hey guys happy Tuesday so today's vlog

is gonna be a little bit different it's

gonna be more of a sit-down and the

reason why was because I actually filmed

a my what you should pack in your

hospital bag video just a little bit ago

and I've also been making my list for a

baby registry must-haves basically what

you should have on your baby registry

and what you should have before you

would bring home a baby from the

hospital so it's basically gonna be a

very long video but also what I thought

would be really helpful is basically do

a baby registry mistakes video of what

not to do on your baby registry and like

what to expect and stuff so I thought

this would be really helpful cuz I know

as a first-time mom I put a lot of stuff

on my baby registry that honestly I did

not need and I could have definitely

simplified the list and had a more of a

chance of getting those items from my

baby shower so that's why I want to do

this video for you guys cuz I definitely

made this mistake and I know a lot of

first moms make this mistake especially

when I see baby registries done for

other friends that are having expecting

their first child

so I actually sat down and helped my

sister out with hers like we narrowed it

down I made sure not to put things on

there that she didn't need and then also

I made sure to keep an eye out okay you

don't need this because I'm giving it to

you because we're gonna be tossing stuff

back and forth between us between babies

but um yeah so let's quickly just go

into like the know knows of a baby

registry alright so first things first

higher price items you will have a less

chance of actually getting those on your

baby registry because usually those are

like strollers high chairs whatnot that

one are bigger so a lot of people don't

really welcome to baby showers it really

doesn't happen off that often if it does

for you

thumbs up to you but it doesn't happen

that often I definitely know like with a

stroller and stuff I've seen it usually

gifted from either parents or in-laws

like for us we got her of the B Vista

from Joel's mom so she actually got that

for us but a lot of times you're

actually purchasing it yourself too so

just keep that as a heads up but we're

gonna mainly be focusing on the items of

like not to put on your registry and you

guys will get the all the necessary

items that you should put on your

registry next video

I've got like a registry open up right

now and I'm gonna kind of point out


because I definitely made this mistake

first things first do not put on too

many baby lotions do not put on too many

baby shampoos don't do it you only need

one I honestly haven't even been through

one yet and she is nine months so only

put one because you don't want to be

like having like a crazy amount of stock

items of those and you don't want them

to multiple people get you tons of

shampoo and then you don't have any


so only give them the option to get you

one so only put on one baby shampoo one

that I recommend which you guys will see

in the next video is the honest baby in

the sweet almond scent that is the best

scent it smells the best do1 lotion you

actually will they say do not put lotion

on a baby for the first month so just

keep that as a heads up no lotion on the

baby for the first month as much as you

want to you don't do it so remember not

multiple shampoos or lotions just pick

one that's one mistake I see done a lot

washcloths honestly you only need one

pack don't put on those kind of packs

you only need one pack they usually come

with like four in a pack legit you're

gonna be doing laundry so much anyways

just get one pack so you're not having a

ton to store also another thing I see a

lot is baby towels honestly you only

need like two or three just get two or

three baby towels that's it don't put a

ton on there you're not gonna use them I

have a whole bunch of baby towels that I

don't think we've used some of them yet

so don't do a bunch of baby towels

another mistake that I see it done a lot

is a ton of pacifiers people put so many

pacifiers on there and you really don't

need that many because you don't know

which one they're gonna take I made this

mistake so put one weapon up on there I

think that it's like the best

she loves the weapon of the app in

soother is the one does the Pasi that's

on it so you can even get those separate

on there too and then maybe do like one

mam and then stick with that and leave

it at that don't get any more than that

because you don't know if they're even

going to take a pass see you also really

don't want to introduce that pasty too

soon you want to make sure that they get

to their birth weight that's what I've

been reading is and that's what worked

for us is once you got back to her birth

weight the pasty was totally fine to

introduce next up that I see a lot is

people put baby food making items such

as the baby food maker from baby Brezza

that's one that we actually have

I actually don't even think I put that

on my registry because in my head I was

like it's gonna be so long till they

actually eat this food that I will get

this when that time comes I rather focus

on the necessary items that I need the

second I take it from the hospital

that's what I think you should focus

with your registry on so I would hold

off on that and honestly you could use a

food processor which majority of the

households have one we usually get them

from our weddings so you don't even

really need a baby food maker so I would

hold off on those another thing is don't

be putting a ton of plates on there for

solid foods like I said just focus on

what you're gonna need when you get home

for the hospital because you don't

really know what you're gonna get from

that baby shower and you want to mainly

focus on the items that you need right

away so solid foods don't really come

into play until five to six months so

stay away from the plates next thing

that I see done a lot and that I have

done too is I put so many swaddle

blankets honestly she doesn't even use

the eight and I like swaddle blankets

she'll probably use them when she

becomes older and they'll probably

become a blankie for her if that but

just don't worry about getting a tow

swallowed like it's honestly get one set

silky soft ones are the best they're the

softest just get one set because they

have really great sleep sacks and

swaddle sleep sacks that you can put on

your registry that are a great option so

just get one set usually they come in

two or three so I'm you can get it even

get four so just get one set that's it

you don't need more than that otherwise

we'll just sit another thing is this

don't get too many swaddle sleepers we

made that mistake I had so many

different kinds she didn't take so

literally get yourself one or two on the

right yourself two on the right Street

because if they take it then you'll have

like to like be able to switch off like

if one gets dirty and whatnot or they

have a blowout during the middle of

night you have a backup so just get two

that's it if they end up really loving

them and you end up using them for a lot


you can order more on Amazon for a good

price but keep those to a minimum

because ours went to complete waste she

did not take to it at all another thing

that I usually see a lot of is a lot of


just do one draft is perfect um I

honestly wouldn't even like recommend

putting detergent on there to be honest

because you can just pick that up from

Target yourself so I would just pass on

that bottles this was another mistake

that I did don't get too many bottles

because you don't know which one they're

going to take some babies won't take

certain kinds and some won't even take a

bottle to be honest so it depends on

what your situation is so I definitely

recommend staying away from the bottle

sets stay away from them unless you know

for sure they take that bottle do just

to brands I recommend coma Tomah which

come in a pack of two that you can get

for five ounces and then you can do a

pack of the Abbott which I love to do a

pack of the Abbott I think those come

with three yeah but just do that and

that's all you'll need in the beginning

another thing is don't put a ton of

diaper bags on there either like or tote

bags and whatnot you're only gonna need

like one diaper bag and in all honesty

the best IRA bag that I have found

hands-down has been my fawn design so if

that's what I need to put on my registry

must-have well that's what's hard is Fon

design you can't really put on a

registry you would kind of purchase that

one yourself but that has been the most

efficient diaper bag ever and I've made

the worst decision of buying a Gucci

which I love it but I don't use it so

it's not practical so I had the Gucci

and then I have a rila which is also

really nice but my faun design one is my

best one so if you're looking for a

diaper bag check them out they're good

but do not put a ton of diaper bags on

there so don't put doubles of anything

like you want to limit the items to like

hopefully get those items at your baby

shower because honestly all the time

you're gonna get stuff that's off your

registry and stuff that you might not

even need or wanted but um yeah so you

just want to limit this and make it

specific as possible to help your

chances diapers diapers diapers diapers

okay so diapers are tricky but a good

way to do diapers for a baby shower is

do a diaper raffle something I did not

know that you guys probably saw in like

an old video is I didn't know that you

could exchange diapers anywhere if

they're not opened even if you'll have a

receipt like at Target and they carry

that brand and that size you can just


change it for a bigger size which is

amazing I would say focus with diapers

is don't put too many on there but you

know if you have to do a diaper raffle

that will really help there but kind of

just focus on like pampers pure pampers

sensitive those were good and then

Huggies were good and I honestly did not

like honest I'm sorry and I didn't like

Hello Bello either I wasn't a fan of

those ones and then do newborn one and

two and three if you want but just just

keep those to a minimum as well like

going through like my old one to kind of

see like what did I put on there that I

did not need formula makers you guys

stay away from them baby breast was kind

enough to send us a bunch of their

products like they sent us their bottle

warmer their food maker their formula


I have bold versions of the formula

maker I had the first version and I had

the advanced version I would stay away

from them and the reason why is because

they just do not precisely measure the

formula and that is so important when

they're younger it's not as like crucial

as like at her age right now but when

she's younger it's so important because

they can get water toxicity talks sitted

Syd I can never say this word

they can't be having too much water

otherwise I can make them very very sick

and that's been a problem that people

have had with the formula makers

especially the baby brezza it's not

measuring the formula to the right

amount of water so I would stay away

from them they sent it to me and I am so

grateful but I have to be honest just

because it's just not safe for the

babies so I would stay away from the

formula makers do not even bother also

another thing is make sure to do your

research on your baby monitors I would

definitely recommend staying away from

anything that connects to your Wi-Fi

just in case that people try to hack in

on it we've seen videos of that it's

just no bundle and also I stay away from

the ones that have that hookup to your

phone which is usually the Wi-Fi ones

because I usually work on my phone so I

can't be like looking at her at the same

time as I'm working which I hated so I

actually found one that I loved it's the

infant optics one that one has been the

best by far and one of my girlfriend's

recommended it to me and my mom's got it

my sister's already bought herself one

so yeah do your research on baby

monitors but if you guys want to take my

opinion in fit optics is the best Oh

another good little thing for a baby

shower is instead of having every one

you can put this on this on the

invitation but instead of having

everyone bring a card have them bring a

book and write a little message in the

book my sister did that for her she I

think she's giving us like ten books

already with like cute little messages

in them I've read one of them on the

vlogs before and you guys were like

dying over it was a sweet a--so

definitely do that so you can get lots

of baby books so that way you don't get

them as a gift it just comes with each


another thing that I regretted putting

on my registry and getting is a baby

changing station like those little on

the ghost get pop ones I just fold right

up and they have a mat and everything to

them I had two of them actually and I

didn't use them once I gave one of my

brother I gave one of my sister because

I'm like maybe you guys will use them

but I never used them I actually really

loved the one from fawn design way way

better I'm telling you phone design is

where it's at another mistake that

hopefully I can help you guys in the

future with one that I did not know was

with a highchair so really do your

research when you're looking for a

highchair the four moms that we had they

were really sweet they sent us a bunch

of their products it's a great highchair

if you have a small space which we end

up giving ours to my brother Riley he

started lifting up the magnetic Bowls

and everything by like six months she

was she's strong but she looked it up

really so magnetic things did nothing

for us literally by the time she started

eating she could lift up everything and

then toss it I would actually recommend

just doing the suction ones if you're at

the feeding time and then also one thing

I did not like about the for moms is you

cannot recline it back so let's say you

want to eat dinner and they need to have

our bottle it takes a lot for them to be

able to lift the bottle high enough to

get all the milk out of them out of the

bottle so they have to be reclined back

so if you want to enjoy dinner and give

them a bottle while you're enjoying

dinner you want to get a high chair that

actually reclines back so that's why we

have the Ora bell which I highly

but that's why the for moms in a work

for us if the four moms reclined it

would have been perfect they were so

kind and they were great to work with

but I have to be honest on the reviews

on that one and I honestly learned this

as time went on because first-time mom

but yeah hopefully I can save you guys

some headache down the line get a

reclining highchair trust me it'll be a


all right so next up is pons the pump

that I had was a spectra s2 it was the

pink one that one's great I recommend

either the spectra s2 or the Modelo one

if you talk to lactation consultants

they will recommend either/or for you

they say do those ones you'll be good

well there's a lot of pumps that aren't

the best and in all honesty you guys

should definitely check with your

insurance because your insurance might

cover a pump for you and you can even

get a medical grade one which is even

better so look at your insurance see if

you can get one covered if you can't I

recommend the s2 from spectra or the

Medela one I know friends that I had the

Medela they loved it I love the s2 one

the spectra my sister has it now she's

already bought new tubing and everything

for all the new pieces for it so she'll

have it but those are the two best ones

I've seen many like some of them just

don't do enough and you're not gonna get

that much milk from it and they're just

not gonna work as great so definitely

stick to either one of those all right

so now onto curve mattress we did the

Newton woven air one because it's

breathable and it gives me a peace of

mind at when she sleeps because she

sleeps on her tummy but they actually

came out with a waterproof one so

definitely check that out I think that's

on their website though but Jeff they

check out the waterproof one maestra got

that one which is awesome alright so for

your crib sheets I would do only three

crib sheets don't do too many and pick

the designs that you love so only do

three so that way you have a backup if

you have an explosion throughout the

middle of the night literally just keep

it at three crib sheets I would actually

stay away from the Mobile's not to do a

mobile in your crib because one actually

blocks vision of your baby monitor

depending on where your baby monitor is

at we have one in there I've been very

tempted to just get rid of it to be

honest and then also it can stimulate

them and create a distraction and keep

them from falling asleep

does that affect Riley she sleeps really


it just looks cute I feel like it's just

like a tradition that you see from like

oh baby mobile in the crib but really

just skip it you don't need it and one

more item that kind of goes hand-in-hand

with my statement of only focus on the

items that you'll need for them as a

newborn don't focus on items that you

will need when they're like six months

and of our teasers don't don't bother

with teasers

you don't even need to worry about it

you want to be able to heighten your

chances of getting the items that you

need when you come home from the

hospital but really just a quick recap

of everything that I kind of said in

this video is one stay away from the

multiple of what the same item such as

multiple diaper bags multiple different

bottle sets you don't need all those you

only need one diaper bag so just pick

one that you like font design I

recommend and then also do your research

on the higher end items such as a

highchair look for ones that have a

reclining back to them look into the

breast pumps make sure you do your

research on those stay away from items

that the baby will not be using as a

newborn just stay away from those items

so that way you increase your chances of

getting the items that you actually need

right when they come home from hospital

because those other items they won't

need until they're like five months and

up I want to simplify this because this

is like a mistake that I see done a lot

with different baby registries and I

definitely made these mistakes so I

really wanted to help you guys out for

any first-time moms that might be on the

same track that I have so I hope you

guys found this video helpful if you did

give it a thumbs up and if you guys have

any questions just comment down below I

am more than happy to respond to you

guys there and love talking with you

guys and I will see you guys in the next

one bye