Improve Spiking TIMING (part 1/2) - How to SPIKE a Volleyball Tutorial

what's up YouTube this is coach Donnie

with elevate yourself org this video

I'll be going over how to improve your

spiking timing and this video was

suggested by skis so thank you so much

for this video suggestion there are many

factors that go into timing of all the

most important aspects you need to have

persistent footwork and if you want to

improve your spikelet phobics or make it

consistent please watch this video up

here so assuming you have consistent

spiking footwork we're going to talk

about when to leave and also how to

adjust the different types of sets

because the reality is you might have a

great setter but in game situations your

set might not be perfect all the time

actually I would make an argument to

save your spike will rarely be perfect

maybe once or twice everything else you

might have to adjust to a couple inches

to a couple yards you always want to

make yourself a little bit late and

accelerate to the ball the worst that

you can do for yourself is to go early

and to run under the ball not only can

you not see where the blocker is you

have no power and you have no direction

so it's better than you make yourself a

little bit late and force yourself to

accelerate to the ball and even if I'm

super they at least if I'm behind the

ball I can tip and I can see what I'm

doing and if I develop enough speed I

can still get to politic up short fast

lane one great hitter who does this very

well as curaga from UCLA medicine ball

or ball team first let's talk about how

to get your feet to the ball at the set

is imperfect a common mistake that

people make that throws off the timing

is that they go to the same spot over

and over again and they're expecting

this ball to come to them when they have

to move the feet to the ball in order to

spike it so very important that your

first step is consistent in case it is a

good set and then you need to change

direction as you're approaching and

getting your feet to the ball just like

a Center can't expect every pass to go

to them that they have to get their feet

before they set it a Spiker cannot

expect a ball to be in the same spot

every time they also have to move to the

ball before they smite there here's a

good drill to work on your timing to

make sure that you get your feet to the

ball before you jump I've placed some

volleyball on the court to demonstrate

for different types of

might receive as an outside hitter this

fall here is considered a perfect set

and that's where your first actually go

this fall is the inside set this ball is

the offset or your pushed off the net

and this one is the wide set you're

going to have some combination of all

four these sets and if you practice

proper footwork you should be able to

effectively hit all these types of balls

here's a great drill you can do to

practice efficient footwork and whether

you do a three four five or six step

approach your last two steps are where

you need to change direction to get your

feet to the ball the first one good set

second one inside set third one off set

fourth one wide set you notice I have

all more situations I should be able to

jump pretty well and explode to the ball

is what I call step close footwork need

to close your feet to the ball on the

second to last step you can also combine

both drills by having a partner toss in

all of these areas and your goal is to

always get your feet to the ball and

jump and catch the ball at your peak





once you can catch the walk consistently

out your peak all you need to do is add

an arm swing your time you should

improve from that point thanks so much

for watching this video about slightly

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