Starting A Law Firm | How To Start Your Own Law Firm (Essential Checklist)

starting a law firm woo this is a crazy

video but I'm gonna keep it quick and if

you want a crazy long checklist on this

then let me know in the comments and

maybe we'll put one together but we have

some experience with this because I've

worked hand in hand with someone who

just started a law firm and went through

these steps and now is generating 30 to

50 cases a month from following these

steps so the first thing is okay are you

a lawyer at an existing law firm or are

you starting from scratch most lawyers

who start their own practice are leaving

an existing firm so the first thing I'll

say is strategize leaving that firm and

get your partnership situation generally

squared away first just because you

don't want to you know have things slip

through the cracks and Bank on someone

being your partner Bank on certain

things happening at your current firm or

bonuses or whatever you want to make

sure that you're 100% clear on what's

happening with your current firm what

your partnership situation is okay so

once those two semantics have been

planned out the next thing is you need

to choose your practice area and

location I know this sounds like like

stupid right but you can't be an estate

planning lawyer in the middle of you

know nowhere North Dakota right you

can't be that niche right you can't have

a practice that's that niche in a low

traffic area in an area where there's

almost no population so if you're if

you're committed to starting your law

firm in the middle of what we call a

tier 3 geo or a tier 3 geography which

is means pretty much in the middle of

nowhere like upstate New York or

something like that you need to be a you

need to commit to being a general

practice firm meaning you need to market

yourself as a every niche lawyer right

because you're going to need to be to

sustain the revenue to to market in a

low traffic area however if

you are going in if you're committed to

going into a major metropolitan area you

can do the opposite you can commit to

one maybe two niches that hopefully are

synonymous with one another so if you

just want to do auto accidents or PII

then just do just commit to that and

understand that if you're in a major

metro you'll be fine just do MPI if

you're in a major Metro you'll be fine

just doing divorce just doing bankruptcy

just doing whatever niche you want to go

into really so choose your practice area

and location after you get those other

details squared away next here's a fun

little tip is cut your expenses and get

creative right unless you have a huge

budget you know stored away for this

which maybe you do I don't want you to

go and immediately spend like you know

ten thousand dollars a month right

instead you should get creative you

should be using low cost per acquisition

traffic sources like Facebook LinkedIn

to generate clients because you can do

organic you know organic posts on

LinkedIn that pulls in clients Facebook

is also a very low cost per acquisition

so cut expenses and get creative next I

would say you're gonna need a website so

I would get I would buy your website's

URL now I'd obviously id8 on a name if

you're interested in different ideas on

naming go to watch our video on lawfirm

branding and we give you some advice

somewhere like 3/4 through the video on

how to name your law firm but once you

have your name solidified by that URL

now do not procrastinate on that because

it's going to take time for Google to

register your URL your domain name as

legitimate so that's very important okay

by your URL now start getting your

website built if you want us to consider

you want to consider my company to build

your website reach out right now because

you're gonna need to get it done at some

point go to

and be that's small medium

business team calm

we are killers with law firm websites

you get the own all the data you get the

own everything we do all the content we

don't hold you hostage some of these

other companies really screw you over

and and will own your website don't want

to do that

that that sets you up for failure down

the road okay next is if you have some

capital stored away I always recommend

any business owner step back before you

get into the rat race take a few months

take a month to plan out your mission

and values your business model and your

KPIs your key performance indicators

primarily what you're willing to pay per

case okay these will take you a long way

because those core values are going to

be stakes in the ground that you're

gonna refer to with all your future team

members and yourself to remind you why

you got into this in the first place

okay now with all that being considered

here are the three steps considering all

these other semantics that you need to

take okay ready number one figure out

your client acquisition strategy okay

number two get marketing help after

you've figured that out and number three

get a case manager as quickly as humanly

possible okay you need to alleviate the

50% of time that lawyers spend on

administrative tasks as quickly as you

can she can keep focusing on case

acquisition and strategic relationships

okay so again number one figure out your

client acquisition strategy my

recommendation is commit to one platform

and dominate that one platform to get

cases then once you get that kind of on

autopilot immediately hire marketing

help whether you outsource it you bring

someone in-house I prefer someone

in-house but if you can't afford that

then you can hire a marketing company

like us but you're gonna need to get

your hands out of those weeds of

marketing as quickly as you can so you

can keep fahrt focusing on bigger

initiatives and then again number three

get a case manager as quickly as you can


so I hope this video was helpful if you

want a more in-depth checklist let me

know also if you're interested that

would be on starting a law firm if

you're interested in having us

potentially build you a website reach

out right now

we'll by the URL for you and then just

transfer ownership to you just because

we know how important it is we've done

that many times so I hope you found this

video helpful I'm super excited for you

starting your own law firm if you're

considering that and I wish you the best

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