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Madison le here today we're talking

about the back leg and loading it

properly it's one thing that I see a lot

of hitters especially a lot of young

hitters do improperly okay and when we

lift our front leg to stride the only

thing that is connecting us to the

ground is this back leg okay and so it's

really really important to be able to

get our swing off right to bill to

launch our swing right we've got to get

into a really good position to hit and

we have to get the body loaded properly

and again it starts with the back leg so

I'm gonna give you guys a couple of tips

couple of key things to look at when

you're watching your favorite players on

TV just kind of watch how they prepare

to hit how do they load okay watch this

back leg and see what happens these are

a couple of things that I think happen

in all really good hitters the first

thing is is they're gonna coil okay and

so a real simple way to think about

coiling it's thinking about taking this

back pocket so if you're a righty if

your right handed hitter

take your right back pocket and when you

lift this foot think about coiling or

turning this back pocket towards the

pitcher okay now hitters do this in a

couple different ways some hitters will

kind of preset to where they coil right

so they have this preset coil before

they even stride before they even pick

their foot up okay so they'll be in here

they're gonna preset it and now when

they pick up they're gonna continue to

coil as they move out that's some

headers other hitters will not preset

very much coil so again you see

stylistically guys are all different

some guys are like this some guys are

here so guys are in all different

stances and some guys don't preset a

whole lot of coil okay so if you again

if you look at their hips if you think

about this the line of their hips right

if it's straight back straight up the

pitcher then they're not really pre

setting any coil if you see guys

presetting coil here where this back

pocket is going to turn the hips are

going to be turned

that way so instead of here you're gonna

see here more

alright so slightly to the right of the

picture for a righty slightly to the

left of the picture for a lefty all

right now if you're not a guy that's

gonna preset that coil and get the back

pocket turn before you stride well then

you're gonna have to get it on the

stride alright so as you pick this foot

up you're gonna coil and again take the

back pocket and turn it okay now what

would it look like improperly for me

hitters that do it improperly that don't

get their back leg loaded very well a

hitter's they just kind of shift their

weight back and then shift their weight

forward so they're back and then they

shift forward so there's not much coil

there's not very much control as they

move out and this back leg never gets

loaded okay so I got if I watch it from

this angle they just shift back they

don't coil and they shift forward and

they'll typically get heavy on the front

leg they'll shift too soon everything

gets pushed out front it's really hard

to have a deep barrel turn if you're

just gonna shift forward jump forward

get really jumpy okay so again coil

either preset it or get it while you're

picking up and striding and continue to

feel coiled okay so I don't want to lose

it I don't want to preset it pick up and

start to lose it early I'm trying to

hold the coil as long as I can until I

finally want to launch the swing and now

my lower half is gonna turn right so

I've boiled chlo-chlo cold I'm moving

out moving out I want it I want to go

now my leg will turn but really really

key and it's really really important

this is the only thing that's attached

to the ground that's connected to the

ground as I'm moving out okay so this

has got to be strong this has got to be

loaded properly so that when I want to

go and this thing can turn me and now

we're not gonna get into the upper body

mechanics today but now I'm a body could

go and the bow can be turned into the

ball okay but it's again it's one thing

I see a lot of young players doing


get up there and I just they either

swayback shift forward or they just

stand like this shift forward everything

gets forward the barrel gets pushed out

to the ball it's not turned deep doesn't

that there's not very good bat speed

there's no quickness to this swing and

the swing kind of falls apart because we

never loaded the back leg properly okay

so that's one thing think about coiling

all right

coiling getting the back pocket turned

okay the other thing that you'll see is

that your knee is going to stay back a

little bit more so if you just push

forward and you just feel like your knee

is getting way out here well you're

probably not doing a good job of coiling

all right another thing to think about

is your back heel if your heel is just

picking up really fast just pushing off

your foot well then you're probably not

doing a good job of coil and you're just

shifting forward so you should see again

a coil the back knee rear knee should

stay back a little bit more the heel

should stay connected to the ground a

little bit longer and that means I've

loaded my back leg properly as I'm

moving out okay so that's really really

a big thing the other thing you see a

lot of hitters do is we talk about

hinging their hips back

so feeling like your butts out and your

chests over so you're in good posture

and again that has to go together with a

good coil so if you have your hips hinge

it out and you're in good posture and

just pick up and fall forward well

that's not gonna help you much right so

I've got a coil coil for me is the most

important thing okay then having my hips

hinge a little bit have my chest over

being in a good athletic position is

secondary but also helps you as well

okay so hopefully those two things make

sense let me know if you have any

questions the comment section below

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