Postnatal Yoga With Diastasis Recti Exercises Postpartum

hey guys so today we're doing postpartum

yoga and core healing exercises after

baby so we're gonna work on toning and

flattening and yoga that is safe or

diastasis recti I don't know if you can

tell but you can see my eye is a little

bit puffy today I have a stye or an eye

infection but I still wanted to go ahead

and do the class but if you've had a sty

or an eye infection let me know how you

fixed it and how long it took to go away

I'm hoping that it's gonna go away soon

and if you're new the channel my name is

Jessica humble and I am a registered

dietician a certified diabetes and

bariatric educator and of course a pre

and postnatal fitness instructor we put

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and of course watch and share with your

other mama friends of course you want to

check with your doctor before you start

any new exercise routine especially

after having a baby make sure that you

got your clearance after your doctor

usually six to eight weeks after you

have your baby but it depends and make

sure that you always listen to your body

and don't do anything that feels unsafe

for your own body today we're going to

try breathing a little bit differently

to make sure that we're doing that core

healing and diastasis recti safe

exercises so as we move into a pose we

are going to exhale and engage our cord

and I will guide you along as we do that

and if you're not sure if you have

diastasis recti after your baby I will

put a link up there to do a self-test

we're going to start at the top of our

mat with our feet about hip-width

distance apart and we'll do a couple of

modified Sun Salutations you can bring

your hands up to namaste and close your

eyes bring yourself onto your mat into

your space take a couple of deep breaths

and when you're ready open your eyes and

big inhale arms coming up looking up at

your thumbs and exhale flat back all the

way forward bending your knees at the

bottom if you need to you can place your

hands on your shins and look halfway up

and exhale planting your hands on the

ground we're gonna modify and step on to

hands and knees and we'll do a push-up


core engaged come down onto our forearms

and do a modified spanks engage your

core and then a little arch through your

upper back that should feel really good

especially if you're breastfeeding and

come back up on to your hands tuck your

toes and moving into downward dog

and we'll take a five breaths here and

when you're ready you can take tiny

steps forward engage your core and walk

all the way forward your feet to your

hands and hang at the bottom for a

minute and cross your elbows if that

feels good


and then slowly rolling up one vertebra

at a time feeling the stretch in your

spine lifting your head coming back up

to a standing position back to namaste

hands in prayer inhale hands up and

exhale folding all the way forward and

down your shins and flat back looking up

and exhale bending your knees planting

your hands stepping back and to all

fours and we'll do a push-up and the

forearms down and moving into a modified

Sphinx take a breath here


and when you're ready coming back up on

your hands tucking your toes and

pressing into another downward dog it

feels good to move and walk out your

heels sway your hips back and forth

whatever movement feels good here



when you're ready engaging your core and

tiny steps all the way forward and hang

and rolling up all the way to standing


and hands back to prayer position and

inhale up looking up at your thumbs

exhale flat spine all the way forward

and halfway look up exhale planting your

hands and stepping back on to all fours

from here we'll do some hip circles so

you can imagine there is a pencil

dropping down from your belly button and

then belly button and abdominals are

engaged and we're gonna draw circles

with that pencil and bigger and bigger

and tape your hips right back if that

feels good

and bringing it in smaller again and

moving in the other direction


smaller seconds

and move back to a neutral spine we'll

take our right foot out to the side and

stretch it out you can sink into your

hip if that feels good

we're not going to twist open here

because some of you may have diastasis

recti and we're wanting to protect our

core and we'll do that on the other side


and bringing that foot in we will find a

neutral spine that we're going to do

some core work here and so if you are

able to activate your core and press

into your hand and lift your knees

slightly off the ground and we will

agree keeping your abdominals engaged if

this is too much for you you can also

just don't actually lift your knees up

but press your knees into the ground and

engage your core if that feels safe for

you and release and we'll come down to

Child's Pose

stretch it out


and we'll come back up to hands and

knees and do that one more time so

finding a neutral spine and exhale

pulling belly button to spine and press

into your hands lifting your knees off

engaging your core

and one more breath here

and release great job it'll press it

back up into downward dog curling your

toes pressing in to downward dog and

some here we're going to walk our feet

just a little bit forward Center our

right foot and we're gonna move into

warrior three or airplane pose so

spreading your toes grounding through

that foot finding your balance on that

foot and when you're ready keeping your

hips facing towards the ground gonna

lift off that back foot and you can have

a micro bend in your supporting leg here

and if you're able to you can lift your

hands off the ground into an airplane

pose and breathe core activated


and exhale engage and coming out of the

position you can place that back foot

back and this time we will walk that

front foot forward and we'll move into a

lunge so you can move your feet to the

inside edge walk that foot to the

outside edge and drop that back knee and

move in to a lunge stretching out the

hip flexor and when you're ready taking

your hips back and you can walk that

foot back to all fours and press tuck

your toes pressing back into downward

dog and we'll repeat that on the other

side so walking both feet just a couple

steps forward and then centering your

left foot and finding your balance over

your left foot and when you're ready

starting to straighten that leg lifting

your back leg out behind you and if it

feels good to lift your hands off in to

warrior 3 or airplane and breathe


and use your core coming back down good

putting your back foot behind and

inching your front foot forward to the

outside of your hands you can drop that

back knee and move it into a lunge



you'll be pressing into your foot and

your hands moving the hips back and

walking that foot back to all fours

tucking your toes and pressing into

downward dog

exhale and engage and the tiny steps all

the way forward bringing your feet

towards your hands

and roll up all the way to standing and

now we're gonna move in to tree pose so

we'll take our left foot spread our toes

ground our feet and you can take your

right foot and place it on your calf or

if it feels good anywhere but your knee

up higher and bring your hands to prayer

and when you're ready take your hands up

over your head and find something steady

- gave that

next exhale bringing your hand back down

gently placing your foot down and

switching either here or here and once

you have your balance



together now we're going to move into

half moon and we're gonna exercise our

core while we do that so you can bring

your big toe mound together heels are

slightly apart inhale your arms up and

hands are pressing it together above

your head and this time on an inhale we

are going to lean to one side

and on the exhale you're going to

activate your core pull your belly

button in towards your spine bring your

ribs together your core to pull your

body back up and we'll do the other side

inhale release to the side exhale don't

be afraid to make a sound there really

engage your core

and I'll let you do this to your own





and last one great job hands back to

namaste and shake it out from here we're

going to move into another balance and

also core work so again spreading the

toes finding your balance and we will

bring one knee up engaging your core

almost feel like you've got your shirt

in front your belly button please as if

your shirt was hot you're pulling your

belly button in your stomach away from

your shirt and we're gonna put some

gentle pressure on that knee continue to

breathe but keeping your core activated

good and if it feels comfortable you can

grab a hold of that knee same arm as

knee and open it up to the side keeping

your core engaged keeping everything

tight and take a breath here

and when you're ready exhale bring it

all back in and release down

great job shake it out and we'll move to

the other side big toe mounds together

heels slightly apart spreading your toe

finding your balance on the other foot

and when you're ready lifting up that

knee on an exhale engaging your core

pulling your belly button away from your

shirt and slight pressure on your knee

if you were to put your hand on the

inside of your hip bone it should feel

tight you can feel those the intra

abdominal muscles your transverse

abdominis activated and when you're

ready grabbing that knee and it feels

comfortable opening up to the side very

controlled and exhale bringing it back

in and when you're ready release good

we'll move into warrior two so wide step

apart hips are facing towards the side

of your mat and body is centered right

between your legs and open up your arms

and we'll take five breaths here



straightening that front leg turn your

feet around to the other side and

bending your front knee knee is pressing

towards the back of the room and one

more breath here and a little bit deeper

and straightening that front leg and we

will step the feet together and tuck

your back foot or however you want come

down to a seated position from here

we're going to move on to our sides into

a side plank position so you can either

keep your knees bent and your elbow down

here as you move into the position or if

you'd like more of a challenge you can

go up on your hand and you can either

keep one knee down or if it feels good

you can take both feet out so whatever

feels good for your body and we'll take

five breaths here

good and one last breath and release

carefully down on the side and actually

we're gonna come all the way down while

we are here and you can support your

head with your hand and Bend that bottom

leg and you can grab your ankle of your

chocolate for a nice quad stretch a

couple of breaths here


good and we're going to move around to

the other side so taking again whatever

feels safe on this side for you so you

can leave your knee or your elbow down

move in it to a side plank position and

breathe gauging your core couple more



and exhale release down and we'll move

into our quad stretch on this side


all right great job so now we're going

to move on to our back in to bridge

position and we'll do some kegels as

well and so move on to your back you can

walk your heels up towards your bum and

engaging your core and doing a Kegel you

can press up and you can either move

your hands down and press into the

ground or if it feels comfortable clasp

your hands underneath your bum and then

rolling your shoulders and lifting your

chin with lots of space underneath and

you can release your cable now and we're

going to do 10 kegels

so picturing a blueberry or raising at

the opening of your vagina and you're

going to take it in and ten I'll let you

just do ten

and then we'll do one and we'll hold for

ten so picking up your blueberry and

hold and engaging your glutes as well

engaging your core

give it a little bit of an extra squeeze

and lift up that blueberry and release

down and release your Kegel and bring

your knees into your chest yourself a

little bit of a hug and roll back and

forth if that feels good

and we'll roll over onto our side and

press up onto our side being safe for

our core and we'll come to a wide legged

forward fold

so however wide feels good for you it

doesn't have to be far apart give

yourself a little bit of a boost up and

you can either stay here or if it feels

good and your knees and your feet keep

facing up and also walk forward for a

deeper stretch here and breathe


and on an exhale your hands up if your

forward and then we'll bring our feet in

or baddha konasana or a butterfly pose

opening your feet up like a book letting

your hips open and again you can either

stay here or if it feels good lean

forward for a deeper stretch



inhale coming out and now we're gonna

move in to cow pose so you can take your

left foot and tuck it underneath and

then take your right foot and walk it

over top and you may stop here or if you

can walk it farther back and move your

legs into cow pose and sit up nice and

tall and breathe and we'll get ready to

move to the other side you can walk that

top foot back out and switch your legs

around tucking your other foot

underneath and then walking that foot

around your knee and pulling it in


sitting up tall breathe try to find

extra relaxation in your hips


and one more breath here

and moving slowly moving out of that

position and just move into an easy

forward fold from here and so you can

either use this to stretch your

hamstrings or you can keep your knees

bent and stretch out your back wherever

you feel you need the flexibility more

so you're going to keep your legs

straight and go forward if you're doing

your hamstrings or if you want to

stretch out your back keep your knees

bent and then you're going to take the

top of your head and reach it towards

your knees and you can stretch out your

back you may even be able to put your

hands underneath and relax



and one more breath here and slowly

coming out of position we're going to

move into shavasana bags but before we

do I just want to remind you can go down

to the description box below and I have

a whole bunch of free resources so I

have a fairly new weight management

course for moms that I put together as a

dietician and a bariatric educator as

well as I have the complete guide on how

I heal my forefinger diastasis recti gap

after my baby as well as we have

breastfeeding resources to keep up your

milk supply especially while you're

trying to lose the baby weight after

maybe so you can go down after the class

and check those out and we'll go ahead

and move into shavasana so again getting

down on your side making sure there's no

coning happening protect New York or and

then rolling onto your back for savasana

you can walk your legs out and turn your

palms up we'll take a couple of

big-sized to let all that go inhale in

and one more time inhale let your body

feel heavy on the ground scan your whole

body and relax all the different muscles

and stop controlling your breath now you

can just watch breath

if your mind wanders just bring it back

to your breath




and when you ready you can start

wiggling your fingers and your toes and

reach your hands away from your toes and

roll over onto your side and come back

up to a seated position thank you so

much for sharing your practice with me

today and joining me here I really enjoy

being with you guys

so namaste and hope you have a great

rest of your day I will also link to a

series of videos for diastasis recti I

hope that you found this yoga class safe

as well as helpful for healing your core

after baby but just a few minutes a day

can really help so a link to a series of

shorter videos about 10 minutes a day

that really can strengthen tone flatten

and heal your core after baby all right

have a great day and I will see you next

week hopefully with not a sore and puffy

eye okay bye