Yoga and " Baby on Board" exercise after normal and surgical delivery - Dr Beena Jeysingh


hello one and all I am dr. Peter Jesse

senior obstetrician and gynecologist at

Bellevue Hospital all surgical road and

Alpina's mom and baby clinic and H is

our layout postpartum exercises the

exercises you need to do most often

forgotten after childbirth is very

important because they are targeted to

strengthen your back muscles your

abdominal muscles and your pelvic floor

muscles so what happens if you do not

strengthen them if you do not strengthen

your back muscles you end up having low

back ache and that goes on and on years

after here if you do not strengthen your

abdominal muscles you tend to develop

hernia later in life if you do not

strengthen your pelvic floor muscles you

end up with what is called as an

involuntary leak of urine called the

stress incontinence

so after her cesarean section normally

if there are no complications you are

discharged on day three so all the day

of discharge we encourage you to do

activities to take care of yourself and

the baby and my pelvic floor

strengthening exercise at the end of one

month when your obstetrician feels that

your abdominal scar is healing well then

we advise you and encourage you to work

a case do brisk walking at least 15 to

20 minutes morning and evening

and at the end of three months when your

abdominal wound is almost healed

completely and your uterus has regained

the supports of the uterus I especially

have regained their strength and when

you have come into a routine with your

baby we encourage you to go full fledged

with heavy exercises it is not just

about running on treadmill let's make it

more function so that is perseverance

motivation to do it day for months to


it could be swimming cycling yoga

dancing aerobics jimang and I would also

like to bring to your attention about a

very thrilling and exciting option of

doing postpartum exercises along with

your baby I would say it is having baby

on board you would I would advise that

you could probably or suggest that you

could probably look into the internet

for this option thank you