at it as like that's still

kind of a lot I don't know if I could

remember to do something every week and

that's okay it's about finding what's

right for you and being honest with

yourself and comfortable with the method

that you decide on so crucial crucial

and I believe that you have so much more

power over your bodies and I think us

women let ourselves have and it's

important that you have a voice when

you're talking with your provider to

decide on a method that you really feel

good about and not feel pushed into it

all of course so thank you so much for

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