Kids Roller Skating - How to Teach


a skaters I'm dirty Deborah hurry with

the dirty school escape and sure-grip

roller skate I'm here at the fountain

vallye skating center with a very

special video for parents parents is it

time to teach your kid how to skate

did you skate when you were younger and

just want to get back to it and you want

to drag your kid along teach your kid

how to skate from my experience with

parents is either delightful or a

nightmare I am here to help you make it

more on the delightful side of the

spectrum and avoid the nightmarish stuff

that happens sometimes when you try to

teach your kid something new now the

reason why I know this video is

important is because I know that skating

brings together the generations I get so

many messages from grandparents that are

now back skating and their skating with

their grandkids what other sport can you

do that

parents skating with kids cousins

skating together just bringing families

together and I love it and I love it and

I want it for you and I want it to be a

good experience so parents this video is

for you to watch not necessarily your

kids I'm gonna give you all the tips

tricks and secrets to get your kids

skating later on I'm gonna release a

video that is absolutely for your child

I'm gonna literally look through the

camera and speak to them and tell them

how to skate okay but this video is just

for you so let's get started

the number one thing you have to tell

your kid is everyone falls in skating

it's part of skating learning how to

fall learning how to get back up and try

again is one of the hallmarks of skating

falling doesn't necessarily end after

you learned how to skate some of the

best skaters fall quite often because

they're constantly trying to do new

things reach new heights where you just

have accidents where you fall ok so we

need to incorporate falling as something

fun in skating so number one you tell


everyone's gonna fall in skating oh my

god you're gonna fall so much I'm gonna

fall you're gonna fall Filene's fun

let's make it a game now here are my

rules for falling your kid's gonna fall

in their own way you literally don't

have to hold on to them kids fall all

the time right they're running around

they fall it's not a big deal for a kid

to fall down not like it is for an adult

ok we don't like fall down every once in

a while the kids kind of fall out so

it's not a big deal

your reaction to them falling is so

important you need to tell them hey

you're gonna fall and when they fall

you're like oh my god and help them up

you can help them up that's fine but

when they fall you can't be like oh my

god are you hurt are you ok

trust me your kid is fine so tell them

that every time that they fall that it's

not their fault it's no big deal it

happens all the time

and then tell them you're gonna play a

little game where they have three

seconds not four not five not ten they

have three seconds in which to get up

when they fall so when your kid falls on

the ground you say up up up one two

three and get them to get up now what I

really like to do when I'm teaching my

kids here at the rink is tell them to

say up up up every time they hit the

ground I have all the kids say up up up

they continue to say up up up until they

actually get up you know why that's


it helps trick the brain when they have

fallen sometimes they get scared they're

not hurt trust me they're not hurt what

they are is shocked so I will tell

children honey before you know you're

skating you fall down you know most of

the time you're not hurt you're just

super shocked by the experience because

you were out skating around and it boom

all of a sudden you're on the ground so

I give them a tool to use I tell them

see up up up up up up and then you got

three seconds and I count one and two

three now here's the point straight up

you might have to bribe your child you

might have to say hey there's something

in it for you if you hit the ground and

get up in three seconds and say up up up

I'm gonna give you a sticker candy money

a puppy I don't care whatever it is you

got in your arsenal to wheel out to help

this kid would be perfect if not you're

just like I'm just gonna need you to get

up with that up up up

now when I was teaching kids for a

little while

I had like a moment where I realized

something when I say to a kid something

really loud like I go up up up I

realized that some of them would have

this look on their face and in their

mind I was yelling at them so I had to

literally explain when I get super

excited and you fall down and I yell up

up up at you I am not mad at you you

have done nothing wrong I'm just highly

encouraging you to get up as quickly as

possible so when that happens I'm like

yeah good job good job good job

I don't care about the fall I care about

that get enough that's what the

important thing is okay care about the

getting up the fall does not matter let

me say this - I know that we're really

into protective gear these days you know

helmets pads and all this stuff and we

think if our kid Falls are gonna hurt

themselves just remember if you're a

dolt of my age or anywhere

my generation we did lots of things and

we had zero protective gear including

like seat belts okay I'm not suggesting

that you now driving around without seat

belts and nothing like that

I'm just saying understand they did your

kids a lot more durable than you think

and with you with the right attitude

being happy and fun about it and be like

oh and they jump up and you're like oh

my god good job your kid's gonna be just

fine now your kid when they're on their

skates and they're not falling they're

gonna need to know how to skate properly

let's talk about this proper body

posture just have your kid go like this

stick those heels together

penguin feet just tell them to put their

feet in the penguin position which's

heels together now have them put their

arms out to the side now tell them get

down a little bit low now all I need

them to do is shift their body weight

from side to side the biggest challenge

here is oftentimes your kid won't want

to pick up their foot why they've all of

a sudden got this giant apparatus

attached to their foot it's got wheels

on it it already make them fall it feels

heavy it's bizarre there's a lots of

stuff going on they don't know so this

is my little trick I tell them I want

them to make some noise you tell a kid

you want them to make some noise I tell

penguin position put your arms down

don't stomp on the floor make some noise

literally someone out there can make a

million dollars if they could just make

a skate that every time you stopped on

the floor came out with a different

sound effectively like Springs

boeing-boeing boom boom boom boom I tell

them like this we're gonna go boom boom

boom I tell these kids make some noise I

have them do this for the sheer fact as

I need them to pick up their foot and

set it down pick up their foot and set

it down

otherwise they do this they do this all

the time in it gets them know we're also

this this or my favorite I know how to

ride a scooter this I'm a skateboarder

same thing just pushing that one foot so

weird for you

penguin position get down low make some

noise once they know how to do that now

arms sometimes your kids arms are all

over the place you tell them that you

need them to act like a little airplane

I need airplane arms out now when you

tell your kids don't want airplane arms

out also have to tell them what you

don't want I don't want spaghetti arms

I don't want airplane wings that flap

I need airplane arms out penguin feet

make some noises it pounds forward right

now once they can do that I can

guarantee you there is going to be a lot

of bobbling around as they find their

center of balance over their skates it's

just natural so I tell my kids listen if

you think you're gonna fall I need you

kick to get down in my favorite position

which is drag a tiny car now I see drive

a tiny car because I need them to get

down as low as possible especially if

they think they're gonna fall and then I

need them to do something with their

arms I don't want them to put their arms

in the back I don't want their arms to

go way up high so I tell them airplane

airplane airplane oh I think I'm gonna

fall driving a tiny car complete with

steering wheel so that their hands will

come in front of them so let's review

it's going to be penguin feet arms just

out you're gonna say make some no try

the tiny car it is literally as simple

as that I want you to review those

things over and over then once your kid

has that I want you to have fun with

them and tell them we're gonna walk

around in a circle have them get their

airplane arms out remember no spaghetti

arms I want you to look ahead at them

and then look over your shoulder when

they look over their shoulder tell them

to pick up their feet and make some

noise in a circle and I can guarantee

you they will go like this the more I

can get them this the more I can get

them to make turns on the floor so

again penguin feet arms out like an

airplane oh my god I'm gonna fall it

drive a tiny car get up and tell them

turn turn turn look over there turn and

turn and turn kids love it they love it

they love it they love it

now the last tip I have for you is very

very important you have to manage your

expectations for a lot of you you may

have been a very good skater when you

were young and you may have been the

type of kid that just strapped on skates

got out in the street and just killed it

and then you may look at your child

today and think like or you may be just

the type of parent that really wants

their child to be very very good at

something and I want them to be very

very good at something but we both need

to realize that it takes a ton of

practice a ton of practice and if you

get your kid off at the very beginning

on a good foot of just playing with this

of just being a penguin with your

airplane arms and driving a tiny car and

then spinning yourself in circles I

promise you that your kid will want to

do it over and over and over again they

don't have to be great right at the

beginning I cannot tell you how many

kids I've taught that struggled so hard

in the beginning and then over time they

got better and better and better to the

point where they are amazing now so

manage your expectations rule of thumb

have fun have fun with your kid because

you only get to teach them this one time

and if it becomes a situation where they

are frightened by it because they didn't

know that falling was okay or they they

think that they're being yellow that

they may not want to do it again and I

don't want that for you so parents have

a blast teaching your kids how to skate

please leave me comments

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to do with them if you're really really


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advanced video for you to teach your

kids more advanced stuff other than that

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