How to Safely Modify Yoga Poses After Hysterectomy or Pelvic Prolapse


hi and welcome I'm Michelle and this is

Betty and today we're going to show you

some or how to modify some yoga poses in

your regular yoga routine now but you

know I really love yoga so we're

actually here to help you to be able to

continue your yoga routine not to worry

you about the exercises that you're

doing so many women know that now pelvic

the pelvic floor can be compromised with

some intense core abdominal exercises

and some of the intense yoga poses that

we do particularly problematic for women

after product surgery or after a

hysterectomy so that's where this

information might become relevant to you

if you're really looking after your

pelvic floor so we're going to get into

it we're going to start with some

exercises or some poses down on the mat

so but he's going to be demonstrating

some poses on the mat and I'm going to

be talking you through so you can come

down a little bit better and just before

we start it might be a matter as a

matter of courtesy just to speak to you

yoga instructor before your class just

to mention that you've got a health

issue if you are going to be modifying

some of the poses in your class just as

a a way of respecting your yoga

instructor as well so first poses we're

going to show you our common hopefully

showing you some common poses in yoga

classes the person will do is a hundred

now the yoga this yoga little routine is

one that you'll commonly see at the

start of a class so better you're

familiar with it 100 pose so buddy's

going to come into the hundred pose

there so as soon as we like raise both

legs off the ground

it becomes an intense core abdominal

exercise and this is the typical hundred

and often you have to do hundreds of

those with a breath with an out breath

and this is you really using Betty's

course strongly you can see that there

and that creates that downward pressure

on the pelvic floor so I'm going to take

you out of that Betty and save your

pelvic floor and bring your legs down so


one of the intense core exercises that

you might like to modify the start of

little cars and this is a really nice

way to modify so you can keep that leg

bent there Betty and this one can come

up again into that what's called a half

tabletop or the tabletop post I've just

bring one leg up into the air okay

and just keeping it at right angles

there and you can gently and if at home

you know how to gently activate your

lower abdominal muscles just gently

drawing the lower core in that position

so in that pose and again not

compressing the lower back just keeping

the normal arch in the lower back and

you can just gently lower that leg just

a small way towards the ground and

bringing it back up just keeping the

pelvis in that neutral position and this

is just a really nice way you can do

that again but you could just be holding

the legs still if you're in your class

and you don't want to lower lift and

lower the leg but that's just a nice way

to modify that hundred posts we'll do

one more of those and coming back up

right ready and let's bring the leg down

alright so that's the first one we

wanted to show you the next one is

another typical exercise and you might

have heard me talk about this before in

other video is called the plank so a

plank but it could just show us some of

the typical planks that you'd see in a

regular yoga class you might see so you

obviously see a full plank so this is

again an intense tummy exercise as well

as being an exercise for the back and

for the shoulders but very intense on

the core Betty would you mind bringing

that arm plank down and also showing it

on the forearms as well so you might see

it done like that all like this so

either way it is an intense exercise and

you know in the series of poses salute

to the son of the planks use the full

plank so let's take you out of that one

Betty so if you'd like to continue with

your plank and again it's up to you

there's a nice way of modifying it so

the way we do that is bring the forearms

in and the hands come down and flat you

can see Betty's got her shoulders pulled

away from her ears and she's going to

just lift up I'll just get you lift up

and just bring the plank onto your knees

so again Betty's using her core here but

she's not activating is there does that

feel a strong belly or does that feel


it's a lot gentler on the tummy so again

this just gives you an option if you'd

like to do this and again for some of

you that might not be appropriate either

you might like to leave the exercise

altogether but this gives you an option

to go through Thank You Betty you can

come down how you feeling there all


getting tired with all these intense

core exercises now now the foot what

we're going to do is called a boat pose

so I'm going to get you to come over

into sitting now this is a really

intense core exercise and I'm just we're

just showing it so that you can see this

type of exercise with both legs raised

and again this is really intense core

and again you can see okay so that's the

boat and then that's a really intense

exercise to hold there really against

strong on the abdominals so let's talk

about if you're stuck in a class and you

want to modify the class or modify the

exercise and then you don't want to feel

conspicuous a way you could do that is

by just lifting one leg and but just

keeping your upright posture so you've

got your inward curve in your back and

let's just bring one leg just off the

ground so you can see there you could do

the hold in that position keeping your

regular breathing keeping you in word

curve in the back how does that feel a

little bit less intense yeah that's

great and it's maybe change legs you

could take a break and again this really

uses the hip flexors it uses the tummy a

little bit but much more action in front

of the hips okay Betty and take a break

how you feeling alright okay so we've

got two more to show you in the upright

position we're going to first of all go

into one of the deep wide squats now

you'll often see these deep wide squat

positions not good for your pelvic floor

for one we might just show you at home

let's go into the garland pose again the

lean fort compresses the abdomen pushes

down the traffic floor so this isn't a

good position if you're suffering from

the appeal or problems at home

to modify this particular exercise these

exercises stretching out Betty's lower

back and stretching out the groin also

gives a stretch to the ankles we can do

the same thing in a much less

compromising position so let's come out

of that pose they're better your height

so you can go into a modified unhappy

baby pose for this one so this exercise

this this pose is lying down on the on

the mat okay and I might just get you

slide down a tiny bit towards me Betty

just a tiny bit there yep okay and what

we're going to do is just bring one leg

up and you can bring one hand up and you

can take hold of around the outside of

the foot or bring the foot in towards

your body and now Betty and you can

reach can you reach inside the ankle

there around that way yep

okay so Betty now is getting the same

lower back and groin stretch or a

similar law back in groin stretch but

much less intense on the pelvic floor so

this is much nicer option to stretch out

those same areas but protecting your

pelvic floor while you're going how does

that feel comfortable yeah much less

intense let's change them and you can go

into the other side so obviously with

all of these you can do both legs so

bringing the leg up yep and then you get

that lovely lower back stretch and the

groin stretch as well all right that

looks good Betty thank you so our last

one is upright so we're going to go into

upright standing and show you a deep

forward bend so coming up so typically

and I'll stand around in front with a

deep forward bend the instruction is

usually to keep the legs very wide and

come forward and taking it down so you

can see but it can do a lovely deep

forward bend here and again

unfortunately we know that when you bend

forward the pelvic floor is under load

so pressure on the pelvic floor with the

increase in the depth of the bend so

Betty I'm going to get you to modify

that can you come back up so it's not to

say that bending isn't appropriate if

you've got a prolapse or pelvic floor

issues you can bend obviously you can

bend but just to modify this so maybe

this time would just take the legs not

so far apart so just a fraction wider

than hip width

and just gently sliding your hands down

keep the inward curve in your lower back

and maybe you could just take it to that

position so in a class again and you

don't want to feel conspicuous you want

to join along that's a really just nice

way of modifying that exercise still

getting your forward been supporting

your back and not compromising your

pelvic floor as you do so so what have

we gone through there we've gone through

just coming back up into standing better

we've gone through quite a few exercises

and poses there we've talked about poses

on the ground that you can modify ways

you can modify and we've also talked

about a couple of the typical upright

ones you can modify as well so I really

hope that video information helps you

with your safety over practice at home

helps you to continue your practice

safely so I'd love you to subscribe

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with me again soon bye for now