How To Start The Pill For The First Time (2019)

Hey guys, this is your friendly medical expert Dr. Sam.

Now if you're wanting to start the birth control pill

and you've had a bit of time off it.

And you want to restart it, or you need a refresher.

Or you're wanting to start the pill

for the very first time,

then this video is the one for you!

I'll try and make it as simple as possible,

so let's get started!

So in this video, I'm gonna be talking

about how to start the combined pill.

So this one I'm gonna be talking about

as an example is Ginet.

I'll do another video about how to start

mini pills or progestin-only pills.

Believe it or not, they are different.

You know that doctors are the only ones

that really care about this, but they are different!

The combined pills are awesome for controlling periods,

for lots of skin conditions,

and has lots of advantages.

But there are more risks with taking the combined pill.

Versus taking a mini pill, which has more of the

yucky side effects but is incredibly safe.

So this for one, I'll just be focusing

on the combined pill.

So what does a pill pack look like?

This is an example of an actual pill

called Ginet, which is a combined pill.

And they all tend to have a similar appearance.

So some may be round shaped,

some might be square and

this one as you can see is rectangular.

On one side, you have all the days of the week.

So Friday through to the next Friday.

You go in the arrow direction.

Then when you look at the back,

you'll be able to see that these are

actually pale yellow hormone pills.

There's always more hormone pills on one side.

Then on the other, you've got these white tablets

and these are the sugar pills.

AKA, they have nothing in them.

Usually, when you take the sugar pills

that's when you get your period.

So you're thinking: "Yep, that's all well and good

Dr Sam, can you just get on with it

and tell me how I need to start it?"

Well, okay.

So, you can actually tell from this side

which are the sugar pills,

and which are the hormone pills,

just by the size of the circle.

So these little smaller circles are the hormone tablets

and the bigger circles are the sugar pills

all the way around here.

But when you very first start,

doctors always tell you to start with your period

and that's because they want to know

that you're not pregnant.

Really, you can start anytime that you

feel like, it doesn't make any difference.

But as long as you start on the hormone tablets.

So, if you can you would start,

say if it was Saturday, you'd start here.

You'd start on the top left-hand part of

the hormone tablets and move along.

Or, if it was Monday, you'd start there and

then every day follow your nose, one a day.

Keep going round and round and round,

until you get over here.

And this is going to be the start

of your sugar tablets.

You probably won't get a bleed until about here.

Just because it takes a while for the hormone

to come out of your system,

and then for your body to realize

that it needs to have a period.

Then you continue again, taking it until

you finish the packet.

Then you throw away the packet

and start a new sheet in the same place,

where you were on the last packet.

The key points so far are:

don't worry about when you start taking the tablets

as long as you take a hormone tablet.

If you start with the hormone tablets and

make sure that you're not pregnant.

That is really, really important!

The next question I often get is

what happens if I don't get a period on these tablets?

So even on the sugar pills,

I'm not having any bleeding?

That is okay and that is awesome!

Some people are lucky enough,

that they never have a period,

even on the combined pill.

If that's the case, great!

But if you're still unsure,

I think always just check a pregnancy test,

to make sure that it's not something else -

that you might be pregnant.

Otherwise, it's okay.

The other thing to mention is:

how do I know - is this a mini pill,

is this a combined pill, what's the difference?

This particular one is a combined pill,

which means that it has

two types of hormones in it.

Just as a general rule of thumb,

you can tell that this is a combined pill

because it has the red sugar pills.

Normally mini pills don't,

all they'll have is just hormone tablets,

hormone tablets everywhere.

And you can also just tell by reading

the ingredients to see actually what it contains.

It will tell you if it's got two things in it,

then that's a combined pill.

Versus if it's only got one ingredient,

it's a mini pill.

What time of day should you take the pill?

Well, it doesn't matter at all.

You can take it in the morning,

you can take it at night.

It doesn't matter as long as you remember to take it.

I used to always take the pill

when I was doing my makeup in the morning,

so that I wouldn't forget.

But some people have great systems,

where they set themselves timers.

As long as you take it each day,

it doesn't matter!

Thanks for watching,

and I hope you enjoyed this video.

Coming up, I'm going to be making another video

about the common side effects from different pills

and what you can do, what's the treatment.

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