EASY Original Cold Start™ Yogurt - Instant Pot


what is so special about cold-start

yogurt well let me tell you it is a

revolutionary way to make yogurt

especially using your instant pot I have

been making yogurt for a long time about

in 20 years using a traditional method

of heating your milk cooling it adding

your starter I've used a yogurt maker

I've used a crock pot method and used

the oven for making yogurt it wasn't

until I got my instant pot that I have

really truly loved making yogurt there

are two methods to making yogurt one is

a traditional method that I just

described earlier where you're heating

your milk and you're letting it cool and

then add in your store this instant pot

does all that for you and I have another

video that you can watch that shows a

traditional method of making yogurt

because of the instant pot Facebook

community group I have been helping many

members of the group with their yogurt

questions how to make yogurt how to make

it thicker how to make it better well

for the past two years one of the

questions that came up is why do we heat

the milk to make yogurt one of the

reasons is to denature the proteins in

the milk what this does is help make the

yogurt thicker and the instant I will do

that with your regular pasteurized milk

and one of the members of the group said

well why don't I just dump it in and not

even heat it at all well it worked well

yes and there are a lot of hits and

misses with this lazy method of making

yogurt and a lot of people call her the

no brail nothing well I also notice that

folks that use fair like milk have it

exceptionally fat yogurt and went to

investigate why this was the case and

why the snow boil method was hit and

miss for making yogurt after a couple of

months of research I found out that the

key there are two keys to making a very

thick cold start no Kirk and I came up

with the name cold start because simply

it uses two cold ingredients your cold

milk and your cold yogurt mix together

you push the button for the yogurt study

and you're done that is it that's where

the name cold start came from now the

key to making a cold start yogurt work

this method is to use ultra pasteurized

milk the difference between ultra

pasteurized and regular pasteurized is

the temperature regular pasteurized milk

is only heated to 160 degrees and then

that what that does it kills all the

pathogenic bacteria any of the harmful

bacteria that can make you sick there is

still natural bacteria in the milk and

that is why you need to refrigerate your

mouth it is a perishable item now what

ultra pasteurized a tion does is it

heats amount to a much higher

temperature which is 280 degrees this

not only kills all of the bacteria

making many 90% bacteria free but it has

it extends the shelf life of the milk

now um there are two kinds of ultra

pasteurized box one is a regular ultra

pasteurized milk which would be similar

to this mouth which is or at Horizon

organic this is ultra pasteurized you

know which is heated to 280 degrees but

the difference between this mouth and

the fair life milk is that fair like no

fair like mouth is ultra filtered Oh

ultra filtration process goes through

like a layer of screens that filters out

the fat and the water and some of the

nutrients there and then has put that

together to result in a milk that has

50% more protein more calcium less sugar

and no lactose the reason that fair life

milk makes a much thicker yogurt is

because of the additional protein it has

50% more protein than other milks you

can find some copycats of fair life this

is one of them this is from Kroger it's

Kroger carb master

it is ultra filtered and it is ultra

pasteurized it has right here it says 35

more proteins and milk this one has 50%

more protein mo it's the additional

protein and also the higher fat content

of your milk that makes the thicker

yogurt let's talk about shelf-stable

milks shelf-stable milks are also ultra

pasteurized which lead for a longer

shelf-life and you can use this with the

cold start method now you can combine

milks to make your cold start yogurt but

the key thing is it needs to be ultra

pasteurized this is heavy whipping cream

and this is half and half half and half

is a combination of milk and heavy cream

you can definitely add this to your

ultra pasteurized milk which will help

make it thicker and a creamier yogurt so

any combination of these milks feel free

to experiment but the key thing it must

be ultra pasteurized for this coaster

method to work and the reason why is

because I before regular pasteurization

only is up to 160 degrees there's still

some natural bacteria left in the milk

if you use regular pasteurized milk

using the cold start method it takes

about 30 to 35 minutes for the milk to

reach the incubation temperature which

is a hundred degrees 110 degrees and

during that time those natural bacteria

will continue to multiply and grow and

by the time their yogurt bacteria is

activated at the 110 degree temperature

the bacteria of the mouth and the

bacteria of the yoga getting competition

with each other and more often than not

the bacteria in your regular milk will

win resulting in a texture that is not

like yogurt it may be thinner it might

be stringy it might be gluey it'll have

definitely a different texture let's

talk about yogurt starters why do we

need yogurt to make yogurt well it's

because of a live bacteria that is

inside your yogurt it's very similar to


I see like a corn kernel that you would

plant and turn into corn well the live

bacteria in your yogurt is the seed that

will culture and grow and turn your milk

into yogurt the most common and the

easiest way to you have a yogurt starter

is to purchase already made yogurt you

will want to choose a yogurt that has a

flavor that you like if you like a mild

tasting yogurt use a mild yogurt as your

starter if you like something that's a

little bit more tangy try and mauritania

yogurt such as Chobani sickies or three

gods you don't want to make sure that

your yogurt contains live and active

cultures cultures needs to be written on

the label or included in the ingredients

you can have a non-dairy yogurt as your

starter if you are a lactose sensitive

this is an option for you the other kind

of yogurt starter is the powdered direct

set yogurt starter this is a freeze

dried form of the yogurt and is kept in

a refrigerator or the freezer section

and this you know gourmet is really

really tangy and tart you will want to

look for a couple of things in your

yogurt if you like a really really thick

yogurt look for the LK side bacterial

strain that is in page it helps set up

their yogurt more quickly and a little

bit thicker than those yogurt that has

the strains of best thermal chaos from

my cold start yogurt I'm going to be

using fair life whole milk and since I'm

going to be adding some sweetened

condensed milk I'm just going to pour a

little bit of the milk in here and then

pour my sweetened condensed milk make

sure I get it all scraped out this adds

a sweetness to the yogurt that makes it

very much like a dessert style yogurt

you will want to make sure you're sweet

and can snuff it's completely dissolved

it's heavier than the know and tends to

settle on

bottom so I'm making sure it's

completely dissolved nice buzz does a

great job okay I can feel that's

completely dissolved I add the rest of

my milk give it another stir and then

add my two tablespoons of yogurt I

normally use one tablespoon of yogurt

for this recipe but since I'm adding

sweetened condensed milk that slows down

the culturing process of the yogurt I'm

going to add the full two tablespoons it

you want to make sure that your yogurt

is very fresh and freshly opened

one two

stir that completely in then you want to

cover your yogurt you can use the

instant pot lid but if you have a ring

or a seal that is kind of smelly you

want to take it out and replace that so

or take it out completely close it and

closed the pressure valve you want this

completely closed so that it will keep

the culture is warm and happy you don't

have to use the slit right here

you can use some other options for

example you can use any lid from your

pots and pans or you can use a dinner

plate or this is my favorite the

silicone suction lid it's a flat piece

of silicone if it's really nice on there

and it doesn't come off and have a

section there next you will want to use

the correct yogurt setting for

incubating your yogurt in some pot has

three different yogurt settings less

normal and more you want to use the

normal setting here you can see the

words normal and it defaulting to eight

hours if I push the adjust button

there's a more setting there is a less

setting that defaults to 24 hours you do

not want to use this setting so pushing

the adjust button toggles between all

three settings this is a setting that

you want you will need to check your

owners manual or on my website for how

to get the yogurt normal setting for

your instant pot I'm gonna let it

default to 8 hours and what it does it

goes to 0 and begins counting up after

the yogurt cycle is complete the display

will say YG y ou GT and it will shut off

it will not go to the keep warm setting

so we'll see you

in about eight hours hey it's been eight

hours I'm gonna check my yogurt see how

it looks let's take a peek inside let's

give it the spoon test awesome that

looks great way to stick this in the

fridge and let it chill for about four

to six hours okay are you ready this

yogurt has been chilling in the

refrigerator for at least six hours you

want to chill a small batch of yogurt

for at least four hours before you do

any stirring or mixing or adding flavors

to it I added a paper towel to this to

kind of catch some of the condensation

as putting more yogurt and it closed

fridge will cause some conversation are

you ready let's take a peek that


okay let's take a spoon see what this

does look at that so nice and thick

almost looks like a soft-serve ice cream

very nice and thick one of the reasons

you want your yogurt to be completely

choked before you do any stirring is

because the protein strands in your

yogurt are interlocked like this and

they're holding all that way in there if

you stir your yogurt you break those

protein strands and allow the way to

come through and thin out your yogurt

this looks really thick let's watch what

happens when you put it in a bowl and

give it a nice stir you'll notice for

breaking those protein strands and we're

thinning out the yogurt so what looks

really really thick right after

incubation or after chilling this is the

reality of what it looks like this still

looks very nice and thick now I'm gonna

give this a taste this is the yogurt

that I made with their life whole milk

and can of sweetened condensed milk

we're gonna see how this tastes

mmm it's so creamy it's so smooth and

that's just the right amount of

sweetness you may think that sweetened

condensed milk is really sweet but when

you add it to a mouth that already has

50% less sugar it's actually just about

right you can play around with the

sweetness but adding maybe only a little

bit of sweetened condensed melons this

is the Nestle

lash era and it is sweetened condensed

milk but it comes in a bottle which is

so great because that way you just

squeeze just a few tablespoons into your

yogurt while it's incubating or you can

make a yogurt plane and squeeze a little

bit of this in for flavoring you don't

have to add sweetened condensed milk

make this cold start yogurt you can add

this natural bliss this is great it

comes on a lot of different flavors this

is the vanilla flavor it comes in sweet

cream and caramel and chocolate and

what's really great about this it is

simply milk cream and sugar and some

flavoring that's it

it doesn't have all those other chemical

track ingredients that you would find in

a creamer don't use those other creamers

this is really good this makes your

yogurt ultra smooth and creamy and

tastes mildly sweet but not as sweet

that's what this weekend can smell so if

you make your yogurt plain which is a

starter and with your milk there are a

lot of things you can do with it you can

save some of your yogurt as starters by

putting it in an ice cube tray or

dolloping your yogurt onto a sheet of

plastic wrap or a wax paper or parchment

paper and freezing it and how you use

that yogurt is you bring that tablespoon

of tube yogurt out of your freezer let

it sit at room temperature for 30

minutes and it'll be thought out and up

to mash and stirring with some in your

mouth there are lots of ways to flavor

your yogurt

the sweet condensed milk and this and

the cream the naturalist cream are only

two options you can add some strawberry

jam to your yogurt you can add chocolate

syrup jell-o gelatin to sprinkle some in

or some chocolate pudding that's one of

my favorites I'm fresh fruit for Noland

toppings any kind of the drink mixes you

like me oh or Crystal Light or anything

like that lemon curd orange crack all

orange Prost all good with the yogurt it

makes it taste like a creamsicle you

will find lots of flavouring options

simply by going to my website and

checking out my IP insta Pot yogurt

guide for newbies that has all the

instructions than therefore both the

cold start traditional lighting options

how to use way how to use your yogurt as

starters using a filtered and an ultra

pasteurized milk such as fair life will

give you your thickest yogurt that

doesn't mean straining if you use

another type of ultra pasteurized milk

and like a really thick yogurt you don't

want to consider straining it there's a

couple of different ways of straining

your yogurt and reasons why straining

first of all removes the way which makes

your yogurt then anything that straining

does is increases the protein of your

yogurt metal colander or strainer set

over into my salad spinner and then I

line it with coffee filters and since

these coffee filters are not large

enough you can find large your coffee

filters but since these are not large

enough I use a couple of them around

here and then pour my yogurt into the

strainer if you have discovered that

your strainer doesn't set up high enough

into the bowl for example if I remove

this this is get a kind of fog but what

you can do is take a smaller bowl

invert it set it on top like that this

part will catch the way and not have

your yogurt sit in the way that is one

method there are several straining

materials that you can use to strain

your yogurt cheese cloth is one if you

use cheesecloth you'll need use several

layers to keep the yogurt from going

through your cheesecloth completely you

can use coffee filters which I really

like because it doesn't allow any yogurt

to go through you can use a flower sack

towel or a linen towel not the fuzzy

terry cloth type towel and put it over

your strainer and pour your yogurt in

and use that you can use a men's

handkerchief that works really well

what's a 100% cotton is the material

that you want you don't want to

experiment with several different kinds

of materials to see what you like to use

and just join your yogurt I don't think

you can consider as getting a yogurt

strainer especially if you're making

yogurt weekly and often enough this is

the Euro Cuisine yogurt strainer it

holds a half a gallon of yogurt and does

a great job of straining you simply has

a bulb and your mesh strainer pour your

yogurt in here and then cover it and let

it chill and strain at the same time in

your fridge so I hope you give this cold

start yogurt a try it really is that

easy and it really is that good thank

you for watching and come see me in my