Yoga & You: The right age to start Yoga | Dr. Hansaji Yogendra


today we have the Internet

we have plenty of distractions for the

kids we have gadgets and there is tons

of activities that they are pushed into

well today more than any other time I

think balance is much required for kids

and a sense of guidance how they should

lead their lives hon Sergey I have two

kids and I would love for you to you

know shed light on why it is most

important today to catch kids young and

to imbibe the knowledge of yoga and give

them a practice of the same well Aparna

Yoga is a way of life how to live we

have to learn right from childhood how

to sit stand how to eat how to walk how

to do everything

child is learning they are watching

their parents and learning in the


whatever parents say they don't really

listen or follow but whatever parents do

they definitely see and follow

accordingly they imbibe that in their

life so this is the time where parents

have to become like a model for children

and they should see that parents are

doing something to keep themselves

healthy health is something which has to

come and second parents are doing

something to keep their mind calm so

they can see parents sitting in

meditation for some time or they can see

that while eating food parents are

eating very happily without any

distractions or keeping mobile while

eating or you know doing business at the

time of food is not what child has seen

when child sees all that yoga has

already started in his life we have to

see that all such things become our

second nature we have to develop some

healthy habits and this will happen when

it is taught from childhood the earlier

the better earlier the better element

from the age of five we start even

teaching them of his

really but before 5:00 they are learning

from their parents right

so for a small kids we tell parents to

come and learn yoga so that they would

be in the right path

children they go through quite a lot of

chaotic situation ups and downs failure

less marks sometimes punishment

sometimes bullying some stronger one is

bullying the weaker one all they have to

go through quite a lot and they are very

much stressed even at the age of five

when they are learning ABCD how much

tension they have because if they don't

do their parents teacher children also

children also get into tension because

they come and complain that somebody

pulled something somebody bullied

somewhere and so on so now all this life

management is something which they need

to learn from childhood they need to

learn to handle this situation in life

and this is done by learning yoga in

yoga we say that you do your part well

and don't criticize others or don't put

somebody down you do your part well with

child learns child focuses on his

personal growth rather than complaining

about something else

at child age all these things could be

learnt much faster and it goes deeper

into that system because they are very

pure hearted very clean no dubious mind

they don't show that they are doing

something and they are not doing they

are doing then they'll tell you I have

seen one child who always sits and

meditates for two minutes he's been told

to do that and now he is found out that

whenever he is disturbed the friend got

more marks or friend took away his best

of the things or he told teacher

something wrong which he had not done he

is disturbed first he comes home and

leaves everything and sits in meditate

and he calms himself down and then he

tells his parents what happened then

parents and they sit and discuss now how

do we go about so they would either meet

the boy called something or whatever is

according to situation such things a

child coming home but always picking up

some something and coming home chocks

are available in the classroom

somebody's pen is thrown somebody's

compass is left there and children just

run the moment it is school is off this

child would always come out last picking

up everything from the classroom and

come out and then in the house he would

the mother will see that who's come past

you have brought this is not your he

says no this is nobody's I asked few

children nobody's come past this is how

he behaved and parents were terrified

they say that he has formed a habit of

stealing he says I am not stealing I had

found it it's lost since I lost and

found I forgot to get that so this is

his argument parents if I do bring you

have so many rubbers and so many compass

why are you picking up things you just

leave it as it is it is not yours nobody

says it is nobody's so this was his

argument and so the child was brought to

me they say that look this is what his

habit is I looked at child I said you

know very well that this compass is some

of your friends you know very many he is

forgotten in you picked it up but now so

you are picking it up when you are alone

everybody has gone but do you think that

nobody is watching you so he tells me

nobody is there in the class I am the

last person to come out so I said don't

think like that somebody is watching you

say no nobody is watching me said I am

Telling You somebody is watching you who

you says your God which is there within

you your conscience your God is within


God is definitely watching you is it so

so I said that is the thing so

don't pick up because God knows you have

picked up so leave that thing where it

is or keep it on the table of the

classroom and you just come out and

instead of coming last you come out


and he changed his habit because he

found that well he can't cheat like this

such education has to be given to

children very innocently they want to

behave little cleverly because they have

seen how people are speaking lies how

people are picking up things from here

and there now they have started learning

from world not just from parents switch

on the TV this that into things are

coming I'm sure a lesson like this would

stay with him all his life then because

it was taught about life and now that

person who has grown big he is a very

good businessman he knows very well that

there is nothing like black money and

white money you have to do everything

very very straightforward and systematic

he is successful businessman now but he

thanks me all the time that he tells me

that that lesson that somebody is

watching you has gone into my system and

now I am doing everything every time I

feel that I am not alone God is there

with me God is my working partner so

when he grew little bit he came and

these statements he heard and he is very

happy about it but the point is children

they need guidance from all the side and

they pick up things very fast so I

personally believe that children have to

be taught I mean at a young age as fast

as possible to mould the whole

personality whole personality get molded

and person is very very happy throughout

his life because he has some basic

values with him absolutely on surgery I

remember as a child

visiting the Yoga Institute doing camps

and also you know getting some talks on

Ihara you know and the food aspects of

it and even today if I pick up a bag of

chips I'm very conscious about it we

that was kind of that thought was

ingrained in my brain since I was a

child and you know it's a lot easier for

me to abstain from certain thing which

is not good for me then my friends who

probably you know have just recently

started on this journey so I have been a

huge fan of the Yoga Institute since I

was a child and I'm immensely grateful

for that actually because I oh my good

health to the Yoga Institute the Yoga

Institute has kids camps during summers

they have regular classes all through

the week i heavily request recommend

strongly although all the parents to

send their kids to learn yoga because I

know how it's sowed the seed in me and I

am seeing many other kids and I know

what an impact it had on their entire


you would be gifting them great health

all their life if you do so thank you